8 ultimate secrets of how to get a job without experience

Top 8 Job Hunting Tips For Students Without Experience

In recent times, the requirement of experience as a prerequisite for securing a job has become as strange as an overrated price tag on a product in an expensive supermarket.

Nevertheless, thousands of people have gotten jobs without experience and people still get jobs on a daily basis with absolutely no job experience.

You may think this is unrealistic but of course, I am also aware of the reality that we are in an age where many companies set strict, unrealistic standards for vacancies in form of specified years of experience or age bracket.

This might give you the presumption that such employers are biased about their requirements as regards job experience and age bracket.

Hence, you might feel angry a few times but let me show you what exactly makes people fall short of the age or experience requirement and then I will go further to let you know how you can still get the job despite your imperfections.

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So why do people fall short of this job experience requirement?

This is mainly due to individual educational pursuits. This is even less fair in some African countries due to the rigid and imbalanced educational system which often leads to incessant strikes (a political pause in school activities) and resultant delay in the academic calendar.

Secondly, some people also finish their studies late and end up not being able to fall within the age bracket of an advertised job position.

Some people are privileged to be born into a high societal family which gives them the opportunity of completing their academic pursuits very early. No financial constraints whatsoever. Hence, they join the workforce effortlessly even at an average ‘job age’ and gather job experiences on time.

On the other hand, some might need to take up part-time studies which take more time. This is to help them to work and study concurrently to support themselves.

The above-stated reasons and others have frustrated most job seekers and they are almost giving up on the pursuit of their dream job or chosen career path since they have put in their best in the search.

Above these hitches and glitches, I strongly believe that no matter the situation, there is always a way out and tough situations bring out the toughness in us.

So back to our main topic of discourse – How do you get hired with no job experience?

1. Develop your character

A friend of mine went for an interview and the man who was to interview her suddenly got upset and started insulting her.

She was shocked by the sudden change in the man’s attitude and wanted to respond in a harsh way when it was becoming unbearable but kept mute until the man asked her to get out of his office.

On her way home, she wished she gave the man a befitting reply and kept wondering why she kept quiet. Perhaps, she has practised that in similar situations.

She obviously didn’t expect any response from the company but to her wildest surprise, she got a call later that day from that same man asking her to resume work.


She was so shocked! The interviewer later told her that her interview was a test of character and the company wanted to know if she will be able to handle a tensed situation as a marketer even when she was not at fault.

Your story might not be exactly like hers because you might not even experience yours in an interview room. You don’t know who is watching you in your neighbourhood, your gatherings, at an event or anywhere. Your potential employer might be a few miles away from you.

So, the most basic key to success in life is self-development.  Consciously make yourself an excellent person in every sphere of life not only for job purposes but because that’s the best thing you can do for yourself.


We live in a very small world and we meet people in unexpected places. Often times, unexpected people end up becoming the angels we so long for. Develop the character that’s worth attracting referral.

Moreover, such characters will sustain you on the job if you ended up getting it. Therefore, start working on it now.

Some behavioural characters you can practise include being patient with people and being more of a listener. You can also compliment people, help people when you can, smile a lot, say thank you, appreciate kind gestures.

Be nice to everyone no matter who they are, love genuinely, accept faults, take corrections, support others. Return favours, give gifts, call old-time treasured friends and so on.

Some of the characters necessary for job recommendations are honesty, trust and integrity. Others are politeness, positive attitude towards work, dependability and excellence amidst others.

2. Communicate

8 Ultimate Secrets Of How To Get A Job Without Experience
8 Ultimate Secrets To Get A Job Without Experience

You should be able to communicate considerably well both verbally and in writing. Build your vocabulary and your confidence.

Be a competent and confident graduate such that if you are able to get an interview, your communication competence can serve as an attraction.

Also, consciously engage yourself in intelligent discussions anytime you get the chance, especially in public places.

Be sure to intelligently display your strengths and values in the course of these discussions without a tone of arrogance. Do your best to avoid irrelevant talks in public events.


3. Develop your skills

I mean skills you naturally possess. This could be in the area of computer applications such as MS word, excel, PowerPoint etc. Information technology (IT) could also be of immense benefit in the long run.

You should develop yourself in terms of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, analytics etc.

You can also take a deep look at yourself to know what naturally excites you and then try to build on it.

There are many free certifications for your resume that you can start with.

You could engage yourself in any certified online course that would also be a bonus to your CV. You just have to be intentional about the courses you opt for as there are many of them and it’s best to focus on the most relevant to the dream job you aspire.

Nevertheless, there are some that fit into a very broad scope and this includes digital marketing, project management amidst others.

