6 Security Measures For Your Business Premises

Your company security should be a priority since it saves you from expenses such as repairs, replacement, and medical expenses. Many businesses risk break-ins and vandalism whose aftermath leaves them covering huge losses.

Providing a safe and secure working environment to your workers is paramount for productivity, growth, and preventing liability issues. A secure workplace is free of robbery, hazards, and theft.

Therefore, ensuring you will not be a robbery victim is vital to ensuring you, your business, customers, and employees are safe. There are different ways of securing our business premises.

Investing in them rather than detailing the aftermath of theft is best. This article has compiled six innovative measures for keeping your business secure and preventing theft from employees and intruders.

1. Audit Your Business Security

The first thing to securing your business is knowing what is at stake. Therefore, look around your business to know what needs to be protected and the level of protection you need.

These details will give you a glimpse into what needs to be done and the appropriate security measures to deploy. Look at the kind of data you collect, how you store it, the type of customers, and the number of employees you have.

A security audit will help you know your current status and how much work you need to optimize security. The audit will provide information at the beginning to help you know what is at risk and the solutions you need to secure your premises effectively. 

It is also advisable to review your security policies to ensure the safety of your premises. Make sure these protocols are understood from executive positions to subordinate workers. Make it clear to everyone and develop a security culture in your workplace. 

2. Train Your Employees

Security begins with you. Therefore, before you even invest in expensive equipment, it is vital to confirm that everyone understands the importance of maintaining a secure environment. It’s better to keep your company safe from employee negligence.

Start with communicating security policies to your employees and make it clear that failure to adhere to the policies has consequences. Brief them on the procedures to empower them with knowledge of how to do things.

Miscommunication and misinformation can also cause security issues in your business. So, training them to know when something is amiss and the proper steps to take. You may have rogue employees who breach information to outsiders.

Ensure you have clear rules and consequences for such behaviors. If you want to add a new security measure, inform your employees and train them to know how to do it. It is easy to maintain security when employees understand the importance of following rules and how to implement security measures from their end.

3. Install CCTVs and Motion Detecting Lights

CCTVs are the basics of securing business premises. Without them, your job of keeping your commercial premises will be halfway done.

The best thing about security cameras is that they perform double tasks of capturing images of the people accessing the premises and deterring intruders. So, consider investing in modern CCTVs that allow you to record and view footage from anywhere.

It is crucial to buy the best CCTVs since most of them don’t offer the best footage quality. You need to set up your business premises and install the cameras inside and outside.

Preferably at the gate, and blindspots to capture movement and increase the chances of catching the thief through the footage recorded.

Backup the system with motion detecting lights that go on when they detect motions. The lights will alert you when someone is around and deter anyone with bad intentions.

4. Consider Access Control

Ditch the traditional simple locks and go for modern ones. Controlling access to various places on your premises ensures that only authorized people can access particular things and rooms.

If you doubt the strength and safety of your doors, consider replacing them with high-quality commercial locks and doors that not only make it hard for intruders to break in but also control access.

Some of these doors have access control systems that use key cards or biometric technology to identify the people entering or leaving the premises. Apart from maximizing safety, these systems come with other benefits.

They deter crime and notify you of who is entering or leaving the building. 


5. Install Alarm Systems

An alarm system is also crucial to maximize your security. Remember, an alarm system is also a requirement in your insurance policy. Even if it is not mandatory, it can help lower insurance premiums and intimidate thieves.

There are different options in the market. So, your needs will direct you to the right one. It may be a good idea to choose a monitored alarm system that goes off and alerts the person in charge of the police in case of a security issue.

An alarm system also deters intruders when they know it will set off once they break in. As much as you have an alarm system to alert you in case of an intruder, it is also crucial to ensure your valuables are secure. Therefore, lock away your expensive assets when not in use. Ensure you only give access to the storage to the people you trust. 

6. Secure the Perimeter

Another obvious way of securing our commercial premises is installing a fence or a wall around your property. Use electric fences and high walls to discourage thieves from entering your property.

Keep away any tools like a ladder that may assist the thief in entering. Please ensure you don’t dispose of your waste close to the wall since it creates access for climbing.

It is an excellent idea to light up blindspots and the corners further away from the building with motion-detecting lights so that you are alerted when someone passes close to the wall.

Make sure you also assign security guards at the gate and some to patrol the property. It discourages intruders while keeping your property safe. 


The Bottom Line

These are six effective measures you should adopt to protect your business premises. Irrespective of the measures you pick, ensure the solutions are tailored to meet your objectives.

Solid doors and modern locks can help heighten your security. Choosing an entry system that controls access to who enters or leaves the building is also vital.

Most importantly, be vigilant and maintain your security systems. If you fall victim to theft, minimize the losses by reporting the accident immediately and participating in community initiatives to maintain security. 

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