LearnoFlix Program! 20 Things To Know About This Amazing Source Of Affiliate Income

1. Learnoflix is owned by Sam Harvard

Sam Harvard is a Business Growth and Online Marketing Expert.

He was born into a poor family alongside his 2 siblings and had to be raised by his mum alone without the presence and support of a father.

According to him, he was almost homeless in January 2016 when he couldn’t pay his rent of 80k. 

He also struggled academically and ended up with a 3rd class after 8 years in school. But guess what? He was determined to rewrite his own story.

He knew the probability of getting a job would be low but he refused to give up on his big dreams. In his words “I had to do something with my life else I’d die poor and wretched!”

Well, he is doing something great now and made over 200 million naira in 6 months without creating a product of his own. If you want to know how he achieved this, it is safe to say you are invited to join the train now!

2. Learnoflix gives a whopping commission of 40-50%

LearnoFlix! 20 Things To Know About This Amazing Source Of Income
LearnoFlix! 20 Things To Know About This Amazing Source Of Income

Well, I have been an affiliate to a couple of e-commerce companies including Jumia and the likes but their commissions are never as high as 10%.

Hence, I would say that Learnoflix affiliate program made a phenomenal and unpopular move that aims to make other people earn comfortably within such a short time.

Just do this math – 40-50% commission means you can make over 100% gain from only 2-3 sales. That’s sweet and you don’t want to miss out! You can join Learnoflix with a one-time sign-up fee of $100 and set yourself up for a passive income for life.

Join LearnoFlix ASAP and you will not feel stranded halfway into the whole seamless process. Feel free to send me a chat on WhatsApp for more details and clarifications.

3. Learnoflix trains its affiliates

I have paid some amounts of naira to learn affiliate marketing on different platforms such as Whatsapp and Youtube but I haven’t really gotten to a satisfactory level in understanding the real secrets of affiliate marketing.

In fact, there was one I attended and was asked to pay a hundred thousand naira to know other crucial details 😆 Omoh, I ‘jump and pass’.

Eventually, I had to push the idea of learning affiliate marketing aside for a while and focus on other strengths of mine. Fortunately, I heard about Learnoflix on the radio last week while travelling in the car with my family.

It sounded legit and so affordable that I didn’t know when I shouted ‘wow’ so I had to sign up. 😀 

Immediately I logged into my dashboard, I saw a couple of comprehensive videos to watch for FREE as an affiliate. Yes, I mean FREE!

LearnoFlix will not only train you but also help you become better at earning income for yourself. I’m sure you don’t want to leave money on the table while struggling to understand how things work. Join LearnoFlix ASAP and you will not feel stranded halfway into the whole seamless process.

Feel free to send me a chat on WhatsApp for more details and clarifications.

4. You don’t have to struggle with foreign accents 

Let me tell you something a bit funny 😆 . I have signed up for the email newsletters of foreign experts of affiliate marketing from different parts of the world and I have also watched a couple of videos.

Sometimes, I understand what they say and other times, I don’t! 🙄 Well, this is due to the fact that I am located in a totally different system and what we call something in Nigeria may be different from what it is called in other parts of the world.

Also, I may not be lucky enough to find someone that speaks English clearly! All these common hitches on the internet space have been taken care of by Learnoflix as it is owned by a Nigerian and other digital products on the platform have clear accents.

As a matter of fact, I listened to the videos on the website and I got intrigued instantly. I know you can relate with what I’m saying.

You can also decide to sign up and listen to a couple of videos so that you can understand what I mean. Experience it yourself.

5. There’s no huge threshold you have to meet before you make a withdrawal

Unlike many affiliate programs that will tell you to make a specific huge amount in commission before you withdraw, Learnoflix doesn’t limit you.

No matter how small or large your commissions are, you can withdraw your money at any given time.

The payout options can also be directly linked to our Nigerian local banks like GTBank, Access Bank, Wema, UBA and the likes. You also get to choose other options like Paystack or Paypal, if that is what you prefer. I am on WhatsApp to help you understand better.

6. LearnoFlix will never deactivate your membership

Some affiliate programs will deactivate your affiliate memberships if you’re unable to make sales after a couple of months. This puts affiliate members under pressure to make sales before the deadline.

