5 importance of creativity for students

5 Importance of Creativity for Students

Did you know that there are several importance of creativity for students? Then, you should keep reading this article!

The concept of creativity in students has been a popular topic in education for some time. However, we are still far from understanding just how important creativity is for you as a student.

In this article, you will discover five importance of creativity for you as a student. However, note that this is not meant as a substitute for professional guidance from an academic or mental health professional.

Creativity is a vital skill that, according to Bloom’s taxonomy, is fundamental to our development.

It is a process through which new ideas are generated, probed, and evaluated. Creativity is a vital asset to grow, achieve your career goals, and attain the next levels of achievement.

Also, creativity is no different for you as a student as well. You need it to learn and develop your own knowledge.

Creativity is important because it allows you to find new solutions to problems. It helps you as a student think imaginatively and solve problems in many different ways.

Additionally, the concept of creativity is hard to define because it has so many aspects to it. However, one thing is certain: creativity has been proven to be very beneficial for people’s lives both inside and outside school.

Creativity has been proven to have many benefits for a student’s learning abilities as improving memory skills, problem-solving skills, and higher IQ levels among others.

Also, it leads to better performance in exams compared to a student who doesn’t show much creativity in his daily life.

Read on to find out more importance of creativity for students.

1. Creativity eases thinking and learning


Creativity is an important component of learning. As a more creative student, you have a better chance of learning and retaining information.

As a creative student, you are less likely to fall into the trap of memorizing rote facts. You are more likely to find your ways of thinking about concepts, which can lead to greater memorization and understanding.

Furthermore, creative thinking allows you to process information more efficiently. You can use your imagination to solve problems, which makes it easier for you to learn new material.

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2. Creativity builds innovation, invention, and exploration

importance of creativity in students

Another importance of creativity for students is that it gives them the ability to see something that nobody else has seen before. 

As a student, creativity is a tool for problem-solving because it allows you to express yourself in new and innovative ways.

Also, you can use your creativity to make the things you want and need, which is essential for your education.

It is a very important virtue that makes you think about things in a different and better way than others do.

Additionally, creativity can be used in different fields like art, science, design, or even technology.

As a student, it helps you to see things in a new way and it helps you to explore your environment.

Creativity helps you to innovate new ideas that might be useful for a person or a community. As a student, it allows you to explore your interests and talents.

More so, creativity helps you develop a growth mindset. It helps to develop your skills by connecting with people who share similar interests.

This can be done through art or music.

Furthermore, creative thinking helps you to think outside of the box, which is important for solving problems in real-world contexts.

Creativity also helps you become more engaged in school because it gives you something to talk about with your friends.

3. It helps to find meaning in life


This is one of the importance of creativity for students. By creating things that are meaningful to you (artwork, music, poetry), you freely express your thoughts and feelings without blaming others for your problems or situations.

The most important thing about creativity is that it requires a lot of hard work. However, it is worth it!

Once you have mastered the basics of creativity, you can begin to experiment with new ideas and ways of expressing yourself creatively in any way.

Many people in the world have found meaning in their lives in the process of trying out something new. You too can!

4. Creativity provides a creative environment for the development of power and ability

creative environment

Creativity is also important for developing positive thinking in you as a student. It also builds critical thinking skills as it allows you to think outside the box and explore different ways of solving problems.

This critical thinking process is vital for learning because it teaches you how to analyze information, evaluate evidence and come up with logical conclusions based on those conclusions.

Our world also needs creative people who would bring about positive change in every aspect.

5. It helps to develop self-esteem and confidence

5 importance of creativity for students

Another importance of creativity for students is that it helps to develop self-esteem and resilience.

Thus, as a student, you can think outside of the box and apply different strategies when faced with a problem.

This leads to improved performance in tests, as well as an improved understanding of what works best for you individually.

Also, as a student, creativity allows you to explore new ideas without being afraid to fail or make mistakes.

In this way, you learn how to be more confident in asking questions, exploring new topics, and making discoveries as a student.


Education is at the heart of a civilized society, but it is not easy to define. Also, the things which are called education often do little more than recycle existing wisdom.

That is not good enough: we need individual thinkers with imagination and inventiveness, able to break new ground.

All of this help bring about personal development in the student. Creativity also helps him to take risks, manage stress and be open-minded and imaginative.

I hope these five importance of creativity has geared you to seek knowledge and become innovative such that you become that individual thinker with imagination and inventiveness.


creativity in students

According to Wiktionary, wisdom is the discretionary use of knowledge for the greatest good. Creativity is the quality or ability to create or invent something.

