4 Psychological Triggers That Turn Your Marketing Into Sales

If you want to be successful in business, you obviously need to develop some great products and services and market them as effectively as you can.

However, there is also a range of neat psychological tricks that you can implement to convince your target audience that they need your stuff.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective psychological triggers that can turn your marketing efforts into sales below:

1. Find things you have in common

Finding things you have in common with your target audience is a really good way to make them think positively about your company and your products.

This could be anything from letting a prospective buyer know you are from the same town as them to making your business more sustainable in line with what your customers value the most.

You should never lie but you should always look for opportunities to build a relationship by finding a common ground where you can.

2. Focus on problem-solving

Instead of simply rhyming off all of the unique features your products and services have, try talking about how they can help the consumer instead.

For example, you could mention that Volvo Penta yacht engines are more stable, which makes for a smoother sailing trip, or you could mention that your new humidifier product also ionizes the air to help with allergies.

Think about why the customer needs a product and try to make the thing you want to sell them as relatable as possible. Ditch the jargon and get real. 

3. Make sure your best feature is front and center

Making sure that your product or service’s best feature is prominently displayed in marketing images and content is a really good way to draw the customer in.

Catch their eyes and get them thinking positively about your products from the off.

For example, if you are selling a couch that has really deep, comfy cushions, then close-ups of said cushions along with copy that talks about how deep and supportively soft they are is sure to get customers in the right frame of mind to buy.

Whereas a shot of the legs or talk about the dimensions, although important, may not be nearly as inspiring.

4. Being honest

If you are able to tell your customer all of the good things about your products and services, then you should be able to tell them about any potential drawbacks or things that are not quite perfect too.

This might sound like a sure-fire way to lose a sale, but actually, most customers will feel more positive towards a company that is honest with them than one who maintains that their products are perfect.

As long as your product is pretty good and does basically what they need, those extra bells and whistles may not be so important to them after all.


As you can see, there are lots of psychological hacks that will make customers really want to buy your products and services.

So, be sure to implement them into your future marketing campaigns or sales pitches going forward.

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