Positive thinking reduces stress

Non-office jobs are very advantageous, as you do not have to go to a particular place every day to work.

Clicking on this post clearly shows that you are tired of waking up very early daily. 

Rushing to get to work in a rather tense atmosphere. Oftentimes, you find yourself wondering why you can’t work at your convenience- your pace and time.

Foremost, I would like to tell you that you are not alone.

According to research, about 72.9% of people who work in an office environment are dissatisfied with the office setting. 

They wish there was some sort of non-office jobs they could switch over to.

On average, we will spend about thirty percent of our entire life working.

Due to this, you must learn how to choose a career path, you enjoy, or are at least passionate about.

You can’t spend your time doing something that you hate. It will kill you slowly.

Not everyone is equipped or able to handle office life.

Lots of individuals who resent office jobs usually do extremely well when an opportunity to do non-office jobs arises.

However, if you are in this category of people, sticking to an office job for so long might leave you dealing with regret or depression.

Thankfully, other career options could suit you far more. Here are a few of the best options that you should certainly consider:

1. Freelance Writing

Lady working on a laptop

This actually will be my first option from the list of non-office jobs.

It is my favorite!

This is due to my love for writing. Properly put, there is this comfort I get from doing what I love.

Honestly, if you love writing and you are fairly good at it, then what are you waiting for?

Pick up your laptop and start!

You don’t have a laptop? That is not a big issue. There are tons of apps out there you can comfortably use to type on your phone including:

  • Quickoffice
  • Microsoft word
  • WPS

Those are my ideal applications; however, I prefer QuickOffice because of its user-friendly interface.

Unlike what people may think, freelancing is not only comfortable, but it also pays well. 

You can make a decent living off freelancing.

I have a friend that earns about £500 from freelancing. 

Interesting, he chooses when he wants to work and where he wants to work, isn’t that just mind-blowing?

I have a few tips for you if you eventually decide to delve into freelancing online.

Foremost, you must brush up on your writing skills.

The competition in the freelance market is like nothing I have seen before. You must learn to write original articles with key points that will drive traffic to any site. Thankfully, there are free online courses on how to write a good original article from scratch. 

Guest post on smaller websites for free

This was very helpful for me in the long run. Initially, I felt bad that I was doing free jobs without payments, plus I had to learn how to overcome financial problems in business at that time, and it wasn’t so easy either.

If An Office Environment Bores You, Here are Non-Office Jobs To Consider

However, when I began pitching for paid jobs, most of these sites demanded a link to a previous article I have written. Boom! my guest post links became an asset.

So, do not be discouraged by non-office jobs that come without payments.

It is important to do some of these jobs. Consider it as an internship and a good avenue to brush up on your writing and prepare yourself for paid jobs.

Register on freelance markets.

If you plan on becoming a full-time freelancer, you must register on a few freelance markets to keep a steady income flow.

Unlike manual mail pitching, some of these sites allow you to set an hourly rate. 

Some of these freelance markets/platforms include:

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • LinkedIn

2. Marketing

concepts of marketing
Concepts of marketing

This is another interesting option from the list of non-office jobs available.

Especially, if you do not like an office environment but prefer to interact with the customers in the field.

If you are good at convincing people to do stuff, or you are good at working on how to create or build a strong brand image or identity, you can make a great marketer and avoid the dreaded office job. 

However, marketing has to do with all the activities before and after the sale of a product so you must be selling your product or helping someone else sell his or her product.

This is a daring job that entails a lot of hard work and critical thinking. I know what you might be thinking – isn’t marketing an office job, how is this one different?

Most marketing jobs are done outside of the field and hardly in an office. 

You will agree with me that one cannot conduct a conclusive poll on what customers want from an office. He or she must go into the markets to ask traders what incentives they think should be added to a product, or improvements they think should be made.

So if you find an office job boring, and you are eager to go into the fields, meet and interact with people daily. Then, marketing is a great option from the list of non-office jobs for you. 

Note that you will need out-of-the-box ideas for marketing before you decide to be a marketer.

3. Content/Brand Development

A brand work-space

This is almost similar to freelancing, only that there is a slight distinction between the motive of the two careers.

Content development involves developing visual or orthographic content, it is one of the cheapest ways to drive traffic to a website or brand.