As daunting and important as education is, it is unarguably one of the most applicable legacies one can thread on.

Education gives knowledge and helps to implement this knowledge. It can be termed incomplete if it is not applied.

As a scholar, you should allow the institution of learning to pass through you. Even as you journey through the most real struggle in the quest for education.

Your quest for knowledge and wisdom is a form of creativity. So please, discard the notion that you are not creative. You already are and you can be successful! Believe that!

But, how can you really realise this?

1. Be ready

Creative thinking can be tasking but it is what you can achieve if you are focused. Get ready, pick up the challenge, and move.

2. Meditation


Taking a seat to meditate can open a lot. Meditation starts with five minutes daily with consistency and self-discipline. You have to be consistent to have an impact.

” To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong” – Joseph C. Pearce

I have discovered that those who make a difference do either something extra or keep being persistent.
A vote of no confidence for oneself can demoralise what perception that can be made fruitful.

If you think of an idea, relate it to the current situation. Start with something simple. Hence, confidence is a tool that will ease your quest for creativity

You have to agree with me that being creative is exactly what you need to make a change in your world.

When you’re creative, you’re happy and that’s because creativity brings awareness alive. It’s a means of accessing and expressing life’s natural gift.

Creativity can be expressed in different ways. It can be learned and sharpened like any other skill. Hence, you have to harness the power of education to sharpen and learn to be creative.

As much as you can relate what you learn as a student in the institution to normal life, you should be able to apply every knowledge you gather.

You can study in any school and live your best life but you have to hold on to some things which are instruments of positivity. They are things that can change the future if you creatively work around them.

When you think outside the box, you devise fresh approaches to solving problems and meeting challenges.

The Three Basic Principles to enhance Creativity and Innovation

1. Look out for problems

problem solver

I have discovered that inventors are always making waves after finding a solution to a particular problem. It might be a fatal or mild one, but a problem should be targeted.

In this part of the world, there are so many areas you can focus on that will make a change. Check around!

Look for something that is not in the right shape, and think about what has happened over time as a result.

2. Proffer a solution

proffer solutions to problems

This is where your brain comes to play. Anatomy establishes that the forebrain is responsible for thinking.

Hence, you have to engage your brain, your thoughts, and the learning you have received.

For example, a student of technology with theoretical knowledge of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics could find an invention and design a machine that uses the principle of hydrodynamics to purify water.

This is beneficial to rural areas making it available for them to access drinkable and affordable water.

Also, for the problems you are trying to solve, estimate the number of people it will touch or influence. It is not necessarily important it covers a large number.

In fact, start with something achievable and realistic. Targeting a small number of people and satisfying them successfully is an achievement.

Then, what about the techniques…

It doesn’t have to be a new idea before it works. In fact, all you need to make a change is around your jurisdiction.

3. Cultivate a thirst for knowledge

thirst for knowledge

Have a broad range of knowledge in different areas. This will give you the background to pull new ideas.
You can build this by attending seminars and creative startups/conferences. You can also build it by reading innovative and creative books and being willing to improvise.

Improvisation is a very important skill every student must possess. Your lecturers could ask you questions and you have to think outside the box and provide improvised answers.

In tests, few lecturers would test you directly. Others come from behind to make you see reasons why you have to think and engage your intrinsic creative skills which yet, might be inactive.

The ability to utilise the present state to influence and overcome circumstances is key.

Also, be prepared to take notes. Smartphones and laptops are great as they offer a place to write down thoughts or record them through voice dictation.

The surprise element of creativity means it can come at any moment. You may wake up in the night and suddenly be flooded with lots of ideas.

If at that particular point in time this comes, ensure you immediately jot them down by pausing what you are doing for some seconds.

However, people may come to a point when they get tired after working on a creative project for a while. The doubt begins to hit so hard that you become sick of it.

At this point, you have gotten it. You just have to relax your mind and be happy you could dedicate so much time and resources to make it a reality.

You might also need helping hands at this point!

So, do well to seek help from those who are learned and are more skillful in the area you are working on. 

Your supervisors, innovative friends, companies, and organisations are many out there, waiting to give help to creative thinkers like you. You should also be a good team player.

This will lift the burden and increase your chances of hitting and achieving your aim.

Bottom Line

I will conclude with this quote by Greg Reid:

‘A dream, when written down with a date, becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.’

Henceforth, relate what you are being taught to real-life experiences and be challenged to invent something out of it.

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