8 Ways To Stay Healthy As A Truck Driver

Truck drivers spend many hours sitting motionless in the cab on the way to their destination.

The time spent behind the wheel is a time of inactivity. The nature of a trucker’s job is such that it’s not always easy to find the time and the right place to actively exercise.

But there are simple traditional exercises that can help you stay fit on the road and become a healthier truck driver even on long trips across the country.

Keep these statements in mind to help you stay fit on the road.

1. Exercises while driving

There are surprising benefits of exercise. Don’t ignore the exercises you can do while driving.

You can constantly work on the muscles of different parts of your body without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

For example, you can do abdominal crunches. Tense your abs and hold that position for at least two minutes. You can repeat this exercise every time you stop at a traffic light.

2. Use your environment

Look for walking paths or another place to run near your parking lot.

If there is nothing like that, try to find a park where you can run a few laps.

Use whatever you have around you during your resting hours.

3. Have healthy snacks with you

Many truckers are tempted to eat fast food. Although it should be noted that in recent years it has become increasingly possible to buy healthy food at truck stops.

But it’s quicker and easier to snack on sweet and fatty foods that don’t require cooking.

To finally give up candy bars, chips, and fizzy drinks, keep healthy snacks in the cab.

Take brain-boosting foods with you so you can use them at any time. Some nuts, beef jerky, fruits and vegetables are great.

Always carry a supply of non-carbonated water with you.

This way you can always snack on foods that are low in sugar but high in protein and vitamins.

For a full meal, always try to look for healthy options or carry nutritious meals that can be heated.

4. Take the equipment with you

There is a lot of exercise equipment that’s small enough to fit in the cab. Suspension cables, dumbbells, resistance bands, bumpers, and even a folding bike can all be taken on the road.

These little gadgets, when used regularly, will help you stay in shape. There are also special fitness kits for truckers. These are compact trainers that fit in a bag but they allow you to turn the cab of your truck into a fitness centre.

4. 15 minutes a day

Daily exercise for 15 minutes is the basis of your excellent fitness on the road.

Do push-ups, squats, jogging, and cycling. No matter what kind of truck driver exercises you do, the main thing is to be active for at least 15 minutes a day.

It may not seem like much, but if you count it, it’s almost two hours of exercise a week.

6. The Shrug

Another exercise while driving is the shrug. Raise your shoulders to your ears as if you were shrugging and hold this position for a few seconds, then slowly lower it.

This exercise is also good to do at a red light. Repeat this movement 15 times in a row to relieve the tension that can build up in your neck after a long day of driving.

7. Have three meals a day

Often people think that skipping one meal will help them stay in shape because they eat less. But in fact, this approach can only lead to overeating later in the day when hunger gets to you.

The fact is, overeating causes you to gain weight much faster and acquire other unhealthy eating habits. If you start the day with breakfast and then eat a full meal for lunch and dinner, hunger stays under control.


8. Watch your physical activity and diet

If you keep a workout and nutrition journal, it will help you identify your unhealthy eating habits.

By understanding this, it will be easier for you to change them and replace them with healthier eating and fitness habits.

There are many mobile fitness apps for truck drivers that can help you keep a workout and nutrition log, and provide you with additional exercises to do on the road so you can reach your fitness goals.

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