6 Steps To Start Cleaning Houses For Money

Launching and running a professional cleaning business is a very hard work. There are no shortcuts to be taken. 

Still, cleaning is a reliable sector to be involved in if you’re going into business. After all, while trends come and go, there will always be a need for a good clean. Your business will never be obsolete as long as you manage things correctly.

Some people have found success with cleaning businesses even when they felt the odds were stacked against them.

Despite all the challenges small businesses face, it’s important to believe in yourself and realise that anything is possible.

Only with that determination can you correctly approach things here.

There are many things you need to consider when cleaning houses for money. I’ve listed some of them down below.

1. Approach Loved Ones

As previously mentioned, everyone is guaranteed to need something cleaned almost every day. Put simply, you’re needed.

While start-ups in other sectors struggle to land a client base, you shouldn’t encounter many problems.

Next, ask your friends and family if they or anybody they know needs their properties cleaned. Request that they also mention your prices. Create social media posts and advertise your services. After that, you should at least get one or two people expressing interest and trailing your cleaning business.

You may land a few recurring clients if you do a good job. Of course, this might sound too good to be true. However, this is a great way to get your feet wet in professional cleaning.

Loved ones may be more forgiving as you take the time to learn the tools of your trade, and you can start grafting with room to fail. In time, word of mouth will spread about your improved good work, and more clients will express an interest.

2. Set a good price

First, research what prices your competitors are charging.

Then, aim to provide a more cost-effective service than them, even if it’s only a marginal difference.

This will give your new firm a more noticeable edge.

3. Get Your Hands Dirty

When launching a new business, it’s easy to have aspirations of leading a team of workers. For those kickstarting a cleaning company, some solo efforts will be required first.

At first, it’s best to do as much work as possible yourself. You may only be able to secure a few clients in the early days, and it’s more cost-effective to operate alone.

All you need is your cleaning equipment and a car to help you get to your clients.

Moreover, operating solo at the start gives you more control over your firm’s image. Clients may also be impressed if you deal with them personally and roll up your sleeves to get cleaning yourself.

There are no miscommunications, and you can add a more personal touch to how you service your clients, getting to know them over time.

As your clientele expands, you can eventually start outsourcing to contractors or other support services your business might need.

By following this phased approach, you can spend proportionately and build a solid foundation for your cleaning business before hiring your own workers

4. Prioritise Integrity

Sadly, some people look down on cleaners. It’s an unacceptable attitude that your business shouldn’t tolerate for a moment.

Even those who are supposed to set the finest example possible mistreat cleaners in the country. While it’s important not to unnecessarily upset clients, standing up for yourself and taking your business elsewhere are viable options.

The treatment of your staff matters, and remember, cleaners are always needed. You shouldn’t have any difficulty replacing problem clients.

5. Learn Rules and Regulations of the business

Every business has to follow rules that dictate how they’re run. Launching a business can be an exciting time, but that doesn’t excuse key oversights.

You must learn about COSHH risk assessment measures to learn how to control substances that may pose harm to yourself or your future employees.

The Health and Safety Dept have specialists that can support and guide you through these regulations so that you understand how to comply perfectly.

Their advice is sensible and tailored to your business, and they can advise on protective equipment aspects, emergency plans, and more.

If you’re going to do something, do it properly.

6. Know the value you’re giving

Remember the value of your work, and how important your professional cleaning business is. Your efforts prevent disease, infestations, and discomfort to the masses.

Without companies like yours, the country would be embroiled in numerous crises. After all, cleaning played a vital role in combatting the coronavirus in recent times.

Though others might judge you and your workers, it’s easier to ignore their ignorance when you stay true to the virtues of your work.


How professional your cleaning business is depends on how seriously you take your most crucial responsibilities. Anyone can make a small business look professional.

Try not to lose sight of those obligations, and anchor all of your company aspirations to a sense of safety and compliance first.

Though human error occurs in all walks of life, most serious accidents in business are preventable. Take a stress-free approach to safety and secure expert guidance. That way, you can ensure 100% compliance and successful as a business.

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Post Author: Abimbola Joseph

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