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Scholarship opportunities abound for Nigerian students. This is because Nigerian students deserve the opportunity to get a proper education.

However, the economic situation of the country sometimes makes this difficult, especially for those from the middle and lower financial classes.

To further education and in fulfilment of their corporate social responsibilities, many organizations and co-operations offer financial Scholarship opportunities to Nigerian students.

These scholarships, if tapped into could serve as valuable support towards educational funding.

Some of these Scholarship opportunities and their conditions for eligibility are listed below;

1. NNPC/Chevron JV – Second-year students

2. NNPC/NAOC/OANDO Jv Undergraduate Scholarship – For certified 100-level students

3. NNPC/TOTAL undergraduate Scholarship – 100 and 200 level Students with Jamb scores of over 200 and CGPA of over 2.5/5.0 respectively

4. MTNF Undergraduate Scholarship – Blind students in their 200-level and 300-level science and technology students.

5. NNPC/ADDAX Undergraduate Scholarship – 100-level students

6. Seplat JV Scholarship – students of 200 level and above

7. Funmi Ommo scholarship – for undergraduate females

N/B: Some of them specify eligible courses of study.

The above-listed Scholarship opportunities are open to Nigerian students irrespective of their state or local government of origin.

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However, for added advantage, students would do well to pay close attention to some Scholarship opportunities open to them dependent on their state/LGA of origin.

N/B:  Some Scholarships are open to students from specific host communities; (Communities where the operations of the company awarding the scholarship are based.)

Some of such scholarships are for specific states or LGAs are;

1. Oriental energy company awards – For Akwa Ibomites

2. Akwa Ibom state association, USA (AKISAN) scholarship – For Akwa Ibomites

3. Kaduna State bursary – For students from Kaduna state

4. Ondo state bursary – For students from Ondo state

5. KIISI trust fund – For the Ogonis in Rivers state

6. Midwestern Scholarship – For students from Delta state

7. Lagos state bursary – For students from Lagos state

8. NNPC/EROTON scholarship award – For students from Rivers state

The lists above are far from exhaustive (There are a lot of Scholarships not mentioned there).

However, paying close attention to various legitimate sources of information could be of great assistance towards getting information about more Scholarship opportunities.


There are some things which a student can do before and after applying for a scholarship which can enhance his/ her chances of being awarded.

1. Joining scholastic social media groups

Find groups that provide you with information on scholarship opportunities.

2. Following educational sites

Educational sites like Nairaland and Myschool.com.ng can put you in the know of scholarship opportunities.

3. Have conversations

Having insightful conversations with Past beneficiaries and colleagues who could be in a position to alert one to these.

4. Having good grades

While in some cases it may not be the sole determining factor, in most cases it is pivotal or even solely responsible for determining the final beneficiaries.

Good grades boost your chances of being shortlisted for a test or being outrightly awarded without a screening test.

These 29 Ways To Get Good Grades can help you!

5. Paying attention to details

These details may include instructions to be followed while applying or appearing for a scholarship test.

6. Good preparation

For Scholarships which use tests in the selection process. The importance of preparing efficiently can’t be overemphasized.

Here, connecting with previous awardees could be invaluable. Getting information on the test format, study materials and other related information can greatly assist.

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Some Scholarship opportunities worth noting that were not listed previously include;

1. PTDF Scholarship – (Mainly for 200-level students of engineering and the physical sciences in federal Universities)

2. NNPC/SNEPCO Scholarship – For 200-level students

3. Agbami Medical and Engineering awards – For 100 and 200-level students of the Medical and Engineering related disciplines

4. Jim Ovia Scholarship – For students of all levels

5. Federal Scholarship Board Scholarship – For students of 200 level and above.

N/B: This list of scholarship opportunities is still not exhaustive.

1. As a general rule, Scholarships which ask for Registration fees are FAKE and should be avoided.

2. Students should make enquiries about various Scholarships and their eligibility conditions, and also check for scholarships peculiar to their communities (Especially students from the Niger Delta region).

3. Possess soft copies and hard copies of the necessary documents needed to validate a student’s status (Identity cards, Admission letters, O’level Result, UTME Result, Session Results/Transcript, Letter of identification from faculty or department, Certificate or Origin and Birth certificate).

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N/B: Not all of the documents listed here may be required for every Scholarship application, but having them handy is handy.

You don’t need to pay for study materials.

Quality Study materials are available and easily accessible online via some applications available on the play store such as “Aptitude Test”, and “English Verbal Reasoning” or websites such as indiabix.com and through Colleagues.

Finally, a general rule for getting a scholarship is to… Apply!!!, Apply!!!, Apply!!! As the popular saying goes, ‘NEVER GIVE UP!!!’.

I wish you all the best. Godspeed.

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