Learnoflix, on the other hand, does not put you under any pressure. You can make sales anytime and get your commission for those sales at any time.

Your membership is still retained even if you are a student with a very busy schedule. This means that any category of people can sign up and become a very successful affiliate.

7. Learnoflix sells digital products

LearnoFlix! 20 Things To Know About This Amazing Source Of Income
LearnoFlix! 20 Things To Know About This Amazing Source Of Income

Unlike other brands and companies that may take a while to sell their products, LearnoFlix sells digital products that are easy to promote. Knowledge is growing all over the world and people are willing to share what has worked for them at a token price.

This implies that being an affiliate of LearnoFlix helps you to be recognized with a reputable firm that will grow so fast since users do not have to worry about owning a shop or shipping a product.

The recent pandemic has also made many companies switch from manual to automatic, hence, your probability of making more sales and commissions with Learnoflix are higher than when you are associated with other non-digital companies. Sign up to get started. 😀 

8. LearnoFlix offers luxury packages to its affiliates

Asides from your direct consistent 6-figure income you get from LearnoFlix, you are also entitled to some packages that range from smartphones to laptops, power banks, cars, all-expense-paid vacations and lots more.

The worth of each gift really depends on how well you have been able to grow with the company. This is a way of rewarding you in a special way, so while you earn, you also get amazing gifts that would last you for as long as you want.

9. It’s an effortless online business

The number one way to legitimately make money online is by sending traffic to other people’s products, that’s all. This is so different from trying to convince people day after day.

Your own job is just to connect owners of products to people who need the product and get rewarded for doing that.

We are now in the information age that connects several people together through the internet. Uber, for example, don’t have taxis but what they do is connect car owner/drivers to people who want to move from one place to another.

Similarly, on LearnoFlix, you’ll connect people to digital products. It’s that simple and everything you need to do to be successful at it will be provided for you through free training and courses.

10. It’s an additional source of income for you

Whether you are a full-time student or a full-time employee, your schedules would not be disturbed or hindered as you don’t have to show up anywhere to be part of the LearnoFlix program.

Due to rising monetary obligations and inflation experienced in many parts of the world, getting an alternative source of income would be a safe thing to do.

Becoming a successful affiliate could even make your commissions your biggest source of income on autopilot! Besides, there are always giveaways that range between 5 to 7 digits every Sunday for all affiliates present during the Sunday zoom meetings.

11. You become limitless as an affiliate

As an affiliate of the fastest growing network with affiliates all over the world, you will not only earn from products sales, you will also earn from bringing in leads that also bring in leads.

At the end of the day, if you suddenly fall sick or you become unavailable for a while, you can rest assured that other people on your team are still active in their roles which still increases your income.

Once you get back on your feet, all your income sources continue to increase. I am on WhatsApp to help you understand better.

12. Availability of step by step videos

Unlike some platforms where you have very lengthy videos that take a long time before they make their intentions know, LearnoFlix provides you with straight to the point videos that are in a step-by-step format.

This implies that you can decide to watch a particular step as long as you want before moving to the next step. You can also keep watching the entire course if you know there are lots of things you need to implement after watching the videos for you to get the result that will catapult your earnings to the next digit.

13. Daily zoom sessions

As an affiliate, you will also get free access to all the training resources and daily live zoom calls with well-known experts on the program. Sam Harvard himself will be live on zoom from any part of the world he currently is. Newcomers are usually welcomed warmly and in a special way and all the vibes, tips and tricks you need to succeed as an affiliate would be opened up to you.

You are also free to ask any questions you may have on the zoom sessions and also connect with other affiliates living in your neighbourhood. If your schedules would not allow you to participate in some zoom session, no problems.

All the zoom sessions are recorded and sent to the dashboard of every affiliate as soon as you sign up. This means you can watch at any time of the day that is convenient for you. You can also catch up with the training at your pace.

14.  With a one-time fee of $100, you get an all-time access

You will only pay $100 (N50,000) to have access to your dashboard that contain all training materials to close deals. Additionally, you will get your affiliate link that will enable you to start working immediately. It is a one-off payment during the pre-launch promo between January to May. After these pre-launch, you will have to subscribe to the website yearly to be an affiliate. This is why you don’t want to sleep on this.  😀 

All the zoom training that have been held since the beginning of the year will also on your dashboard. You can’t undergo all these exposures and not become a different person in wisdom and wealth attraction. I meant it when I said you will be empowered every step of the way!

