Tips To Restart Your Career After A Long Break

Remote work emerged as a savior for businesses and professionals amid the pandemic, and it is here to stay.

Beyond the benefits of freedom and flexibility for employees, remote jobs open immense opportunities for people who cannot join conventional roles.

You can expect to rejoin the workforce despite being a busy mom or struggling with a disability after a mishap. But the work-from-home concept can be a lifesaver to help you overcome your struggles and start afresh.

But finding a perfect remote work opportunity may not be as easy as you imagine, specifically if you have a gap in your professional journey. The break is hard to explain to potential employers, even if you have a valid reason for it.

Besides the break in your resume, you may also struggle to find an apt role and employer.

But you must not give up on hope because you have a good chance of getting a dream start to your second stint as a professional.

Here are some valuable tips to restart your career after a long break.

1. Have realistic expectations

Getting back into the workforce after a gap may not be a smooth road, regardless of the reason for leaving it in the first place.

Your options may be limited if you wish to rejoin a remote role. Having realistic expectations is vital to a comfortable new beginning. You should be patient during the job search because it may take more time and effort than you imagine.

Likewise, you may need to compromise some factors, such as the salary and employer industry.

But starting again makes sense when you genuinely want a start and get a fairly good opportunity to work remotely. A good start gets your confidence back and enables you to polish your WFH skills.

2. Upgrade your skills

Whichever role you expect to pick after a career break, you cannot return to the industry with outdated skills.

But the good thing is that you need not go back to school for a skill refresh. Consider upgrading them with an online program because plenty of them are available on the internet.

They are affordable and accessible at any time and from anywhere. You only need to find a trusted platform that offers credible programs and certifications.

Obtaining an industry-recognized certification can add credibility to your resume and open up new opportunities in your field.

You can access additional resources like SIE mock tests by Career Employer to familiarize yourself with the types of questions that may be asked and the concepts that will be covered.

Besides picking the trending hard skills, consider ramping up your soft skills because they can set you up as a remote worker. Employers look for good communication skills, good teamwork, adaptability, and dedication while hiring people for these roles.

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3. Refresh your resume

Remote hiring works just like conventional recruitment, so you will definitely need a current resume to apply for opportunities.

Remember to refresh your resume before looking for opportunities because an outdated one will turn off the recruiter. It shows complacency, which gives potential employers a reason to believe that you are not serious about the job.

Conversely, rewriting your resume makes a great first impression and motivates you at the start of the journey. Check resumes samples online to rework content and formatting.

Also, highlight your skill upgrade and soft skills to cover the career gaps. Also, mention independent and volunteering work you may have done during the sabbatical.

4. Search at the right place

You will need some job hunting tips to hunt for them and probably work harder due to limited options and your career break.

Skill upgrades and a resume refresh set you up for the main step- searching opportunities. But you cannot expect opportunities to walk through the door by themselves.

Look for a dedicated platform for Remote jobs to narrow your search and find the best ones.

You can filter the roles and employers, but never limit yourself by location. In fact, look for a position with a global company because it can add value to your resume even after a career break.

Also, research the company and its culture before applying for a role. You must be extra sure about the flexibility part if it is the main reason you want to work from home.

5. Think long-term

Joining the workforce after a break is daunting, but a remote role may be the best opportunity to come your way. Think long-term, as staying with the same company is a chance to regain momentum for your career and build from there.

Moreover, you will probably feel shaky at the start, and stability helps you regain your confidence after missing out on the action. But check the employer’s brand thoroughly before sealing a deal with them.

Remember to check employee reviews to dig deep and understand whether the potential employer is worth staying with for the long haul. Job hopping should be the last thing on your mind, so say yes only when you are sure.

6. Tap your professional network

You may have been out of touch with your ex-colleagues and professional contacts during the sabbatical. But you cannot expect to reconnect and rebuild relationships overnight after an extended gap.

Thankfully, social media can help you reach out far and wide. Tapping your professional network is the best way to re-enter the workforce after a break. Even if you can find more opportunities through a dedicated platform like LinkedIn, your professional network can help in other ways.

You can ask your LinkedIn contacts for referrals or seek direct recommendations. Consider refreshing your LinkedIn profile and reconnecting with connections if you have been away from the scene during your career break.


Remote work is a blessing for people who cannot join physically due to personal circumstances. You may also want to do it for the sheer freedom that comes with working from home.

It is also possible to find jobs and roles that let you work according to your schedules and timelines. But a gap in your resume may be a hindrance to finding a perfect remote job with your dream employer.

However, you may find the best in everything with the right approach and mindset. Everything boils down to good planning and searching at the right places. Follow these tips to find an ideal opportunity after a career break.

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