These days, many businesses are too busy focusing on product sales, income profits, and taxes to worry about branding, and this is where content developers come in.

Many large companies have a special department that deals with the external environment and branding.

However, most startup companies do not have the resources to maintain an office like this, hence, they hire the services of content developers to take care of their branding.

The best part of being a content developer is, you can work from the comfort of your home. Yeah, content development can be an ideal non-office job.

So, if you do not like the tense atmosphere of an office environment or the anxiety and boredom get to you and affect efficiency, or you hate looking for means how to improve productivity in an organization, then you can try out content development.

Frankly, content development is a fun and challenging job because it allows you to experiment with various strategies for different jobs and enables you to try out new things rather than doing the same thing in an office every day for the rest of your life.

4. Web Development

A computer showing codes
Web code

This is another great option if you are not a fan of the office environment.

Web developers can work anywhere but in an office environment. If you are a computer genius and can develop websites, then you can manage well with this job.

Do you have an interest in building a website but lack experience? Various online courses can be of help. You can check them out.

However, you need to ensure you don’t create a bad website design that can affect a business. You can also market your services on platforms like LinkedIn, Ng careers, freelancer, etc.

These are good places to start if you already have the skill and are ready to take on paid jobs.

A website developer can work from anywhere including A cafe, his/her home, or from his vacation suite.

5. EMT Paramedic


If you do not like the types of careers in medicine that involves working in an office environment and you have a passion for saving lives, then this is probably one of the best non-office jobs for you.

People on this job respond to medical emergencies and sometimes, have to administer some form of first aid on the scene.

This job is ideal for a diligent person who can work under pressure.

So, if you are reading this article, and you are interested in making a difference in the lives of people rather than working in an office, you might want to consider this job.

In addition, a paramedic is well-paid and receives bonuses in some cases. You do not have to worry about the financial aspect of the job. You can raise a family working as a paramedic.

It’s pretty rewarding.

6. Law Enforcement

A dummy police

This is probably the best option for an individual who doesn’t like an office environment but prefers to get his hands dirty and handle a weapon.

Do you have an interest in protecting lives and property?

Then, you might want to consider a law enforcement agency as your choice of non-office job. There are surprising benefits of exercise, so being a police officer requires both physical and mental training. You must be a physically fit person to take this job.

You need to know the high risk involved in this job too.

It is a job that requires you to sacrifice your time and family once in a while. Being a police officer in a way means you no longer own your life, and you are willing to sacrifice your life for your country.

This is one of the most honorable non-office jobs you can consider. If you are seeking something a little bit more on the physical side, you might want to consider becoming a soldier.

To become an educated soldier in Nigeria, you must write the Nigerian defense academy exam. The training process involves classroom and on-field, which can be overwhelming.

However, the stress always pays off because, upon graduation, you will be elevated to a much superior rank than other officers who aren’t educated.

7. Customer Service Representative

A representation of customer service
Customer Service Representative

Here’s another great job you can opt for. 

It is one of the jobs that come to mind when one talks about working from home. You can never ignore the impact of customer service, even after making sales.

There are innovative ideas to improve customer experience, which can make a customer return for more.

Many companies are willing to employ private individuals to represent customer service, even from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world.

What’s more? Customer service does not necessarily require any formal education, rather, proficiency in the customer service language and good problem-solving skills could suffice.

8. Computer Support Specialist

If you are a computer Wiz, and you do not like the office environment, a computer support specialist is one of the non-office-jobs options you can take that doesn’t require you to sit behind a cubicle all day.

If you are a good communicator, and you are good at solving problems, then this is a job you could even start and become the boss of yourself.

Because it’s technology-dependent, there is no need to move around every day and you could simply just work from the comfort of your home.

A computer support specialist provides tech assistance to customers who need support or have faulty systems.

It is common for computer support specialists to provide this support, even when they work from home. 

Tech companies oftentimes require professionals to provide after-sales services to their customers or clients.

9. Airline or Commercial Pilot

Being an airline or commercial pilot is an interesting non-office job you could consider. Depending on your interest though.

As long as you are willing to sacrifice the time and resources to become a full-time commercial pilot, you can be sure you would never have to sit in a cubicle.

Commercial pilots spend an average of 64 hours in the air every week all over the world.