15. Automatic access to the 7 figure affiliate course

The 7 figure affiliate course is one of the best courses on your dashboard and you will get this knowledge free of charge as an affiliate.

The course would not only help you to make money on LearnoFlix but also expose you to other secrets that will make you successful with other affiliate programs such as Warriorplus and Clickbank.

There are several affiliate experts that sit at home and do very little to get the six or 7 digit financial goals they need. How? They have got the knowledge that nobody can take away from them. This is the exact knowledge you will get when you become an affiliate with LearnoFlix.

Best affiliate program in Nigeria

16. Choose to promote any course of your choice

There are varieties of courses on the dashboard that can be promoted with your affiliate link. You are not limited to a particular course or digital product. For example, if you have a passion for social media marketing or how to create ebooks, you can decide to go to that section of your dashboard and promote the links there.

You may also choose to promote only the links your audience would love e.g if you’re a student, promoting courses that would move a student from C to A could be all you need to make your first N500,000. All you need to do is connect people to what they need and earn for helping them find a solution to their needs.

Isn’t that interesting? You can chat me up on WhatsApp if you need more testimonials to convince you about how interesting LearnoFlix can be.

17. The affiliate registration fee might go up anytime soon

As thousands of affiliates join the group every day due to the high commissions being paid, there will come a time the registration fee will increase. As a matter of fact, only about 5000 affiliates are needed to be on the payroll of the company but if it gets too saturated, the price is gonna go up like other brands out there.

This would happen in a few weeks from now and that is why you should make that decision as soon as possible while you still can. You don’t have to wait until the entry fee is twice the current price before you hop in.

Besides, you kickstart your journey to affiliate income as soon as you join so why delay your progress? 😆 Everything you need to earn your first million has already been provided for you with several coaches available to hold you by the hand all through the journey.

18. It’s a game-changer

LearnoFlix! 20 Things To Know About This Amazing Source Of Income

Learnoflix is really a game-changer in the Affiliate Marketing Space in Nigeria because of its high commission. What do I mean by that? 

Affiliate marketing on LearnoFlix helps you to learn from experts. These people will make you become indispensable in your family and to your friends. How? They will teach you the talent you need to earn high in a short time.

You need such business knowledge that you can leave for a while and go on vacation, then come back to find everything normal. A business that does not need you to be there or physically present.

You don’t need to create a physical product. Yes, you don’t need to bother about how it would be secured or stored in a warehouse against theft and intrusion. You don’t even need a physical office.

All you need is to put in the work to attract traffic. Then, relax for the rest of the week or month or year as you wish and the money will keep multiplying.

19. Learnoflix teaches you six sources of traffic

Google has 3.5 billion keyword searches on a daily basis. This means people are searching for 3.5 billion things every day and if you have a page, website or blog that sells just one of those products, all you have to do is direct the traffic from Google to your page irrespective of the number of visitors you have per day.

For example, if only 1000 people visit your website who need one digital product that costs N1000, you get to sell the product to only about 500 of them and earn N500,000. You can also use your WhatsApp to close deals and ‘blow’. Just like that!

There are 4 other massive sources of income you will get to discover once you join us. Once you know how to generate traffic online, you will never be broke again!

20. You will know the steps to follow to make your first million

This is an opportunity that will pay your bills for life. Don’t let $100 stand in your way of getting the value, skill and knowledge that you need to be successful.

Welcome to the family of millionaires. I congratulate you, pal!


I am so glad you took your time to read to the end about LearnoFlix. All you have to do now is signup as an affiliate with N50,000 which is the equivalent of $100. Then, get access to amazing courses and other benefits on the platform.

So, this article is my personal review and experience with Learnoflix.

These courses would facilitate your success and also give you the ability to help other people succeed. The unique affiliate link on your dashboard is your gateway to your next level of income, go grab it 😀 .

Feel free to send me a chat on WhatsApp for more details and clarifications. See you soon!

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