Exclusive Interview With An Outstanding Microbiology Student

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Meet Ademola who finished as a First-class microbiology student.

During this interview, He mentioned the fact that “not having a wealthy background should be enough reason to compel you to be the best in whatever you set your heart to do.

It should make you self-motivated since you don’t want to continue in your current situation. Hence, you need to build a brighter future for yourself and your unborn generations.”

The part of this interview I find funny is the way he answered this question ➡ Any advice to give to a student who has failed severally and about to give up?  😆  😆  😆 

Find out as you read through.


1. Your full name?

Aiyenuro, Ademola Emmanuel

2. Course studied, University, Graduation year and Final C.G.P.A?

Microbiology, Federal University of Technology, Akure. 2017. 4.51 (5.00)

3. Why did you choose that course of yours?

I love the study of microorganisms. And I’d love to be part of its utilization which is fast rising in various industries.

Exclusive Interview with an Outstanding Microbiology Student
Exclusive Interview with an Outstanding Microbiology Student
4. Can you please share any difficulty or hurdle you faced as a student and how you overcame?

The difficulty of combining school activities with other programs such as voluntary works, religious activities and students’ politics. I had to multi-task and manage my time very well

5. What is your personal mission/vision statement?

Tough time never last but tough people do

6. What drives you to success?

The burning desire to exploit God-given talents in me to the fullest

7. What are your hobbies and dislikes?

Reading, carrying out research. Lack of enabling environment to work and study.

8. Were you in a love relationship while in school? if yes, how did you combine it with your academics without one affecting the other? If no, why?

Yes, I was. I couldn’t combine both, so I had to break up, it lasted just for an academic session

9. Did you see yourself becoming a first-class student a few years back and why?

Yes, I had this belief that I must be the best in any competitive environment I find myself. Anything short of this, I count as failure.

10. What are the unique secrets or tips for finishing well in your department?

Read and read hard. Prepare for impromptu tests.  Take assignments and practicals very serious

11. How did you achieve your goals of becoming a first-class student?

Consistent studying and intense prayers

12. Was there any time you failed or any time you were not happy with your grades? Can you tell us about the experience?

Yes, it was absurd and disappointing

13. How did you get over it?

I keyed into this saying “if you’ve prayed about it, you need not worry about it”

14. Have you had any challenge with a lecturer in the past? How did you scale through?

The only one I remembered was when my mates urged me (being the class rep) to go complain to the HOD at that time about our displeasure as regards the coordination of our practicals.

HOD was angry I came to complain and this led to some drastic changes (positive though) towards the coordination of our practicals then. This obviously was the first and only minor challenge I had with a lecturer.

15. Would you advise students to combine academics with other activities while on campus? Why?

Depends on how well they are able to manage their schedules.

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16. Which other activity did you indulge in as a student?

I was actively involved in politics, voluntary works and religious activities.

17. Would you say you had more friends or lost more friends because of your goals and values? Kindly explain.

I had and lost on an average scale. Soldier go soldier come

Exclusive Interview with an Outstanding Microbiology Student
Exclusive Interview with an Outstanding Microbiology Student
18. Have you ever been a recipient of any scholarship? How did you apply for it?

None. I applied for MTN and NLNG bursary/scholarship award in my first year, I wasn’t shortlisted though.

More so, there were limited scholarship opportunities for my course of study during my undergraduate years. I’m working assiduously on securing an international scholarship for my graduate programs at present.

19. Is there any habit you are working hard to break and what are the measures you are taking to break it?

Quick anger. I’m working on being patient in situations.

20 During your undergraduate days, was there a mistake you made and wished you could undo?

The mistake of not applying for scholarships on time.


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21. During your undergraduate days, was there something you couldn’t do but wished you did?

Can’t think of any.

22. Has your choice of friends influenced your success in any way? How?

Yes, I constantly move with friends who are ahead of me and challenge me to always do more to achieve more in life

23. Has your structure of home and family influenced your success in any way? How?

Yes, I’m not from a wealthy background. So, I strive for excellence to be better in life.

24. What advice would you give people with a poor choice of friends and people who are not lucky enough to be raised in a healthy home?

“Bad gang corrupt good manners”. Friends, think about this.

Exclusive Interview with an Outstanding Microbiology Student
25. Can you share a testimony that showed vividly that God was involved in your success?

I was on a scale of 4.47 as at second-semester final year. Miraculously, I saw 4.51 in my official transcripts.

26. Is there any particular experience from which you will like us to learn? This could be in any area of life.

My final year project work due to high recommendations was published in an international journal. This I believe is a testimony, cos it’s a rare achievement.

27. Who do you see yourself becoming in the nearest future and how are you working towards that?

A renowned research analyst in the world.

I currently run a research program tagged ‘SoftWords consult’ through which I assist students in their research work, share ideas and up to date articles that would make their work easier and achieve outstanding results.

28. What advice would you give students who wish to be highly successful?

Work and pray

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29. What advice would you give Nigerian students, Nigerian lecturers and Nigerian Universities?

Students should strive to do the extraordinary in their various course of study,

Lecturers should be readily available to guide and offer students regular advice as some might be passing through difficult challenges and needing someone to talk to. The mentorship should be built.

The Federal Government should constantly work on creating an enabling environment and providing up to date amenities for a better learning atmosphere

Exclusive Interview with an Outstanding Microbiology Student
Exclusive Interview with an Outstanding Microbiology Student
30. Any advice to give to a student who has failed severally and about to give up?

Would you be successful if you gave up?

31. What is your definition of success?

Work harder till you get your desired results, it’s in you.

32. What have you been up to since you graduated?

Being the best and creating records for others to break

Been serving – NYSC

Writing and conducting research 

33. Would you like to drop your mail, just in case anyone wants to ask you further questions?


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