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5 Ways To Maintain Indoor Air Quality As A Workplace Strategy

Take a moment and ponder the name that comes so easily when you think about your employees.

Now Imagine if your star talent went missing.

Furthermore, envision how successful your company would be without that brilliant talent.

Well, chances are your company would not have gone far.

Therefore, to increase employee retention, it is good to be a forward-thinker and demonstrate your obligation to those who work with you to realize your company’s vision.

One way that companies can give to their employees is quality indoor air.

Most millennials today are ready to change jobs so fast, and yet they are the largest generation in most workforces.

Putting effort into caring for your worker’s environment will benefit your company.

It will retain workers, boost productivity, remove pollen and dust and reduce contaminants that cause cancer, heart disease or other life-threatening illnesses.

Unfortunately, some companies may not have the capacity to retrofit their buildings.

However, there are options companies can take to give their employees quality air, and this article breaks it down clearly.

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1. Begin by Looking at The HVAC System


Your HVAC system is your air conditioning, ventilation, and heating system.

Your facility manager should know how regularly the filters are changed since these filters are what trap dust and allergens.

Air purifiers can’t do much without filters hence the need to check whether they work appropriately.

So, the big question is, How can companies check their filters?

i. Measure the Filters Exactly

Filters that are excessively large tend to hinder airflow, while those that are too small will allow particles that are damaging to pass into the airstream.

Hence, the need to get suitable filters.

ii. Search for Durable Filters

Filters without frames on both sides lack the strength of filters with second frames.

The one-sided framed filters are not durable and may not last like the others.

iii. Find High Rating Filters

One rating system that measures the ability of a filter to capture pollutants and air particles is Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV).

Its focus is on a filter’s thickness, and to pick what works for your company, you may need to do research or consult. 

Avoid rushing for those filters that have the highest number since you may destroy your system.

Ensure you do advanced research to avoid disappointments.

iv. Think: Fewer Changes Due to More Depth

The more surface area, the more a filter can absorb lots of particles, which means the filter does not require changing often.

The secret is to ensure you do not overwhelm your system.

v. Increase the Number of Filter Expectations

Even if you change your filters on a monthly basis, it is possible to find your airflow blocked due to excess dust.

You must ensure regular maintenance of your HVAC units if you want your equipment to perform at its maximum.

You must be careful to schedule maintenance during peak cooling and heating seasons.

2. Plan Ahead


Most HVAC equipment changes quickly, which means filter size changes too.

You may find your company needs to custom-make filters to avoid coming short due to delivery times or long production.

You can find suppliers on the web who can custom-make or carry obscure frames and send them without a considerable price increase.

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3. Embrace technology: Install Monitoring Systems

Technology in the workplace

There are technologies that can monitor contaminations and get rid of them.

Innovations such as energy recovery air products and ionization technology are some Cloud or IoT that have provided solutions and aid buildings in saving energy.

The monitoring systems show real-time data of humidity and pollution data making it easy for your manager to take action promptly.

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4. Take advantage of the natural air


When humidity levels and temperature are favorable, take the time to open the office doors and windows.

The temperature, sunlight and open air will maintain the rotation of fresh air.

Do this fortnightly or whenever it’s convenient, otherwise you can purposely ventilate the space once every week.

Pollutants found indoors will reduce through natural ventilation such as window shading, opening doors or windows.

Furthermore, do not place storage boxes, cabinets, furniture or chairs blocking the air vents since air circulation will be disrupted.

This in turn will cause the office space to feel stuffy. Meanwhile, leaving the air vents open is one of the security measures in the workplace.

5. Take advantage of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants

Most plants are known to act as natural air purifiers since they take away pollutants from the air.

Plants help with aesthetics too and conveniently placing them in strategic places makes the office space look vibrant.

Furthermore, having live healthy plants brings a calm atmosphere too since it aids in connecting with nature.

Routinely check plants, such as the Spider Plant, that require water often since mould can grow around them.

Ensure that you clean regularly to avoid more allergens.

You can use Dracaena or Garden Mum for closed office areas since they are great at improving air quality and don’t take up much space.

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Your employee is precious since this individual gives you their best ideas, time and probably passion.

Ensure that your employees’ environment boosts their work production and do everything possible to create an enabling environment.

It all starts with breathable air.

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