How To Have Your Office Relocation Action Plan Done Effortlessly

How To Have Your Office Relocation Action Plan Done Effortlessly

Moving your team to a new office space is just as complicated as moving to a new home.

You have bulky furniture, electronics and a ton of little bits to get packed. On top of that, you probably don’t have a lot of time to get everything done either because every day that goes by is another day that your business is losing out on money.

If you are trying to navigate this process, then these tips will make your move go as smoothly as possible.

1. Plan as Early as you Can

It’s so important that you start the planning process early. You need everyone to know what they will be doing, and you also need to plan out what still has to be done. If you don’t then you may find yourself scrambling to get organised at the last minute. Now is also the time for you to be planning your moving budget, so you can find out how much you need to spend and if there are any other things that you have to account for.

2. Hire a Reliable Moving Manager

It doesn’t matter how much your employees are helping you with your move because you still do need to have a designated moving manager. They will follow up on each step to make sure that things are progressing as they should, and they’ll also be able to help you with any legalities too. The best person for the job will usually be an admin assistant, as they’ll have the organisation and people skills needed to make sure that the move stays on track.

3. Always Do Plenty of Research

When hiring a moving company to help you transport the bulkier items to your new location, it helps to hire someone who has the experience. They will be able to help you transport delicate technology and they will also be able to help you with the unpacking too. Before you hire someone, make sure that you do a comparison quote. This will help you to hire the right company for the best price, without compromising on quality.

4. Don’t Forget your IT Department

When you move, you’ll need to disconnect your servers, computers, hardware and anything electrical. Making sure that you pack everything properly is essential. If you don’t, you not only risk damaging your products, but you also put your team at risk as well. If you are planning on upgrading your technology and not taking it with you, consider searching “auctions near me” on the internet.

5. Ask Everyone to Pack up their Own Desk

How To Have Your Office Relocation Action Plan Done Effortlessly
How To Have Your Office Relocation Action Plan Done Effortlessly

Sure, you may have a moving company who can come and take care of the big stuff. This is great. However, you can save a lot of time and money by asking everyone to pack up their own desk beforehand. Give your staff a time that they have to do everything and encourage them to do it throughout the day. So, everyone isn’t in a frantic rush when the deadline draws near.

Your office relocation needs proper planning to avoid missing things and losses. These tips should help you!

Do you know any other helpful tips? I would love to hear from you. 😉 

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