Would You Like To Do Business In Italy? Get The Investor Visa

Setting up a business in Italy is a dream for countless Americans and other nationals. It is an opportunity to explore the EU markets and experience a slice of Italian life. Both ways, you can live the dream life you may have always wanted.

You can immigrate to Italy with your family and settle there for good. But everything boils down to knowing your immigration facts well enough. The good thing is that you can tap into diverse options to get into the country as an immigrant.

People with ancestral roots can get through with the descent alternative, while those with marital connections have a good chance. But you need not worry if you do not qualify for either of these options.

You can rely on the Italian investor visa to start your entrepreneurial journey. It offers an easier route, and you can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about it. Beyond the ease of the process, more reasons make the investor visa ideal for business owners. Here are some ways it can lead you to success..

1. Flexible investment alternatives

With an Italian investor visa, money is the most important thing when it comes to eligibility. Unlike other routes, you need not fulfill a long list of eligibility criteria to qualify for it.

You can apply if you are over 18 years, provided you have a flawless police record and are in a good state of health. You even have the advantage of flexible investment alternatives.

Although you need to bring a massive investment in Italy, you can pick an option that works for you. For example, you can invest €250,000 in an Italian startup if you wish to start with a minimum amount. Those who can spend more can give €500,000 to an established company. You may donate €1 million to a philanthropic project or buy €2 million worth of government bonds. The choice is all yours! 

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2. Hassle-free process

The best thing that business owners appreciate about the Italian investor visa is its hassle-free process. Only two steps and a few months are enough to land in the country and start your venture here.

You need not even bring the money until you arrive and get your residence permit. It means that your funds are secure as you own them during the process, rather than having to deposit them somewhere as a part of the formalities.

The first step requires proof of funds for obtaining a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta). Once you have the certificate, you can apply for the investor visa at your local consulate.

It means you need not worry about extended formalities and can focus on planning your business instead. Moreover, you need not wait for years to realize your entrepreneurial vision. There couldn’t be a better way to fulfill your aspirations.

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3. Immense growth opportunities

An investor visa and the subsequent residence permit of Italy is your gateway to a host of business opportunities. You can start your venture right away and expand to the EU markets. It means you need not confine your business to Italy alone, but can set up a truly global business.

As an Italian resident, you can travel across the EU even without a visa. It means you need not worry about flying around to meet clients. Just focus on finding them and expanding your business. The benefits do not end here.

While you explore these opportunities, you can bring your family without additional investment and start a life in Italy. You have a family, home, and flourishing business in Italy before you can imagine. What else could you ask for?

4. Settle in Italy for good

An investor visa is your golden ticket to Italian citizenship in the long run. You can leverage it to get one of the most powerful passports in the world. Landing in Italy with an investor visa entitles you to a residence permit right away.

While you get only a two-year residence permit initially, you can settle here eventually. You get to renew the residence permit for another three years, after which you receive the permanent residence status.

Further, you become eligible for a second passport as you get citizenship by naturalization after a ten-year stay in the country. So you can build a flourishing Italian business and settle here for good.

Your family can access the entire benefits of residency and later citizenship. Your children can get quality education on a budget, while the healthcare benefits are accessible to all. Truly, you are open to a new life.

5. Seek guidance from an expert

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The investor visa process is inherently the easiest of all immigration options for Italy. But you should not take it lightly, even more, when you plan to set up a business in the country. Ensure that everything goes smoothly, and you can do it by collaborating with an expert.

Luckily, you can find investor visa specialists who know the nitty-gritty of the process. You can rely on their guidance for everything, from choosing the investment options, completing the paperwork, and closing the process.

You will need them down the line when transitioning to citizenship status. These stages can get overwhelming for someone who does not know the immigration law. But an expert can show you the way and ensure that you face no roadblocks along the entire stages of the journey.

Look for a professional with relevant experience and an excellent track record. They will ensure that the entire process is a breeze. Moreover, you can concentrate on your business while these experts take care of the rest.


An Italian investor visa is the first step towards the goal of setting up an international business in Italy. It is perhaps the easiest way to get in, as you need not do much except the money for eligibility.

Even if you have to make a hefty investment in the country, it is a small price for a great entrepreneurial opportunity. Not to mention, you get to live and love your new Italian life with your family.

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