3 Powerful Keys To Cold Calling (Plus Tricks)

Cold calling sounds super-easy at first look, as you only need to call random people and convince them to buy your offering. But the easiest things tend to be the most daunting when it comes to selling.

Expect to face several challenges when talking to someone who hardly knows anything about your company and product. Moreover, they may not be interested at all.

Some people may even be reluctant to pick up the call and listen until the end of the conversation. Considering these challenges, cold calling can be pretty tough.

But you can implement some measures to help your team overcome them. Here are the best pieces of cold calling advice you can rely on.

1. Ensure zero-hesitation

Cold calling is not as easy as it sounds. Salespersons often experience a wave of hesitation that leads to procrastination in picking up the phone to call potential leads.

You may even find excuses not to call, such as checking emails and reviewing notes from work. The hesitation can be the biggest obstacle for cold calling reps, so ensure you overcome it.

Set up a routine, track them, and steer clear of procrastination. If stressed, deal with it first. Being tired is the last thing you should experience when trying to cold call.

Relax and do your job without hindrances.

2. Cultivate belief in the offering

Cold calling gets harder when people lack confidence in the offering they are supposed to pitch. At times, new sales reps do not know the employer’s brand well enough to talk about it confidently.

It is an aspect most people fail to recognize, but it may have a far-reaching impact on cold calling performance.

You must do your bit to cultivate belief in the offering and the brand so that pitching them is a breeze. Hold orientation sessions for new hires and ongoing ones for the existing employees.

When you have faith and confidence in the offerings, you’ll feel more passionate.

3. Boost employee motivation

This one is a no-brainer because a lack of motivation is the key reason people fail to do well in their job.

Managers must know how to make cold calling fun for the team to eliminate pressure from the daily task.

Letting them loosen before getting started is a good idea, so have a light-hearted conversation every morning to perk them up.

Using gamification brings a competitive element into the cold calling process and encourages people to give their best.

Also, provide them with relevant training and tools to do more with less. Overall, you can do your bit to motivate your team, and they will surely deliver to your expectations with the best outcomes.


Removing the barriers to cold calling can be painful because you may not recognize them in the first place.

Remember that making random calls can be the most challenging part of lead generation, so you must do your bit to empower and motivate your team.

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