Top 9 Tips To Make Yourself Study Every Day

If you find it hard to study, you’re not alone. It’s the story of almost all students, even those who acquire the topmost grades. Now you may wonder, if it is so, then how do the toppers accomplish such high grades?

The answer lies only in one word- ‘Motivation’. They are so motivated to study that they do it anyway. They do not stop until and unless they complete their study targets.

As a result, they gain plenty of knowledge, polish their skills well, and achieve outstanding grades.

If you also wish to be excellent and gain excellent grades, this blog is for you. It describes effective ways through which you can motivate yourself to study every day.

1. Set an alluring reward for yourself

Do you like getting rewards? The answer is an obvious yes! The mere idea of receiving a reward in your favourite video game or real life, makes you feel excited. Similarly, you can use rewards to motivate yourself to study.

For this, you can make it a norm that after completing a specific number of study targets (let’s say three), you’ll receive a reward. It may be anything like a half an hour gaming session, eating your favourite dish, or getting a nap for some time. But, make sure to comply with the norm strictly.

One of the advantages of having an excellent final result is getting access to scholarships abroad. This is a reward you could use to motivate yourself. This video shares some insights about the role of academic success in maximizing graduate opportunities.

2. Create a motivating space

Imagine yourself inside a room full of quotes and pictures of your dream life. How would you feel?

The answer to this question is simple – motivated to work on your dreams. 

Thus, you can motivate yourself to study by creating a motivating study space. To achieve this, you may have to decorate your study space with the choicest quotes, inspirational messages, and pictures of your dream life.

3. Remind yourself of the pressure of overnight studying

You have an exam tomorrow and you haven’t prepared for it earlier. Now, you have only one option left i.e. to study overnight! Although it can help you pass the examination, it brings along a lot of pressure along. The pressure is sometimes so huge that it makes you feel anxious. Your anxiety further exposes you to physical troubles like headaches, chest pain, and stomach upset.

As a result, you cannot focus properly on studying even on the last day before the exam. This is the scenario of overnight studies. Terrible! Isn’t it? I am sure you can relate to it. But, you won’t have to face the same scenario again if you keep reminding yourself of the pressure it exerts on you.

This is because the remembrance of the pressure itself motivates you to prevent the same situation from arising again. So, every time you lack the motivation to study, remind yourself of the pressure of overnight studying.

4. Set small study targets

In order to motivate yourself to study, you have to first make studying easy for yourself. For this, you should set small study targets rather than big ones. This is because big targets delude your mind into believing that they are too hard to achieve.

As a result, your motivation level drops down. On the contrary, if you set small study targets, your mind sees them as easy to achieve. This gives a boost to your study motivation. So, when you set your targets, make sure to keep them small.

5. Organize a study competition with your friends

It’s an undeniable fact we all love to be with our friends. We enjoy talking to them and playing with them. But, how about studying with them? Won’t studying be fun too if you study along with your friends? Definitely, it will be.

So, next time you don’t feel motivated to study, organize a group study session with your friends. Furthermore, you could make your group study sessions more exciting by organizing competitions. For example, if you have to learn something, you can organize a learning contest.

For this, you have to decide upon a time limit within which you have to learn a particular concept or thing. Once the time interval gets over, you have to recite it. The one who remembers the most will be the winner. This way, you can make studying fun and motivate yourself.

6. Realize that studying is a key to realize your dreams

If you dig deep into your heart, you’ll find plenty of dreams residing in there. These dreams are yours! Do you wish to realize them? The absolute answer is – yes. But, you can make this happen, only if you start studying right now.

You have to make yourself realize that every moment you spend procrastinating, you move a step away from your dreams. If you make it a habit to realize this thing every morning, you can motivate yourself to study.

So, the moment you get up from bed, start recollecting your dreams and dive into the realization that studying right now is the key to their fulfilment.

7. Visualize success

Success is one of the biggest motivators. So, by visualizing your success, you can motivate yourself to study. Whenever you lack the motivation to study, try to visualize yourself getting excellent grades in your exams.

Then, you have to ask yourself, “Am I putting in the desired efforts for success?” The moment you ask this question, your conscience will awaken and motivate you to study.

8. Use your imagination

Imagination is a powerful technique for improving willpower. The body often responds to imagined situations in the same way it responds to experienced ones.

If you imagine yourself being called upon on the award-giving day to make a speech, you’ll feel invigorated to make it a reality. If you imagine yourself having a distinction in that course, you feel happy to work towards it.

You can use your imagination to build your ability to study consistently.

9. Rest when you’re stressed

Stress, as it turns out, also strongly depletes your ability to study. When you are stressed, you tend to fall back on ingrained habits — whether those habits are helpful or harmful.

As much as you want to read every day, ensure you relax when you are already stressed. You don’t want to study when you won’t enjoy it.

The more you schedule a time to rest, the more likely you will be productive while studying. If your stress is related to trauma or emotional breakdown, you can speak to an education counsellor.


The human brain is wired to favour instant gratification over a delayed reward (no matter how big or small it is). Knowing this fact about your brain can help you resist temptation or push harder on your study goals.

If you break your big goal into a few smaller goals and assign a valuable reward for each small goal achieved, your motivation will be enhanced and you will be at a better position to study every day.

To conclude, you can motivate yourself to read by practising the different ways mentioned above.

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