Important Ways To Maintain Brand Consistency With Examples

Important Ways To Maintain Brand Consistency With Examples

When we talk about image, no doubt the word “consistency” comes up.

Whether you’re talking about your logos, your branding, or everything, you have to incorporate consistency throughout every area of your business.

When it comes to image consistency, you have to also remember that it needs to send out the right message. This will stimulate that need from the customer to purchase products from you.

But what are the components you need to consider to establish brand consistency, and how can you achieve these? 

1. Develop a Sales Playbook 

The sales team will need to work hard to ensure your brand stays consistent.

A sales playbook is more than a training manual, but it is a framework to assist salespeople to close deals with specific tones and personality types that work within the company ethos.

If there is a disparity between sales and marketing, a sales playbook could be the way to bridge these two areas.

Ultimately, every department of your business is trying to grow relationships and make the business appear positive in the eyes of the beholder.

A manual that stands up to rigorous testing and communicates the core values of the business is something that can be used throughout the company.

2. Use Your Design and Logo Elements Consistently

One of the biggest problems in any business is the lack of communication. When we are looking at our logos and designs, one of the worst things we can see is our logo being tampered with by being stretched out of proportion, given new colours, or pixelated beyond comprehension.

To combat this, you need to create better communication. This is crucial for different areas of the business that you aren’t in contact with regularly.

If you need to work with a food contract manufacturer to label your latest product, you need to make sure that the quality control is there before it leaves the email outbox!

You can do this by creating a shared folder on your company network. This will provide employees with access to only approved visual content. Also, provide instructions on how to use them.

You can create document templates and manage orders for promotional materials through one person or department. This helps works to maintain quality control. 

3. Incorporate brand Consistency Across all Channels and Platforms

When you are communicating your image or brand, you need to keep one tone and personality.

When promoting on social media, you are just using one type of tone because you’ll use various social media platforms.

But while a platform like LinkedIn will need a more professional tone, it should not sound like it is coming from a different brand. The same goes for offline promotion.

This is constantly neglected. It can be detrimental to your business. Yes, especially when you consider billboards and massive marketing campaigns within the real world or offline. 


Consistency in businesses has to do with your images and other visuals. Your office documents shouldn’t be left out though.

While you edit, merge, convert, compress, sign & secure your documents, don’t forget you need to use

If you are looking to boost your business, you’ve got to stay consistent with your images and documents.

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