Of course, it’s not for everyone, but if you have the passion and the resources to chase a career as a commercial pilot, then I would strongly advise you to go ahead with it.

It is very important to note that being a pilot has its fair share of stress also, but you can learn stress management in business to help deal with the pressure if you’re determined. Do you find this a favorable option? It’s time you take a form.  

10. Photography

A man holding a camera

Another interesting profession you can choose from the vast options of non-office jobs available is photography. If you are a skilled professional behind a camera, why sit behind a counter or inside a cubicle?

As a photographer, you get to meet different types of people, interact with different people and enjoy creating art that makes people smile.

This is another amazing job that I love, second to freelancing.

You can also train yourself to become a professional photographer if you don’t like your current job. All you need do is, buy the equipment and enroll for a photography course online or around your area.

Photography is also a job that can fetch you international awards and recognition and can be quite profitable as well.

11. Staying Active

You might find that you hate sitting down for long periods.

Research has shown that sitting for hours on end could be incredibly damaging to your health and maybe just as bad for you as smoking.

So, if you want to make sure that you stay fit and you love standing on your own two feet, why not consider becoming a personal trainer?

As a personal trainer, you can keep in great shape and help other people do the same. There are no limits to this type of career either. You will be able to use your experience to start one of the popular health and wellness business ideas.

As long as you build up your reputation, put in the effort, and take some risks, you can thrive on this career path and grow your income each day.

12. Staying On The Road

A truck on motion
On the road

Alternatively, you might love life on the road.

If you can happily spend hours driving along the road with no care in the world and love watching cars drive by on either side, you might want to consider something in logistics.

Truck driving jobs are a great way to make sure that you are never in one place for too long.

You will also be able to work a range of different hours, even traveling through the night if that’s what suits you.

Again, this isn’t a dead-end career because you might be able to learn the skills that allow you to provide the same service independently of another company.

13. Going International

You can think about opting to work internationally and there are a few different possibilities to consider here.

You can work on public transport flying planes or as an air steward. Learning to fly commercial planes will require risk and about a 100,000 investment.

If you are willing to put this money forward and you can ask for a loan, you can learn to fly in just a couple of years.

You will then be able to pay the money back in another couple of years as long as you complete the course. 

14. Blogger

Blogging is one of the good non-office jobs as you can handle your blog from anywhere.

Are you more interested in pursuing a career where you spend your day writing? If so, then you can think about becoming a travel blogger. For instance, if you are a citizen of Nigeria, you need to know how to start a blog in Nigeria.

Success here will depend on how well you can build up your brand and ensure that individuals want to keep up with your journey.

If they do, you can then attract investors and sponsors who will help you earn while you live your dream life.

15. Public Speaker/Influencer

If speaking in public is something that interests you but does not necessarily come naturally (or if people make fun of your accent), becoming a public speaker or blogger might be up your alley!

If you love to talk and make people feel good about themselves, becoming a public speaker or influencer could be the perfect job for you.

This job will allow you to speak about whatever topic interests you. As a public speaker, you can help others by sharing your knowledge, and empowering them to make better decisions and take action on their own.

You could be a keynote speaker at an event or speak on an online forum. You can also share your knowledge of specific topics with the media for instance you can speak on a topic like “online jobs for college students with no experience.”

Being able to speak to a crowd is a great way to make an impression on potential clients, investors, or customers.

Public speaking is an excellent way to get involved with your community while also building your brand and business.

You can share your expertise on any number of topics in a variety of ways: social media, podcasts, video blogs, and more.

You will be able to share your expertise about a specific topic and help people understand what you do best.

There are plenty of opportunities for public speakers, whether it is at work conferences or in front of student groups.

You will be able to set your hours and work from home, which means that you can take care of your family while earning extra income.

If you are interested in speaking at conferences or events, consider volunteering for an organization that welcomes speakers as part of its mission.

16. Tutor

Tutoring is a great way to make some extra money and get out of the house.

You can work at home or in an office setting, depending on your preferences.

If you are self-employed, tutoring can be good for you because it is more likely you will be able to connect with students who need help.

A tutor is someone who teaches others about certain skills like digital librarian skills so that they can improve their performance in those areas.

