Are you stuck on finding out what career is best for you amidst several options available to you?

Or maybe you found your way here because you don’t feel the same way you felt when you just started your career.

You might be a student trying to make a decision that will lead you to your dream career.

Your exact field or profession can be perfectly chosen only if you pay attention to certain subtle cues and personal interests that points you to what you will naturally excel at.

Nowadays, people are not stuck in the same career for their whole working life. However, some others are so quick to change their careers due to the fact that education and training have become more readily available.

Similarly, many others prefer to change careers in later life, especially after retirement.

What does this imply? This means that it’s never too late to think about what you want to be. It’s never too late to try something new or to think about how you want to spend your time.

A career in science can be appealing to you.

A career as a scientist seems as though it is rewarding. It can feel like a chance to make a real difference in the world.

You might picture yourself in medical research, coming up with the next significant cure.

Or being the person that develops a theory that will change the way we use energy. It’s exciting, right?

But, there’s much more to it than that, and a career in science isn’t for everyone.

I’ll show you some signs that show that you will do well as a scientist.

1. Do You Enjoy Learning?

What was your favourite subject in school? It doesn’t have to have been science, but the best scientists have a love of learning.

So you need to be the kind of person that enjoys academia. Your favourite might have been in history or geography.

If you prefer avoiding the classroom and spending time on the playing field, a career in science might not be for you.

As a scientist, you have to be open to continual learning. Even those things that you are sure you know, you should be prepared to relearn as the world changes.

You should feel passionate about learning new things. Your thirst for knowledge should excite you and drive you forward.

2. Do you Love Detail?


A scientist carrying out an experiment
Experimental procedure.

Science isn’t all about great discoveries or impressive facts. Most of your days will be about the much more delicate details.

You’ll need to be able to look beyond the big picture and into the finest details.

You’ll need to be as interested in a 24 well plate as you are interested in the next big thing.

3. Are You Curious?

Do you question things? Are you the curious type? The eager one; always ready to know more about pieces of stuff.

Or are you just happy that they do? If “why” and “how” are a big part of your vocabulary, and you are naturally curious then you might find a career in science rewarding. But, you do need to be prepared to ask and wait for the answers.

4. Are You Brave?

The best scientists are brave. They need to have the courage to ask questions.

They need to be able to stand up and say that they think a popular theory or well-known scientist is wrong.

Scientists make sure they gather facts through research and not just depend on general beliefs. They ask questions, and they stand up for their ideas.

5. Are You a Problem Solver?

As a scientist or researcher, you’ll face problems every day. It’s your job to find the solutions. Only great problem solvers make great scientists.

So, are you still thinking of being a scientist or not?

Do you see yourself portraying any of these traits? Then, Go chase your dreams!

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Post Author: Joseph Abimbola

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