3 Lead Generation Solutions To Grow Your Business

Lead generation is a critical aspect of B2B marketing, helping grab prospects’ attention and convert them into consumers.

However, due to rising competition in different industries and the availability of substitute products and services, generating leads has become complex.

For small businesses, this complexity results in minor yet costly mistakes. It is important for businesses to formulate an adequate B2B lead generation strategy for a smooth sales pipeline flow. B2B lead generation is important for any business to stay active.

To help you, I’ve listed below the common mistakes companies make during B2B marketing and the ideal lead generation solutions.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Why Is Lead Generation Challenging For Small Businesses?

Connecting with fellow businesses for your business’s growth is quite challenging.

Lack of adequate monetary (and non-monetary) resources is one of the common problems small businesses face.

According to data, one may need to spend an average of $35/contact to connect with potential customers.

This cost rises to $65 per contact if you work in medicinal services. 

Apart from this, the skills and emotional balance of the sales representative also play a critical factor here.

If your employees get severely discouraged after their pitch or proposal gets rejected, it is likely to affect the structure of your sales pipeline.

What Are The Common Mistakes?

The challenges mentioned above and the complexity of lead generation often lead to the following mistakes below:

1. Not Considering Landing Page For The Potential Leads

Imagine this; you have created the perfect pitch that highlights the idea of your brand and is engaging for other companies as well.

As a result, you have convinced a few prospects to visit your website and connect with your brand.

However, as soon as the prospects interact with your site, they decline the offer. This is a common issue faced by various businesses, irrespective of the industry. But what’s the cause?

Generally, the prospects are directed toward the homepage of the website. For those looking for a particular service or information, navigating the homepage is exhausting due to poor website design.

Consequently, the bounce rate increases and sales reduce.


The solution to this mistake is actually pretty simple.

All you have to do is understand the needs of your potential customers and redirect them to the service or information page they need.

Additionally, you can add links on click to know more to provide advanced information to the user. This is one of the many lead generation solutions that you must know as a business owner.

3. Ineffective Call To Action

Did you know that nearly 70% of business websites do not have a strong call to action? 

The absence of a call to action (CTA) affects the possible leads and the purpose of creating a website.

Having a CTA is one of the best lead generation tips for B2B.

Likewise, the CTA should not only be present on the site’s homepage; it should also be accessible on every webpage for the client’s convenience.

This will make the signup process or downloading ebooks etc., quite easy for the users.


It would be wise to have a clear and direct feature on blog posts, newsletters, paid ads, landing pages, and more to resolve the CTA issue so that you can maximize profits from your b2b leads database.

It is pretty easy as well. You just need to infuse click here, know more, submit here, or any other natural anchor text in the web page’s content.

It will help generate effective leads.

3. Unavailability Of Appropriate Staff

A skilled and experienced staff is critical to engaging with potential prospects and ensuring the sales pipeline flow.

However, small businesses often have fewer and overworked employees. And even if they hire new employees, training and development are still important.

Unfortunately, training new employees about lead generation is time-consuming. It can result in potential opportunity loss, which any organization does not want.

Additionally, even if you connect with new networks and are ready to deal with them, not knowing exactly what steps to take and when can cause a loss.


To deal with this problem, it would be wise to train and retrain your existing staff to polish their skills regularly.

Or, you can outsource professional lead generation services to refine your business leads and convert them into sales.

Doing so will help you save time and resources while ensuring that the business continues to grow.

To Sum It All Up

These are the common issues small businesses experience during their B2B marketing.

Understand that the key here is to provide catchy yet unique content to your fellow business and have trained staff who can represent your company and deliver the message appropriately.

Once you have understood the issue leading to the complexity of your plan, you’ll be able to take appropriate action to resolve them and help grow your business.

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