5 Mascot Design Ideas & Tips Every Brand Must Follow

Mascots make brands more real and audience-centric. Think of it as a character replicating your business and connecting with potential buyers.

It also establishes a bold image that conveys your promise to customers without being too loud and explicit. If it clicks with the audience, they are more likely to remember your brand, even in a super-competitive market.

But picking a random character does more harm than good because it will probably backfire and waste all the hard work invested in promotions.

Not surprisingly, brands are willing to go the extra mile to create a winning mascot design. I’ll simplify it by listing a few proven design ideas every brand must follow.

Idea #1 – Prioritize originality

Copying an existing mascot seems an easy way to win the design game. But you must create an original one to make a great impression on your audience and ensure they stick with your brand.

Moreover, being original can save your business from dire repercussions and legal issues startups face such as trademark infringement.

A lawsuit for lifting another brand’s design is the last thing you want to encounter because it can harm your finances, time, and reputation.

Idea #2- Follow a purpose

The purpose of the character should be on top of your mind while designing a mascot for your brand.

Going generic is the last thing you should do because you will probably end up creating one that hardly connects with your audiences, let alone being memorable.

Ask a few questions to clarify the purpose. For example, check why your brand requires it, where you want to use it, and how you want to use it.

Idea #3 – Follow consistency

Besides being original, your design must be consistent with the other branding element. It should match your logo, branding colours, message, mission, and vision.

Consistency makes it easy for the audience to connect the mascot with your brand.

Moreover, it boosts the overall branding strategy by strengthening it with another powerful element.

Idea #4 – Match the genre

Another rule you must follow is to match the genre because the audience is clever enough to see through mismatching elements.

For example, your mascot should be fun and entertaining if your product sells to a young audience.

A more mature character will be ideal for brands catering to a B2B audience or operating in sectors such as healthcare, banking, finance, or insurance.

The look and feel should replicate the genre to be more genuine.

Idea #5 – Be creative

Creativity is the mainstay of an impressive mascot design because it ensures aesthetics and value. Think beyond being creative with the look of the character.

You can pair it with a catchy name to grab attention and make it stick. Having Custom Mascot Costumes for event marketing is another creative idea.

You can also leverage the character for compelling audience interactions on social media.

Bottom line

The final piece of advice is to keep the design simple and remove the unnecessary clutter. Your audience should instantly form a connection with it and remember it for the long haul.

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