Tutors may specialize in one area such as mathematics or music, but they are also capable of teaching a wide range of subjects including English grammar, chemistry, or history.

Tutors play an important role in helping students learn new skills or improve their existing ones.

The pay varies depending on whether you are working directly with children or adults at home or in school settings.

Tutors can earn between $20 an hour for elementary school-age children to $25 an hour for college-aged students who need help.

17. Retail Sales Associate

The retail sales associate is one of the most common non-office jobs to consider.

If you have good people skills and enjoy interacting with people, this is a great way to make your money while spending time doing something you love.

The retail sales associate is responsible for customer service and interacting with customers in a friendly manner.

You will need to be able to listen well and be able to handle any customer situation, whether it is someone who needs help finding something or someone who just wants to talk about their day.

This job is perfect for people who love retail and want to work with people instead of alone behind a counter.

Even if you don’t have experience selling products, there are plenty of places where you can learn how to sell something online such as eBay or Craigslist – and then find a place where they have an open position.

The retail sales associate is a non-office role that can be very rewarding, as well as challenging.

The job title and description may not sound exciting, but the work and the people are great.

A retail sales associate is a role that requires you to be friendly, energetic, and have excellent customer service skills.

The job involves greeting customers, helping them find their way around the store, and assisting them with their purchases.

You can also perform other tasks such as stocking shelves, shelving merchandise, and performing other duties as needed.

18. Teacher Assistant

If you want to work outside of the office, consider becoming a teacher assistant or teaching assistant.

These positions provide flexibility for those who want to know how to create a workspace at home and help others as well as gain valuable experience in an environment that is not typically seen.

Teacher assistants are school employees who assist teachers with their duties.

They may also help with administrative tasks like filing documents, organizing lesson plans, and grading papers.

Teacher assistants typically work under guidance from their principal or supervisor as well as classroom teachers.

Teacher assistants are often paid $8 per hour or more, making them one of the most lucrative non-office jobs out there now, thanks to rising demand from parents who want their kids’ teachers to be well-trained and qualified.

You can also make some extra cash by working in your own home.

19. Personal assistant

If you are looking for something more hands-on and less deskbound, consider becoming a personal assistant.

You will be able to do everything from scheduling appointments to making travel arrangements and meeting with clients.

If you are the type of person who enjoys helping others, then a non-office job as a personal assistant may be for you.

This is a good job for people who enjoy working with people and have a lot of patience.

The hours are flexible, and the pay is good.

Personal assistants are the go-to people in any office space.

They take care of all the little details so that their bosses don’t have to bother with them.

They do everything from scheduling meetings, making copies, and keeping email inboxes clean, to scheduling travel arrangements and handling daily tasks like paying bills or ordering supplies.

You can start a new career with no experience or degree as a personal assistant and you can make between $20-$30 an hour depending on where you live.

20. Public relations and marketing manager

Public relations and marketing managers are responsible for helping clients understand their business better through the media channels they choose to use – such as social media or print ads – or by creating content for them on websites like LinkedIn or Google+.

This can be done by creating content for companies’ blogs or newsletters; writing press releases; creating brochures; designing websites; managing online campaigns; etc.

If you are interested in working for a company that has its public relations department, then this job may be perfect for you.

As a public relations manager, you are typically responsible for the company’s image and reputation, as well as its sales figures, products, and services.

You will be involved with everything from creating press releases to developing real estate advertising postcards and campaigns.

If you are good at marketing yourself or your company, this may be the best way for you to make money from home.

If you want to work on projects that involve writing copy, developing presentations, or creating ads, then this could be for you.

You will be able to use your creativity and problem-solving skills to manage campaigns for large companies or nonprofits.

If you love working in the public relations field, this could also be a good opportunity for you.

You will be able to use your communication skills to help promote businesses or other organizations’ products or services to their target audiences through print advertisements, radio spots, and television commercials as well as social media posts on Facebook and Twitter accounts that belong to these companies themselves.

21. Sales representative

You might enjoy being around people all day at an office job, but if you are looking for something more exciting than sitting behind a desk all day long, then consider becoming a sales representative who works directly with customers or clients.

In this position, you will be responsible for meeting with potential clients and ensuring that they have the information they need to make informed decisions about their business needs.

If sales are not your thing but business development is, then this could be right up your alley.

