18 Proven Ways To Promote Core Values In The Workplace

Your values are who you are, especially your core values. They have become an ingrained part of your culture.

Everyone has a belief system and other principles that govern their lives. it determines how they respond to different atmospheres of circumstances, whether good or bad. These are known as core values.

Examples of core values companies exhibit are innovation, loyalty, creativity, passion and efficiency. So, whether you are thinking of starting your business or you’re already a company owner, you’ve got to make your visions and values front and centre.

Core values are substantial for anyone, a group of persons, or an organization to succeed. While it is admirable to have it, it is also of great importance to keep to it diligently. When you find yourself in a workplace or you own your business, the core values should be maintained.

But what are the best ways for you to communicate your values effectively, not just for the benefit of your customers, but your clients, vendors, and employees too?

Here’s a list of 18 ways to do just that. Let’s go!

1. Shout It From The Rooftops!

If you got a very specific value that you need to communicate, it should be part of your marketing strategies. Are you trying to bring customers onboard to your way of thinking or you are going through changes for the benefit of your clients?

Then, you must remember that your marketing strategies need to reflect these changes.

Whenever you have a change in core values, ensure you also communicate it in your strategies. Note that you have to do all you can to get the word out there.

2. Warn core value violators

Why Your Website Design Affects Your Business
Why Your Website Design Affects Your Business

Absence of consequences creates an avenue for multiple violations. People who violate core values in an organization have a negative effect on their own performance as well as that of the company.

Since the employees project the image of their company, they should be accountable to its values and views.

3. Communicate the core values

Communicating your core values ensures that workers are reminded of them while they carry out their duties.

Stories about your values should be talked about with a lot of instances to reflect importance. This should be done during meetings or through emails that follow workplace etiquette and newsletters.

Also, the values can be inscribed on wallpapers in respective offices.

4. Teach the values during orientation and training

This is one of the best ways to introduce your values to your workers. The programs you will use during the orientation should convey company values. Ensure you dedicate time to explain its origin and commitment.

An example is the 2-weeks National Youth Service Corp Orientation program in Nigeria for prospective youth corpers. This aims to introduce them to everything the scheme is all about before the actual service starts.

5. Harness A Culture Of Development

As you develop a way to communicate your business values, you’ve got to ensure your employees are on the same page. Creating a culture of development that is visible in your practices can help to nurture the right mindset.

Communication in the workplace is all about your ability to nurture and improve collaboration from within. When you’re trying to operate with a specific mindset, you’ve got to remember the importance of how everybody will develop.

When there’s no internal culture of development, employees are bound to be negligent and core values will be trivialized.

6. Ensure alignment between the internal and external communication

Though companies tend to project their values externally to the populace using the media, it is imperative that it aligns with what it communicates internally to prevent misinformation.

Word of mouth communication by the employees should also be accurate in alignment with what is projected internally and externally.

7. Inculcate the values in human resource management

The selection process of hiring employees should be based on whether or not they are aligning with the core value of the company. This is just as important as finding people with the right skills for the job.

If that is the case for these employees, it is bound to reflect on their strengths and attitude towards the company. Not only will this improve core values in the workplace but also check the incidence of core value violators.

8. Maintain relationships

Relationships are important for effective communication of values. It builds team spirit and enables unity amongst the workers.

When an organization isn’t only concerned about its employees’ performance but also their welfare, it breeds the commitment that is expected from the workforce.

They can, therefore, reciprocate by holding the company in high esteem and sticking to its core values.

9. Reward value eccentric workers

A man giving your business a thumbs up

Another way to look at it is positive reinforcement. Workers who are doing well for the organization and abiding by the core values should be awarded gifts and recognition.

Asides from finding creative ways to retain such employees, giving them the rights and privileges they deserve will encourage others. When this is done, others would put more effort into advertising themselves through their actions.

An example of this is the employee of the month.

10. Encourage collective effort

A collective effort from the workers is important in achieving the desired outcome.

Everyone should be reminded of the importance of the values and given the right to question actions that contradict or goes against the values of the company.

This has more advantages than being subjected to rules or enforcements on the employees.


11. Inculcate the values in performance assessment

When you have identified and selected top talent that aligns with your core values, it is important that they understand and perform in accordance with it.

Their performance can, therefore, be assessed based on how well they abide by the core values.

12. Choose a unique core value for your business

Your core values should make your business stand apart from others. For example, Nokia uses the word “connecting people” while Nike uses “just do it”.

There are other mobile phone makers and shoe brands out there but the core values of Nokia and Nike stands them apart from others.

13. Make the core values a selling point

This is often stated in a company’s mission and vision statement. It is usually addressed to employees and customers alike. This aims to highlight how the values will shape a customer’s experiences and make them special.

For example, a statement sourced from cocacola.com says “refresh the world, make a difference.” This statement reflects in the innovative products coca-cola has and the difference it makes in the lives of people.

14. Keep it short and simple

In the introduction of this write-up, I listed five core values used by companies. If these were presented as the core values of your company, it might not be easy for the employees to memorize them all and follow through.

Core values should be short and simple. The examples presented in number 12 above are easy to memorize and the employees wouldn’t find it hard to keep.

15. Make it A habit

The constant practice and exhibition of a particular trait by a person becomes a habit of that person. When you continue to do something consciously, you end up doing it subconsciously.

When you stimulate the minds and brains of the workers enough to follow the core values in the workplace, it becomes a habit for them.

Your core values will automatically be part of the personal habits exceptional people exhibit. At that stage, you won’t need an inscription on the wall for them to remind them.

16. Maintain the right attitude

Attitude goes a long way in making things succeed or fail. When employees have a positive view of the organization, they give their best to observe the core values it represents.  

Ensuring that your employees always have a good attitude is one sure way your core values can be esteemed.

17. Align Yourself With The Right Clients

Client relationships can communicate a certain standard. When you work in an industry that’s constantly dealing with the environmental impacts of its processes, working with companies that share the same values is the ideal way to ensure you have the support you need and also build your ethics further outward.

When you are in industries that need to communicate a certain environmental standpoint, especially when it comes to maintaining the safety of the business, the right clients should understand your needs. For example, companies that provide systems and tanks for oily water separation or operate with a real world-saving attitude can, and should, have the same ideals as you.

Working to improve your environmental stance means picking the right suppliers that share your vision.

18. Walk It As You Talk It!

It sounds simple but when you need to communicate this specific value, you have got to practice what you preach. Some businesses don’t share their core values but still practise them. On the other hand, some people try to communicate a certain ethic when they don’t do it themselves.

It’s not always about talking, but you must walk the walk while you talk. As a leader, you must set an example by acting in line with the core values of the company. When you do this, your subordinates and colleagues will notice you.

According to the holy book, this is like letting your light shine before your workers so that they can emulate you.

If you are to expect anybody to follow your lead, you need to lead by example. One of the big problems many business leaders have is that they are quick to communicate a certain ethos but not stick to it themselves. As straightforward as this is, you’ve got to lead by example and be the beacon of a progressing business.


Core values are important for everyone. It is very fundamental to your growth. A company’s core values serve as a guide & the right path to achieving its goals.

Within the business ranks, having the right touchstones to improve your company’s core values is key. This can be achieved by focusing on a culture where the people you hire are forward-thinking individuals who can assess where your company is right now and work towards your desired goal.

Observing these various ways of promoting core values stated above can help your company or business. I hope you learnt some things. Let me know your thoughts. 😀 

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