4. Make the most of every opportunity

Whether you are a fresh graduate or not, this will be valuable to you sooner or later.

A guy was opportune to have his industrial training with a very big company during his undergraduate days. While he was there, he did his best to be exceptional. When he graduated, he went back to the company as a volunteer.

Due to the initial relationship he had with the company in the past, when the company needed graduate interns, he was considered without stress.

Now, many people will miss such a good opportunity of securing a job by becoming overly familiar with staff members.

He was smart enough to be diligent, committed and exceptional such that he got the job when a vacant situation arose and eventually got an award.

Such can also be the case for you if you are willing to go the miles.

5. Be active by being a volunteer

8 ultimate secrets of how to get a job without experience
8 ultimate secrets to get a job without experience

Many people do not like the thought of volunteering. The very first thing that comes to mind is ‘work without payment’ but the truth remains that the act of volunteerism has its own great benefits. In reality, there is nothing like an irrelevant work experience.


Volunteerism is very flexible such that you can volunteer on a part-time basis. Therefore allowing you to volunteer for 2 or more firms at the same time.

This will help you to gather different skills and experiences. It also gives you ample personal time for self-development.

Therefore, I’d advise that you get involved in gainful engagements such as volunteerism and internships. Although most of these activities have little or no and most graduates don’t like giving such a second thought.

The truth remains that any company looks inside first before giving out their opportunities to outsiders. So, you being in the system already can be an edge. So, quit complaining and get into action!

6. Network

8 ultimate secrets of how to get a job without experience
8 ultimate secrets to get a job without experience

A commonly used term in the world of job-hunting today is the word – Networking.

Networking serves as a foundation on which you can nurture beautiful and beneficial relationships. Other benefits are an exchange of interests and ideas with a person or group of persons.

Networking also provides you with an avenue to imprint yourself in the mind of a potential employer.

According to Investopedia, Networking helps to develop professional relationships that may boost an individual’s future business and employment prospects.

Try your best to get in contact with relevant people in the company you are looking forward to joining. The ‘relevant’ I used earlier does not mean only the Human Resource Personnel or Manager or any top persons. The relevant person in your case might be a low-rank person who will speak for you.

There are many avenues through which you could network. You can network by following up the company’s activities online.

Hence, any public event organized can enable you to connect face to face after you might have met someone online. Such events may include training, conferences, seminars or even awareness.

A very good online networking platform – LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is such a powerful job platform that have helped thousands of people to get a job. According to them, Over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision. 

Top recruiters are 60% more engaged with LinkedIn recruiting tools. 87% of active and passive candidates are open to new job opportunities. 

The top channels people use to look for new jobs are online job boards 60%, social professional networks 56%, and word of mouth 50%.

Besides, you can actually use this platform to build a good relationship with staff members of a particular firm before you get a chance of meeting them.

This in a way helps your introduction when you finally get to meet the person. Your discussions will likely flow well.

However, before you start using LinkedIn, ensure you have a very good profile so you won’t get your potential employer discouraged. Also, ensure everything in your profile is nothing but the truth.

In short, networking allows you to speak about or showcase your skills and potentials.

7. Build a strong CV/Resume

Your CV/Resume is one very important selling point. It tells your potential employer a whole lot about you even before they get to meet you in person. Therefore, it is imperative for you to take it very seriously.

Don’t just write great things about yourself in your CV/resume. Be real about it by ensuring you are everything your CV says about you. This will help your confidence level when you finally get questioned about it.


8. Take the step

8 ultimate secrets of how to get a job without experience
8 ultimate secrets to get a job without experience

Don’t let the ‘impossible prerequisites’ of the vacancies of your dream job scare you. You just need to take a step of faith by applying for some positions.

You never can tell if you’d be considered for an interview. Why let it slip out of your hand when you have nothing to lose by trying to apply.

Also, the wealth of knowledge gathered through active volunteerism/internships may be what your potential employer wants. Don’t forget that the accumulation of years of work experience is not only what matters.

Continue to apply for relevant opportunities regardless of whatsoever, inasmuch as you are up to the task. Do not permit anything to be a limit or boundary.


There is no limit to the greatness you can achieve and the only limit that exists lies in our minds.

So, have you been in a job-hunting situation in the past? Let me know what worked for you.

Have you tried any of these strategies? What was the result?

Are you optimistic but you have a particular concern? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

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  2. I’m glad you mentioned Linkedin. It’s the best platform to connect with potential recruiters and allow you to also network in case something were to come up in the future!

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  4. The first interview out of grad school/college is almost always the worst because you have little to no real world experience and only education/internships. These are all great suggestions!

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