15 Solutions To Help You Stop Examination Malpractice As A Student

Trying to help yourself stop cheating in exams isn’t because you want to become a leader or something admirable. There are actually lots of benefits that come with being able to overcome exam malpractice as a student.

Asides from not being a victim of the hidden effects of exam malpractice, you will also get to walk with your head high up and smile at your results like – this is my effort and it has finally paid off.

Even if it’s not a result arrayed with As or Bs, at least, you know you have put some effort and you showed up on your exam day to attempt those questions.

Before I go into the ways you can help yourself overcome exam malpractice, take a look at the opinions of some students below:

Students’ Opinions extracted from Explicit Success Scholars.


“What’s your opinion about talking in the examination hall?”


1. “Sometimes I see it as the other person is in need” 😳 

2. “Talking in exam hall is cheating! What you do with this information is your decision.” 😐 

3. “I have this issue though, just that I am not disciplined to not talk in the exam hall as much as I don’t want to.”😩

4. A student once thought that helping someone by talking to him in the exam hall is an act of kindness because he thinks that the other student might have read all he ought to but doesn’t still understand.

My point is, what was the student doing to ensure he understands before he is being tested? Don’t fall into that trap.


Do you know that in the process of helping a friend, you could get yourself in trouble?


1. “Yes, I’d like to paint three scenarios that further informed my decision to not talk to anyone till I was done writing. One, in the process of helping two friends, my paper was seized. I knelt down for over five minutes begging an invigilator.

Meanwhile, these friends suddenly had things upstairs to write within that time frame. Secondly, in the second exam, one person was trying to help another, then an examiner deducted 5marks from the helper’s work.

In the third scenario, a good samaritan assisted his guys during the test after clear warnings from the lecturer. At the end of the day, Mr lecturer reduced their marks to 3/30 after telling us the initial owner of the work would have scored 16/30.”

2. “I can relate. I recently opened my work for some guys behind me. The lecturer asked that we come to her office. I’ve been going there daily and I am yet to see her because of her tight schedules.

My only solace is that I wrote the test well. Also, in another test I was writing, one guy had the guts to take my paper away. I was hell afraid and didn’t want to get implicated, not in a course I’ve not even written very well.”

3. “Once you are caught, you might be asked to stand for 30mins to an hour”

4. “I can explain to them whatever I know prior to tests and exams, but once we begin, I become mute. That’s one of the things they know about me. I don’t want lecturers’ problems.”

5. “I nearly got sent off from an exam because of this issue some days ago, it can implicate one and even distract you. Just like someone already said, you should avoid sitting close to those you’re acquainted with.”

6. “Heard of a student whose script was seized and marks were deducted. Could you believe the person she was helping just went to submit without even glancing at her?”

7. “There was this issue that happened to me in the exam hall some time ago. One of my friends sat close to me despite sitting in the front row. He was there calling and I have to adjust the way I was sitting, then after he was done copying, I submitted.

After we finished the exam, the guy came out chatting and gisting with friends and he’s a type that likes verifying answers to all the exam questions.

So, he was told that what I answered in one of the questions was wrong and he was emotionally down, telling people about how he didn’t solve alternative questions because I was the one that instructed him to do so.

I felt very embarrassed and disappointed. After I got home and verified the answer was correct, I had to screenshot and send the answers to him and he was there begging me. That was how I cut off all ties with him. It’s not ethical to discuss in the exam hall, detest it.”

15 ways to help yourself to overcome exam malpractice as a student

15 Self-help Solutions To Stop Examination Malpractice
15 Self-help Solutions To Stop Exam Malpractice

1. Prepare yourself for all exams optimally to be as independent as possible

You should make sure you are well prepared for the exam you are going to write.  Prepare yourself adequately. Read your notes, textbooks, solve past questions, mingle with the best students in your class, get close to your teachers, and make sure you have all the materials you will need to write the exam before the due date.

2. Don’t sit with people you are acquainted with

3. Make sure you’re mentally stable before the exam

4. Pray to God – This is a question of how far you’ve come to understand that God is interested in the seemingly minor things in your life. He hears your prayers and can strengthen you to prepare adequately and overcome exam malpractice. You can also speak to him to help you get a good result after your exams.

5. Don’t see an exam as a do-or-die affair

See preparations as a do or die b4 you start exams, not the exam itself. 

6. See exams as a preparation for life beyond school

Life after the four walls of the classroom is another turbulent stage. You need to be as firm and decisive as possible before you begin to face real-life challenges. So, how you use your 4 or 5 years in school really matters. This will tell if you’ll really struggle with time management and other skills required for you to be successful out there.

7. Know that values and a good conscience are more precious than grades

8. Sit in the first row always

If you know you don’t want anyone to ask you questions or distract you, you should sit on the first row to deter anyone from speaking to you. There’s no doubt you will have all the time to yourself in this section of the hall. Although students sitting in the from row might still communicate, especially when invigilators concentrate on students in the middle and back row, the distraction is always less in front.

9. It is more honourable to be an honest average student

Yes, it is better to be an original average student than to be a fake excellent student. What gives you the assurance that what you’re copying from another student is even the right thing? 😛 

10. You need great discipline

Some people might say that it’s possible to live a comfortable life after school even with a poor result especially if your job is more about the experience than mental work.

Well, while this might be true in a few cases where someone backs you up, the attitude you gave to your studies will probably reflect in other aspects of your life.

If you cannot pay the price now to do what has to be done within the required number of years, are you sure you will be able to write those codes for hours and not throw in the towel?

11. Think about the efforts of your sponsors – They must have spent a lot trying to keep you in school and getting you educated. Don’t shatter their plans for you by becoming a school dropout due to expulsion.

12. Think about the consequences of malpractice

13. Think about the consequences of being caught

14. Move with friends who don’t indulge in exam malpractice

No matter how good a particular seed is, its growth is dependent on having good soil. The environment you find yourself in is extremely important for you to overcome exam malpractice. Your kind of friends will either encourage or discourage you, so choose well.

15. Revise, revise and revise

Some students read and forget part of the information during exams. This is why you have to keep revising till the day or morning of the exam.

Once you have become so conversant with your revisions, little effort or a slight pause will only be required for you to recollect the appropriate information. Hints like jottings and scribblings which would undermine your ability to recollect things on your own would definitely not be needed.

16. Think about an imaginary CCTV watching you

17. Get all the help you can before exams

If you have read, revised, and done your part but you still don’t understand, get help as soon as possible. Not during exams when what you have learnt is being tested.

Bottom Line

To really get over the temptation and struggles of exam malpractice as a student, you need to be able to imbibe some daily success tips for exceptional students right after you resume school and as soon as possible.

You don’t have to put yourself under unnecessary pressure when it’s few weeks to exam. You won’t feel less prepared when you do the right thing at the right time. I wish you success as you rise above exam malpractice. Good luck!

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