7 Design Tips For Your Warehouse Pallet Racking System

Warehouse storage is often an overlooked aspect of running a retail business. But the truth is that it is as crucial as manufacturing, marketing, sales, and everything else.

Inadequate space and improper storage conditions can land you a bigger problem than you imagine. Your product quality may get affected, and it translates into losses and reputational damage in the long run.

Countless American business owners struggle with these challenges due to a lack of awareness and care.

The good thing is that you can address these concerns by paying more attention to warehouse storage solutions. Pallet racks serve as an ideal solution when it comes to optimising storage space. You can use them to organise your stocks and maximise your facility’s space and storage capacity.

But everything boils down to a good understanding of layout and organisation. Let me share some valuable design tips to optimise your warehouse storage with pallet racks.

1. Plan your layout

Planning your layout is perhaps the most critical aspect of making the most of your warehouse space. Placing pallet racking randomly is the last thing you should do because it can do more harm than good.

Consider the available space, product type and volume, and navigational requirements to decide on the appropriate layout of racks.

Also, check details such as areas where goods will be received and shipped, the warehouse manager’s office, and resting and eating space for the employees.

Pay attention to aisle width and accessibility of the racks according to the type of forklift you use. Once you plan these things, you are in a better place to get down to work.

2. Decide on your budget

Besides planning the warehouse layout, you must decide on your budget before investing in pallet racking. Think beyond the cost of the racks because you will also need to spend on designing and installing the solution.

Considering these factors is the only way to get a realistic budget for your warehousing project. But remember not to chase the numbers because cheap is not always the best.

You must ensure that the solution addresses your needs, challenges, and space constraints. Avoid cutting corners and choose the best because it is a long-term investment for your business.

3. Choose the apt pallet rack style

You cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to warehouse storage because every business has different requirements.

Review your options to decide which one is the best fit for your storage needs and budget. Pushback racks are ideal for organisations handling large quantities of SKUs.

A pallet flow racking system is better if you want to save time and space. You can rely on experts to design a perfect system if you are a novice.

Look for local specialists as they are approachable. For example, if you want pallet rack installation in New Jersey, check the nearby ones. They can assess your initial needs and suggest better alternatives as they evolve.

4. Invest in movable racks

Besides considering different racking options, discuss the alternative of movable pallet rack systems with the provider.

Since these systems operate on mobile carriages, they eliminate unused aisle space. You can rely on them to practically double up your storage capacity. The best part is that they can store items of any size, weight, volume, or shape.

Moreover, there are no limitations to accessibility as these racks work for forklifts, trucks, or cranes. You also get the benefits of flexibility and adaptability as with moveable racks because they fit in any building without ceiling restrictions.

You can even reconfigure them easily if the needs change, specifically with slow-moving or seasonal products.

5. Maximize space and safety with proper installation

Choosing the apt type of racks for your warehouse gives you a good start. But proper installation is the key to maximising space and safety.

A seasoned installation partner can help you cover both fronts. As your business expands, it will probably outgrow warehouse space.

You may consider moving to a larger facility, but buying or renting it can put a hole in your wallet. Relocation costs are even more painful. Consider adding more pallet racks for a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Experts can help you get more with less by installing them in whatever space dimension. They also ensure safety because poor installation leads to a risk of collapse, which may damage your facility and inventory and even hurt your employees.

6. Distinguish between high-flow and low-flow products

Product flow is another factor for optimising your warehouse space with pallet racks. It can help organisations handle multiple inventory types.

The racking system segregates the available space according to inventory flow. High-flow inventory includes products to be stored for short periods, so they should be easily visible and accessible.

Conversely, low-flow inventory stays for longer periods to be placed further. You can invest in different rack styles for different flow speeds.

The system can help beyond the optimisation of warehouse space. It also helps to lower operating costs and reduce employee workloads.


7. Maximize the use of vertical space

Running a warehouse in a small space gets easy by maximising the use of vertical space with pallet racks. Setting up vertical storage units facilitates optimal utilisation of the available square footage.

Experts recommend building up instead of relocating your warehouse when your storage seems to run short. It can increase the efficiency of the picking process and avoid massive expansion costs for the business.

But remember to ensure product safety as you build up. Ideally, you must keep items in view and prioritise damage prevention for larger items.


Pallet racks make an ideal warehouse storage solution for all products and businesses.

They win because of sheer versatility and flexibility, as you can choose a specialised solution to match your needs, available space, and projected budget.

You only have to find a reliable installation partner to create an ideal solution for your business. Look for one that also offers inspection and repair services to keep your warehouse storage safe and well-optimized over the years.

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