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Bored By Office Environments? Here are 14 Non-Office Jobs To Consider

Clicking on this post clearly shows that you are tired of waking up very early on a daily basis. 

Rushing to get to work in a rather tense atmosphere. Oftentimes, you find yourself wondering why you can’t work at your convenience- your pace and time.

Foremost, I would like to tell you that you are not alone.

According to research, about 72.9% of people who work in an office environment are dissatisfied with the office setting. 

They wish there was some sort of non-office jobs they could switch over to.

On average, we will spend about thirty per cent of our entire life working.

Due to this, it’s important that you find something you love, enjoy or are at least passionate about.

You can’t spend your time doing something that you hate. It will kill you slowly.

Not everyone is equipped or able to handle office life.

Lots of individuals who resent office jobs usually do extremely well when an opportunity to do non-office jobs arise.

However, if you are in this category of people, sticking to an office job for so long might make you feel lonely, depressed or undervalued.

Thankfully, there are other career options that could suit you far more. Here are a few of the best options that you should certainly consider:

1. Freelance Writing


Lady working on a laptop

This actually will be my first option from the list of non-office jobs.

It is my favourite!

This is due to my love for writing. Properly put, there is this comfort I get from doing what I love.

Honestly, if you love writing and you are fairly good at it, then what are you waiting for?

Pick up your laptop and start!

You don’t have a laptop? That is not a big issue. There are tons of apps out there you can comfortably use to type on your phone including:

  • Quickoffice
  • Microsoft word
  • WPS

Those are my ideal applications, however, I prefer QuickOffice because of its user-friendly interface.

Unlike what people may think, freelancing is not only comfortable, it pays really well. 

You can make a decent living off freelancing.

I have a friend that earns about £500 from freelancing. 

Interesting, he chooses when he wants to work and where he wants to work, isn’t that just mind-blowing?

I have a few tips for you if you eventually decide to delve into freelancing online.

Foremost, you must brush up on your writing skills

The competition in the freelance market is like nothing I have seen before. You must learn to write original articles with key points that will drive traffic to any site. Thankfully, there are free online courses on how to write a good original article from scratch. 

Guest post on smaller websites for free

This was very helpful for me in the long run. Initially, I felt bad that I was doing free jobs without payments, plus my financial situation at that time wasn’t so pretty either.

If An Office Environment Bores You, Here are Non-Office Jobs To Consider

However, when I began pitching for paid jobs, most of these sites demanded a link to a previous article I  have written. Boom! my guest post links became an asset.

So, do not be discouraged by non-office jobs that come without payments.

In fact, it is important to do some of these jobs. Consider it as an internship and a good avenue to brush up on your writing and prepare yourself for paid jobs.

Register on freelance markets

If you plan on becoming a full-time freelancer, it is important that you register on a few freelance markets to keep a steady income flow.

Unlike manual mail pitching, some of these sites actually allow you to set an hourly rate. 

Some of this freelance markets/platform include:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Linkedin

2. Marketing

concepts of marketing
Concepts of  marketing

This is another interesting option from the list of non-office jobs available.

Especially, if you do not like an office environment but prefer to interact with the customers in the field.

If you are good at convincing people to do stuff, or you are good at working on brands to look better, then you can make a great marketer and avoid the dreaded office job. 

However, marketing has to do with all the activities before and after the sale of a product so you must be selling your product or helping someone else sell his or her product.

This is a daring job that entails a lot of hard work and critical thinking. I know what you might be thinking – isn’t marketing an office job,  how is this one different?

Most marketing jobs are done outside on the field and hardly in an office. 

You will agree with me that one cannot conduct a conclusive poll on what customers want from an office. He or she must go into the markets to ask traders what incentives they think should be added to a product, or improvements they think should be made.

So if you find an office job boring, and you are eager to go into the fields, meet and interact with people on a daily basis. Then, marketing is a great option from the list of non-office jobs for you.

