How to use technology safely

How to use technology safely has been the question on the minds of inventors since the dawn of ages.

Fifty years ago, technology was a relatively small part of people’s lives. 

Most homes had televisions, and some people owned a car, but it wasn’t as ubiquitous as it is today. 

Things are changing fast, though. To succeed in the 2020s, people need a solid grasp of computers and what they offer.

The use of technology not only boosts workplace productivity, it also helps businesses to grow

Knowing some simple tips can improve your life tremendously. So what do you need to know?

1. Be Mindful Of App Usage

App Usage

The first step is to be mindful of app usage. You don’t want to be on Twitter all day, responding to comments and writing content.

Ideally, you should grow beyond that.

Manage your time on social platforms and balance your online interactions with the rest of your life. 

2. Explore Automation Tools

You should also spend some time exploring automation tools and seeing how they can help you produce and create content faster.

Zapier, IFTTT, and even the dreaded ChatGPT can be helpful and enable you to get more done faster. 

For instance, suppose you want to write some website copy for your new site.

Instead of relying on old-fashioned brain power to do it, you could get an automation tool to do most of the work, and then fiddle with it a little to make it your own. 

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3. Get VPN

Use technology safely-VPN

Another pro tip to use technology safely in the digital age is to use a VPN, or virtual private network.

These services hide your IP address, which is something cybercriminals can track, according to

Once you have a VPN service in place, you can use it across all your devices.

The more you can tap into the power of VPNs, the more likely you or your enterprise will avoid crippling attacks. 

4. Learn Continuously

Use technology safely

Another rarely talked-about tech tip to use technology safely is continuous learning, according to

People who can absorb new information rapidly are most likely to be those who succeed in the new era.

Today, it isn’t so much about what you know, but how rapidly you can take on new data and then use that to create content and insights others find valuable.

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5. Practice Digital Detox

Related to the first point, you should also regularly practice digital detox.

While the online world can be fun, it is not a natural human environment and comes with all sorts of pitfalls.

Using too much social media, for example, can leave you feeling depressed and, ironically, disconnected.

At the same time, spending your emails responding to emails instead of unwinding from work can lead to burnout and other issues.

6. Reduce Information Overload

Use technology safely

You should also find ways to reduce information overload in the digital world.

The amount of data hitting our eyeballs every second is far more than our ancestors would ever have been exposed to.

This can eat into your time. These 17 Simple Time Management Strategies For College Students can help you out.

You can reduce information overload by using apps that curate the content you consume.

Managing your data like this helps prevent mindless scrolling and reduces the risk of overstimulating your brain’s dopamine response.

Filter and organize information to make it more manageable. 

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