Sales representatives are responsible for building relationships with clients by prospecting new leads.

If you love talking with people and working with clients but do not have time for long hours in an office setting, then sales could be right up your alley.

Sales representatives often make their schedules based on when they feel like they can handle the workload while still being able to spend time with family and friends.

You can sell anything from clothing to electronics if you decide to go into sales because it is not just about selling products but also about finding out exactly what customers want.

So, they can choose the best products for them before they make any purchases from your store or booth at an event like an expo or trade show where there might be thousands of people attending every year.

Therefore, as a sales representative, it is part of your duty to find out unique ways to increase sales. 

22. Customer service representative

If you are comfortable with taking orders and responding to emails, customer service is a great place to start.

You may end up working for an online retailer or selling products on your site, but either way, customer service reps are always in demand.

This job requires a great deal of interaction with people and can be particularly rewarding if you have a knack for interacting with the public.

You may even get to speak with customers over the phone or in person, which means you are doing something that’s right up your alley.

Customer service representatives also have to be able to multitask, as they will need to be able to listen and respond at the same time.

A customer service representative is responsible for handling customer service complaints and questions related to products or services sold by companies such as banks and insurance providers.

As a customer service representative, you should know the importance of customer feedback and must use the best customer feedback software for good results.

As a customer service representative (CSR), you will be the first point of contact for customers who have problems with their products or services.

You will also be responsible for answering questions about the company’s products, providing information about its services, and helping customers solve problems.

23. Bookkeeper and auditor

If you like numbers, this is one of the perfect calculating non-office-job for you! As a bookkeeper or auditor, you will record transactions in a ledger and assign them to appropriate accounts or departments.

You will also be responsible for maintaining records that reflect the business’ financial status.

If you have excellent math skills and organizational skills, this could also be the perfect job for you.

Bookkeeping positions generally require strong computer skills as well as accounting experience.

And while some companies require bookkeepers to work from home, others will hire them as full-time employees in their offices.

A bookkeeper is someone responsible for maintaining records and keeping track of financial information.

Bookkeepers are often responsible for preparing tax returns, but they can also help out with other accounting tasks such as reconciling cash accounts or recording sales transactions in an Excel spreadsheet.

As an accountant, you will need to be able to work well on computers, understand accounting principles, and know how to use spreadsheets effectively for data analysis purposes.

You might also want to consider becoming an auditor if you enjoy working with numbers and numbers alone.

24. Administrative assistant

If you enjoy helping others out at work (and if the thought of managing others doesn’t make you want to throw up), consider becoming an administrative assistant.

The administrative assistant position requires attention to detail and accuracy. You will need to type accurate reports, perform data entry and assist with filing tasks as necessary.

You can also try managing the sickness absence of other workers.

Administrative assistants often handle more complicated tasks at the office than other employees might because they are knowledgeable about how things are done around there.

25. Landscaper/yard person

Being outdoors is great for those who love plants and green spaces. If you have a green thumb and are ready to continue in your career, consider joining the ranks of the landscaping or yard maintenance industry.

This is a great way to earn money while being outside and interacting with nature daily.

Landscaping is a great way to use your skills in a new way, as it requires you to be creative and work outside of your comfort zone.

You may find yourself enjoying the outdoors even more than usual, and maybe even get into gardening as a hobby.

Landscapers may specialize in landscaping gardens or lawns, but they can also prune trees or bushes, trim bushes, weed flower beds, and more.

Landscaping is a part of non-office jobs for people who love the outdoors and don’t mind being dirty.

You will be working outside, in all kinds of weather, so dress appropriately and keep your hands clean at all times.

If you are into gardening and landscaping, and you stopped for some reason and now you are wondering how to restart your career after a long break then you should consider giving landscaping or yard work a trial.

You will get to work outdoors and get experience in interacting with customers and clients through managing projects.

If you have a green thumb, this could be a great way to get paid for doing what you love.

26. Variety store owner/manager

If you love the idea of owning your own business but are not ready to go all-in yet, consider taking over the duties of a variety store manager.

This role is not typically advertised or advertised widely, so you must be comfortable working in many different situations.

in case you love running your own business, owning a variety of shops can be a fun experience.

If you are good at multitasking, this can be an excellent way to make some extra cash while gaining experience in retail management.

