7 Super Tips To Study Smart For Exam In Less Time

When there’s an exam around the corner, the weight of pressure you feel will increase with each passing minute.

Rather than letting this sense of dread overwhelm you, it’s best to take action and start studying so that you can succeed when the paper is in front of you, not crumble.

Here are some must-follow tips that will let you thrive in an exam, even if you’ve got limited time available to prepare.

1. Invest in high-quality study materials, e.g. for the CPA exam

You need the right materials to help you become a CPA or any other certified professional for that matter.

There’s no point in skimping on resources at this point. You’ll only end up taking longer to find all you need, and then having a harder time getting access to the essential information if it’s not presented in an easy-to-digest way.

Paying for premium study materials is worth every penny because of this. So, be prepared to splash some cash to smarten up your studying.

2. Review previous exams

It’s standard practice to make exam papers which have previously been set available to those who intend to take the same test in the future.

By checking out the questions which have been posed in the past, you’ll know what to expect on the day.

This will not only help you prepare appropriate answers but will also give you more confidence going in, as there won’t be as much uncertainty.

3. Settle on a schedule to provide structure

When it comes to exam prep, timing is everything, and rather than letting your studying dominate your life, it’s better to fit it in as part of a study schedule that helps you study every day well in advance.

Most importantly you need to be realistic about what you can achieve in a given period.

Pencil in breaks, rather than planning to pull an all-nighter just before the exam is set to take place.

4. Get your study space in order

Not everyone studies in the same way, but the one thing you need is a workspace in which to do so without distractions.

Most importantly, make sure the space is set up and ready before your study sessions get started.

You don’t want to turn up and then realize that it needs a good clean before you can even get any work done, as this will eat into your allotted time for exam prep.

5. Treat yourself

It might feel odd to give yourself occasional rewards before you’ve even passed the exam. However, you’ll be more inclined to focus on studying if you know that there’s an incentive sitting waiting for you at the end of your session.

One of the incentives you could remind yourself of is maximizing graduate opportunities with your excellent string of results at the end of your degree.

The video below will give you some insights.

6. Don’t forget to exercise

Studying for an exam is a sedentary process. If you’ve been cooped up looking at a computer screen or staring at the pages of a book for hours, you’ll need to get out.

Having exercise included in your schedule is a good way to give your brain time off. It can process the information you’ve been cramming into it. There are other benefits of exercise you can also enjoy after your exams.

7. Get assistance

When you want to study smart for exams in less time, know that you’re not alone in this, and you don’t need to face struggles solo.

Get in touch with friends or family to talk through your troubles. Discuss what you’re up against, and get advice on how to proceed.

This will set you on the path to exam success more often than not.

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