3. Content/Brand Development

A brand work-space

This is almost similar to freelancing, only that there is a slight distinction between the motive of the two careers.

Content development involves developing visual or orthographic content, for the purpose of drawing traffic to a particular brand or website.

These days, many businesses are too busy focusing on product sales, income profits and tax to worry about branding, and this is where content developers come in.

Many large companies have a special department that deals with the external environment and branding.

However, most startup companies do not have the resources to maintain an office like this, hence, they hire the services of content developers to take care of their branding.

The best part of being a content developer is, you can work from the comfort of your home. Yeah, content development can be an ideal non-office job.

So if you do not like the tense atmosphere of an office environment, or the anxiety and boredom gets to you and affects your productivity, you can try out content development.

Frankly, content development is a fun and challenging job because, it allows you to experiment with various strategies for different jobs, and enables you to try out new things rather than doing the same thing in an office every day for the rest of your life.

4. Web Development


A computer showing codes
Web code


This is another great option if you are not a fan of the office environment.

Web developers can work anywhere but in an office environment. If you are a computer genius and can develop websites, then you can manage well with this job.

Do you have an interest in building a website but you lack experience? There are various online courses that can be of help. You can check them out.

However, you need to ensure you don’t make mistakes some designers do which can affect a business. You can also market your services on platforms like Linkedin, Ngcareers, freelancer e.t.c

These are good places to start if you already have the skill, and are ready to take on paid jobs.

A website developer can work from anywhere including A cafe, his/her home or from his vacation suite.

5. EMT Paramedic


If you do not like the office environment and you have a passion for saving lives, then this is probably the best job for you.

People on this job respond to medical emergencies and sometimes, have to administer some form of first aid on the scene.

This job is ideal for a diligent person who can work under pressure.

So, if you are reading this article, and you are interested in making a difference in the lives of people rather than working in an office, you might want to consider this job.

In addition, a paramedic is well paid and receives bonuses in some cases. You do not have to worry about the financial aspect of the job. You can raise a family working as a paramedic.

It’s pretty rewarding.

6. Law Enforcement

A dummy police

This is probably the best option for an individual who doesn’t like an office environment but prefers to get his hands dirty and handle a weapon.

Do you have an interest in protecting lives and property?

Then, you might want to consider a law enforcement agency as your choice of a non-office job. Being a police officer requires both physical and mental training. So, you must be a physically fit person to take this job.

It is vital for you to know the high risk involved in this job too. It is a job that requires you to sacrifice your time and family once in a while. Being a police officer in a way means you no longer own your life, and you are willing to sacrifice your life for your country.

This is one of the most honourable non-office jobs you can consider. If you are seeking something a little bit more on the physical side, you might want to consider becoming a soldier.

To become an educated soldier in Nigeria, you must write the Nigerian defence academy exam. The training process involves classroom and on-field, which can be overwhelming.

However, the stress always pays off because, upon graduation, you will be elevated to a much superior rank than other officers who aren’t educated.

7. Customer Service Representative


A representation of customer service
Customer Service Representative


Here’s another great job you can opt for. 

It is one of the jobs that come to mind when one talks about working from home. You can never ignore the impact of customer service, even after making sales.

Excellent customer service makes a customer come back.

Many companies are willing to employ private individuals to represent customer service, even from the comfort of their home or anywhere in the world.

What’s more? Customer service does not necessarily require any formal education, rather, a proficiency in the customer service language and good problem-solving skills could suffice.

8. Computer Support Specialist

If you are a computer Wiz, and you do not like the office environment, there is one more non-office job option you can take that doesn’t require you to sit behind a cubicle all day.

If you are a good communicator, and you are good at solving problems, then this is a job you could even start and become the boss of yourself.

Because it’s technology-dependent, there is really no need to move around every day and you could simply just work from the comfort of your home.

A computer support specialist provides tech assistance to customers who are in need of support or have faulty systems.

It is common for computer support specialist to provide this support, even from the comfort of their home.