If you love shopping, but hate the crowds at big box stores, consider opening your shop instead of joining a chain store.

This is an excellent business model because it allows customers to shop anywhere, they want. If you are curious to know how to do worldwide shipping for small businesses, then you should not be worried because you can still make good sales as well as ship your products anywhere with no problem.

It can also give you the flexibility to set your hours based on how busy things get in your store (and if there is any leftover time during the day).

Variety stores are always changing and growing, so they need to be stocked with new products all the time.

Variety store managers need to keep up with this process by stocking different products throughout their shops.

If you enjoy interacting with customers, this job could be right up your alley.

27. Independent contractor/consultant

If you love working with clients and helping them solve their problems, then consider becoming an independent contractor or consultant through sites like Upwork and Elance or Fiverr or Freelancer because it is also a type of profitable non-office-jobs you can excel in.

Independent contractors often work on projects that others do not want to take on themselves, such as construction sites, family projects at home, or landscaping projects that require heavy equipment or large crews.

Contractors must be comfortable working alone and have strong communication skills so they can relay information quickly when needed.

Independent contractors are typically self-employed individuals who contract with larger companies to provide services or products that aren’t normally available in the market by themselves or as part of their job duties within their regular workplace (e.g., lawyers).

28. Artist/set designer/decorator

If you have artistic talent and enjoy making things, consider becoming an artist who creates sets and costumes for movies.

There are many different types of artistry within this industry, including costume design and set design (which involves designing spaces for films).

You could also do community theatre or work on special projects for big productions.

If being creative isn’t something that comes naturally to you, but artistry does (or if it does but it has always been something that gets in the way), consider becoming an artist/set designer/decorator instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to do it.

This is also part of the numerous non-office jobs that involve working with others and creating beautiful things all day long!

You could design sets for movies, play productions, or even commercial projects like interior design work, fashion shows, and more.

If you enjoy creating art but are not particularly good at it yet, consider pursuing a career in set design or costume design.

You will need some artistic talent and some knowledge about how things work behind the scenes, but if you are interested in being creative and making movies or TV shows.

29. Human resources specialist

If you love working with people and helping them learn how to be successful in their careers, human resources are one of the perfect non-office jobs for you.

Human resources specialists are typically responsible for hiring and firing employees in a business environment.

They also work with managers and employees to ensure that they are treated fairly and given opportunities for advancement within the company.

This could also be the perfect fit if you want to work with people in an office setting but don’t want to spend all day doing it.

Human resources specialists help employees get their jobs done by guiding them through various processes or tasks that need completion before they can move forward with their projects, thereby preventing employee negligence.

30. Gym trainer

If you have an interest in fitness, then being a gym trainer is among the non-office jobs you can try. 

If you love working out, why not become a gym instructor?

This could be a great way to combine your passion for exercise with your love of people.

Not only will you have the satisfaction of helping others get fit, but you will also be able to create short videos showing how good-looking bodies come from hard work.

If you are not interested in opening up a gym full-time, consider becoming a trainer at one of them instead.

You will get regular paychecks (and possibly health benefits) while still having enough time to work on your projects or even pursue other careers.

And if the gym owner needs someone with specific knowledge or skills – like nutrition – then he or she might ask you to teach classes too.

This is another great option if you are just looking for something different to do, but not necessarily money-making.

Not only can you charge clients for personal training sessions, but you can also earn extra income by selling nutritional supplements or exercise equipment.

You can also give your clients healthy, easy meal prep ideas to help assist their body-building journey.


Without a doubt, not everyone likes to work in an office environment.

Some people love the thrill of the field and fancy making a difference in the lives of people.

I also understand the importance of comfort to productivity and creativity, which is why I recommended that you immediately switch jobs if you find your current job boring or uncomfortable.

I have also taken the time to bring you this piece if you think an office job is not ideal for you. Non-office jobs can ease you of so much stress.

However, there is a possibility of you losing sight of your main business objectives if you are working from home, so I will strongly recommend that you hire a financial accountant to keep track of your funds so that you do not go broke doing what you love.

There are so many other non-office jobs I would have loved to add to this list but let’s make do with these for now.  😉 

Which of the non-office jobs interest you the most? Go for it!

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