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Have you been wondering if Google Digital Marketing courses are useful? Of course, Google Digital Marketing Course is useful!

Google digital marketing courses are trending nowadays; their importance and value cannot be overemphasized.

As you read more you will become familiar with some of the digital marketing courses Google offers, how you can enrol, and how to get the certificates.

Google digital marketing courses teach you how to utilize digital marketing from the very basic levels to the most advanced levels.

You will be learning a lot about SEO (search engine optimization), Google ads, and other content related to digital marketing.

You will be taught in a very comprehensive and practical manner by trainers from Google, and after completing the courses successfully, you will be awarded a certificate.

The certificate can be used to boost your CV; you can post it on your LinkedIn which will make you stand out.


Google Digital Marketing

Two of the most popular online platforms used by Google to teach its available digital marketing courses are GOOGLE DIGITAL GARAGE and secondly COURSERA.

To access these platforms, you will need a Google account or an email address, and you will also need to create an account on the Coursera website.

Both platforms offer a variety of courses that primarily consist of instructional videos. The courses are divided into modules and quizzes, with some courses having up to twenty-six modules.

Typically, each module ends with a quiz, and at the end of the course, there is a final exam or test There is usually a timer, you are given a certain duration of time when taking the exam.

It is also important to keep in mind that each exam has a cut-off mark; some require 70%, others 80%. If you don’t reach the cut-off mark, you will not be awarded the certificate.

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Also, if you end the exam early or the timer runs out before you answer the questions, you won’t pass.

On the other hand, if you pass the exam you will be notified and your certificate will be given to you online which you can download.

You can prepare for the certification exam through the course which entails videos for you to watch, etc. or you can skip the course and go ahead with the certification exam.

Some of the certifications have expiry dates, some are only valid for a year, and some are longer than a year, so you must get to know how long each certification is valid for before you decide on which one you want to pick.

These are the courses available on Google digital garage


Google Skillshop offers this specific course, which focuses on businesses and brands.

The course revolves around teaching them how to create campaigns that help them distinguish themselves from competitors and gain attention quickly.

Completing the course earns you a certified badge certificate, indicating your expertise in this area

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This is a professional accreditation which Google gives to people who have demonstrated proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. There are six Google ads certifications. They include:

  • Google ads search
  • Google ads display
  • Google ads video
  • Shopping ads
  • Google ads apps
  • Google ads measurement

Anyone who has a correct grasp of google my business features will do well with any of the above courses. Interestingly, all these courses are free.

They are usually beginner-level, but the certifications are still very useful. Each certification has a description of itself.

All have an assessment test that is optional for you to take before the exam itself.


Coursera courses are more complicated than garage courses. Google has launched many digital courses on Coursera.

Some specialization courses have seven to ten courses within, they are highly professional courses and you can learn at your own pace, isn’t that great?

So you are not under any pressure. Some of the courses you can take with Google Coursera include;


IT Support

Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the importance of IT support.

As such, a course in IT support is a valuable investment for individuals seeking to pursue a career in the technology industry or for those who want to enhance their existing IT skills and knowledge.

This course will teach you how to handle and troubleshoot problems and run computers and networks correctly.


Data Analytics

A course in data analytics provides professionals with the essential skills to analyze and interpret data, which is vital for making informed business decisions.

This course offers insight into how technology helps business operations and increases efficiency. This course will teach you how to collect transform and organize data in other to help make business-informed decisions.


Google Digital Marketing

Project management is also in high demand nowadays, every business including your own needs a project manager who will take on tasks/projects and execute them successfully thereby achieving the desired results.


Looking for ways to start a new career with no experience or degree, consider a course in UX design.

A course in UX will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to provide effective user experience (UX) design and support in various IT environments.

You will learn how to make mostly digital products. This skill is in high demand.


This is a very amazing opportunity from Google and a lot of people are taking advantage of it. You can too! You will be missing out if you don’t.

In all these courses you will be learning from basic to advance. All these courses are available on Coursera for you to enrol for these courses.

All you have to do is, register and open an account with Coursera. This will allow you to enrol for free, after which you will see all the contents of the courses.

To get the certificate of specialization you will apply for financial aid, the clause for financial aid is straightforward.

After you submit the form, the review team will review your application and it will take about two weeks to accept it.

It is important to note that all of these courses have sub-courses under them to give you a full detailed understanding of each of them.

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