6 Italy Investor Visa Requirements & Steps Involved

Setting up a new business is not a mean feat. Expect the challenge to be more daunting if you plan to establish it overseas. There is much more to manage apart from the regular startup to-do lists.

You have to assess the foreign market to understand the viability of your business idea there. There are tax laws and regulatory guidelines to check so that you can have a smooth sail while setting up your enterprise.

Immigration is one aspect that most entrepreneurs tend to overlook as they worry about other aspects of starting up. But it is perhaps the most crucial step because it decides whether you can set up in another country.

If you have a global business dream, Italy is a destination to fulfill it. The country offers a perfect entrepreneurial mix with a favorable business landscape, easy regulations and tax laws, and hassle-free immigration.

You have various routes to get in, but the Italian investor visa is ideal for most business owners. Let us list some ways it can help you set up a successful venture in Italy.

Eligibility requirements are simple

Eligibility is often the most daunting aspect of immigration, and most people give up because of stringent requirements.

However, they are surprisingly simple when it comes to the Italian investor visa.

1. You must be over 18 to apply.

2. Further, you must be healthy and have a flawless criminal record.

Besides these basics, your investment capabilities make the key criteria to getting in. The investor visa is for the wealthy, so expect to bring a hefty sum of money to the country to buy your way in.

However, things get a tad easier for Italian immigration aspirants. You have a few investment alternatives to choose according to your capacity and preference. These include-

3. An innovative startup in Italy- €250,000

4. A company established and operating in the country- €500,000

5. A philanthropic project for public welfare- €1 million

6. Italian government bonds- €2 million

There couldn’t be a better way to explore immigration when you already have funds to start your business.

You can pick the option that works for you and make your journey a breeze. 

Steps Involved

The investor visa process is fast and easy, making it an excellent choice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch their ventures in Italy.

You can expect to get it within a few months, so the road to your new business is shorter than you imagine. Moreover, the process is easy and hassle-free.

It means you have to stress less about its formalities and paperwork and can focus more on your business plans. You have to follow only two steps to get an Italian investor visa. These are:

1. Getting a nulla osta

A nulla osta is a certificate of no impediment stating your capability to invest legitimate funds in the country.

It entails an online application where you have to submit bank proof of owning valid funds for investment.

If your application is complete and correct, you can expect the nulla osta within only 30 days.

2. Obtaining the investor visa

After you have your nulla osta, you can head to your local consulate and apply for the investor visa.

At this stage, you need personal IDs, police records, documents showing your financial resources and an accommodation arrangement in Italy, and the nulla osta. You can show some business documents if you have them.

Complete documentation helps you breeze through the process.

3. Bring your loved ones along without extra funding

Setting up a successful business overseas is about settling in the country. It gets easy to bring your family to Italy with an investor visa. You require no additional funding to get them in.

But you must show that you have enough resources to support them financially. It requires proving that your income meets the minimum limit for exemption from healthcare expenses, which is approximately € 8,500 per person.

You have to complete some formalities for the immigration of your loved ones and get them along to start life afresh.

4. Establish and grow your business as a resident

The Italian investor visa gets you a two-year residence permit right on landing.You can use some awesome business tips here.

But remember to have your funds in place because you must make the committed investment within three months of getting the residence status. Once you have it, you are all set to live, work, and establish your business in Italy.

You can also expand it across the EU with the facility of visa-free travel in the Schengen area. It is an opportunity to tap the European markets, find client connections, and build a global business.

You can actually get bigger than you expect and set up a company with a broad reach and global customer base.

5. Get Italian citizenship by naturalization

Entrepreneurs starting a venture overseas have long-term goals of staying in the country for good. Thankfully, the Italian investor visa sets up the stage for citizenship by naturalization. It is just a matter of time and following the correct immigration roadmap.

You can renew your two-year residence permit and get another three years in the country. After a five-year stay, you can get a permanent residence.

Further, you qualify for citizenship by naturalization after living and working here for a decade. You only have to retain your initial investment in Italy to make it through to this stage. Meanwhile, your family gets all the benefits and facilities that come with a residence status.


The Italian investor visa helps you set up a successful business in Italy in more than one way. You can work in the country, set up an office here, hire people, and even explore markets across the EU.

Moreover, you can also give your family a dream life in a country that offers the best education and healthcare facilities.

Staying for the long haul qualifies you for Italian citizenship and gets you one of the most powerful passports.

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