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4 Merits Of postcards In Real Estate Advertising

Nowadays, almost every business focuses on digital means of advertising and social media platforms to market its brand.

However, despite highly relevant digital marketing techniques, traditional marketing methods like postcards have a place in any realtor’s arsenal.

When it comes to postcards, most people think of them as the ones sent by travellers to their family or friends.

But the truth is that using small cards designed by reputed services like Wise Pelican is a much more powerful marketing tool for expanding and strengthening your real estate business.

Real estate postcards are an effective and economical method of building brand awareness and, thus, gaining the attention of the targeted audience. A well-designed and informative postcard can generate many leads in less time.

Below are some benefits of using a real estate postcard.

1. Real estate postcards help build brand awareness

Even though the cards are small, they offer you several opportunities to showcase photos of your sold property, contact details, or graphics helping you represent your brand.

Moreover, they can help you drive ideal traffic to your website, social media pages and find buyers for your real estate business, by mentioning important contact information about your company.

If you plan to organise a special event like an open house event, you can opt for a date postcard which can be made by using free templates.

For example, Wise Pelican has a range of options on template designs. Sending these will allow you to get your brand into several targeted homes at once, which is a perfect way to build brand awareness.

In other words, they are an excellent method of spreading the word.

2. They make you look more professional

Since real estate licenses can be procured easily, entering the field is not difficult.

However, people have to work as real estate agents skillfully to remain profitable in this business. Therefore, no matter why you run a real estate firm, you must establish a professional image to stand out.

A well-designed real estate postcard with a professional headshot, relevant text, and appealing photographs can help you look more experienced.

Moreover, it will show that you are making efforts to expand your clientele. This becomes obvious when you frequently send out updated postcards in your locality.

3. They are cheap and easy to make

One of the main benefits of real estate postcard marketing is that it requires low cost and effort to prepare and execute a marketing campaign.

Creating a card is so easy that you don’t need to be skilled in graphic design or own any special software for editing.

All you need is a clever concept and text, the right image, and a pre-designed professional-looking online template to create one of these for promoting your real estate business.

Spending a fortune on print, internet advertisements, and other marketing techniques is not particularly measurable.

Instead, you can use personalised real estate postcards with relevant call-to-action and send them out in the market at a low cost.

4. They can be delivered straight to the client’s residence/office

Real estate postcards are usually delivered to the mailbox of the potential clients whom your business is targeting.

You can use a mailing list from a reputable service. You can also curate your own to target people most likely to react to your marketing efforts.

Postcards face much less competition than the hundreds of emails people receive daily. Less competition guarantees that your postcards will gain more attention than emails.

Moreover, there is always a curiosity to open and read direct mail. 


Postal cards must be integral to your real estate marketing campaign. They are one of the best decisions you can make.

Many tools and websites can be used to create an attractive card to market your business.

The key is to target potential clients and mail them routinely until you start seeing results.

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