5 Must-Have Outdoor Amenities For Luxury Apartments

As the real estate industry grows, developers are finding new ways to stay ahead of the competition.

It includes developing better projects and offering additional facilities at an affordable rate. You need to understand and cater to the needs of the residents. It will help build potential buyers’ trust and make new project residents loyal.

Now, the question is – What steps can you take to gain a competitive advantage? Residents or real estate investors nowadays look for projects that can provide them with a convenient lifestyle.

The more amenities you can provide, the better will be your project. Having said that, below is the list of outdoor amenities that can accelerate your real estate project’s success.

1. Create A Small Off-Leash Pet Park

According to a recent survey, 90.5 million families in the US own a pet. Providing a pet-friendly community is no longer a luxury but a requirement that developers must follow.

To go a step further, you can also consider creating an off-leash pet park for the owners. This park will particularly be for the pets to play and improve their physical health. You can also consider installing a few games for pets to play with.

2. Spruce Up Your Lawn

Personal outdoor activities are often associated with a healthy lifestyle, doing yoga, aerobics, and going to the gym.

So, if your project has enough lawn space, you should consider creating studios for fitness enthusiasts. You can also create walking tracks for elders and kids.

It will also be a great way to promote a sense of community within your project.

3. Improve Your Clubhouse

During the summer, the clubhouse is one of the popular hangout spots among teenagers and even adults.

It is the perfect place to enjoy a game such as a football match or baseball or to relax with family and friends.

Therefore, you must make efforts to improve your clubhouse. Install new furniture, and think about a grill island that your homeowners will look forward to whenever they plan a simple celebration or party.

You can also provide appropriate air conditioning and ventilation and make other necessary repairs.

You can install games as well such as pool, table tennis, or snooker. 

4. Invest In Playground

A kids-friendly area is another must-have outdoor amenity you should provide in your project. Make sure the playground location is near the center and easily accessible.

Once the location is finalized, you can invest in eco-friendly commercial playground equipment as they are more durable, attractive, and safe.

It will save regular repair and maintenance costs while promoting kids’ well-being. Also, make sure to include some benches and tables for parents and elders to sit and enjoy the game.

5. Create A Recreational Area

You can also dedicate an entire area for recreational activities where different people can come and relax.

It could be near the swimming pool or garden. Make sure the lighting of the recreational area is soothing for evening events.

It will ensure that everyone can relax and spend some quality me-time on your project.

To Sum It All Up

When you have better outdoor amenities that suit the needs of your target audience and fit the modern lifestyle, it becomes easier for you to gain a competitive advantage.

It will also help improve your brand’s goodwill and reputation in the market.

So, make sure to consider the information given above during project development.

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