Tech companies oftentimes are in need of professionals to provide after-sales services to their customers or clients.

9. Airline or Commercial Pilot

Being an airline or commercial pilot is an interesting non-office job you could consider. Depending on your interest though.

As long as you are willing to sacrifice the time and resources to become a full-time commercial pilot, you can be sure you would never have to sit in a cubicle.

Commercial pilots spend an average of 64 hours on the air every week all over the world.

Of course, it’s not for everyone, but if you have the passion and the resources to chase a career as a commercial pilot, then I would strongly advise you to go ahead with it.

It is very important to note that being a pilot has it’s own fair share of stress also but you can manage the stress if you’re really determined. Do you find this a favourable option? It’s time you take a form.  

10. Photography


A man holding a camera

Another interesting profession you can choose from the vast options of non-office jobs available is photography. If you are a skilled professional behind a camera, why sit behind a counter or inside a cubicle.

As a photographer, you get to meet different types of people, interact with different people and enjoy creating art that makes people smile.

This is another amazing job that I love, second to freelancing.

You can also train yourself to become a professional photographer if you don’t like your current job. All you need do is, buy the equipment and enrol for a photography course online or around your area.

Photography is also a job that can fetch you international awards and recognition and can be quite profitable as well.

11. Staying Active

You might find that you hate sitting down for long periods.

Research has actually shown that sitting for hours on end could be incredibly damaging to your health and maybe just as bad for you as smoking.

So, if you want to make sure that you stay fit and you love standing on your own two feet, why not consider becoming a personal trainer.

As a personal trainer, you can keep in great shape and help other people do the same. There are no limits to this type of career either. You will be able to use your experience to start one of the popular health and wellness businesses.

As long as you build up your reputation, put in the effort and take some risks, you can thrive on this career path and grow your income each day.

12. Staying On The Road

A truck on motion
On the road


Alternatively, you might love life on the road.

If you can happily spend hours driving along the road with not a care in the world and love watching cars drive by on either side, you might want to consider something in logistics.

Truck driving jobs are a great way to make sure that you are never in one place for too long.

You will also be able to work a range of different hours, even travelling through the night if that’s what suits you.

Again, this isn’t a dead-end career because you might be able to learn the skills that allow you to provide the same service independent of another company.

13. Going International

Finally, you can think about opting to work internationally and there are a few different possibilities to consider here.

You can work on public transport flying planes or as an air steward. Learning to fly commercial planes will require risk and about a 100,000 investment.

If you are willing to put this money forward and you can ask a loan, you can learn to fly in just a couple of years.

You will then be able to pay the money back in another couple of years as long as you successfully complete the course. 

14. Blogger

Are you more interested in pursuing a career where you spend your day writing? If so, then you can think about becoming a travel blogger. You only need to know how to start blog.

Success here will depend on how well you are able to build up your personal brand and ensure that individuals want to keep up with your journey.

If they do, you can then attract investors and sponsors who will help you earn while you live your dream life.


Without a doubt, not everyone likes to work in an office environment.

Some people love the thrill of the field and fancy making a difference in the lives of people.

I also understand the importance of comfort to productivity and creativity, that is why I recommended that you immediately switch jobs if you find your current job boring or uncomfortable.

I  have also taken the time to bring you this piece if you think an office job is not ideal for you.

However, there is a possibility of you losing sight of your main business objectives if you are working from home, so I will strongly recommend that you hire a financial accountant to keep track of your funds so that you do not go broke doing what you love.

There are so many other non-office jobs  I would have loved to add to this list but let’s make do with these for now.  😉 

Which of the non-office jobs interest you the most? Go for it!

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Post Author: Chibuike Nwogbo

Nwogbo Chibuike is a student of Electronics and Computer engineering at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He started writing at the age of 10 by learning new things and writing about what he has learnt. Specifically, he likes the feeling of creating another world through writing. He is also a dedicated Christian.

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