7 Incredible Ways To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Even as online branding becomes the mainstay of business promotions, some offline elements will always be there. Business cards are one of the promotional assets that will rule the branding game forever.

You need to ensure it has an attractive design and relevant information to enable the customers to contact you and recall your brand. You cannot take a set-and-forget approach to design a business card because things change down the line and a redesign becomes a necessity at some point.

Whether you run a small venture or a large enterprise, you need a business card to create a first impression on customers. It carries your contact information, makes your small business look professional, and replicates your brand.

Watch out for the things you can do to make your business card stand out.

1. Update your information

If your business card has outdated information, you cannot circulate it around. For example, an address change means potential customers may visit the old location.

Likewise, a new phone number indicates they may never be able to connect even if they want to transact with you. Every time you move locations, update contact numbers and emails, or change the name of your entity, these changes should reflect on your business card.

It applies to people working in the company as their designation may change down the line. Pivoting the core business model is another indication to redesign your promotional assets.


2. Make it readable

You may have all the accurate and updated information on your business card. But it will still require a design upgrade if readability is a concern.

Check the font style and size to ensure users can read it without any problem. The organization of elements in the limited space is another concern.

A cluttered interface is a no-no as the potential customer is likely to discard it right away. You may also need to rework the white space (blank space if the card is colored) to ease the readability.

Look out for these signs, and get a new design if things are amiss with the visibility of the elements and information.

3. Let it replicate your brand’s personality

All promotional material you use should be a replica of your brand’s personality, and your business card is not an exception. You must definitely consider a revamp of a design that does not reflect your brand.

Consider highlighting the main theme of your offering with its design. For example, a colorful option works well for businesses offering services like babysitting, entertainment, and pet care.

Conversely, opt for a more formal design if dealing in serious stuff like healthcare, financial advisory, or IT consulting. Try to bring a storytelling element to the design to create a connection with your brand.


4. Make your response rate impressive

The objective of using business cards is to hand them out to potential customers so that they can connect later when they require services.

If your response rate with the current one is not impressive, it is a sign to consider redesigning it. There is a good chance that your card is not attractive enough for people to keep in sight or remember in the long run. A fresh design may get it the attention you want.

Consider a change in color, material, and design elements to enhance aesthetics and make it memorable. If these elements are good enough, it is less likely to end up in a pile of trash or the back of a drawer.

5. Include A call-to-action

Although a call-to-action is not an essential requirement, including it on your business card is a good idea. Consider missing CTA an indication that you must redesign it sooner than later.

A CTA can encourage potential clients to move ahead on the buying journey with a step like visiting your location or calling a representative. You may include creative CTAs like enticing people to claim a special offer or a discount code. Think outside the box and provide a QR code as part of your CTA.

It is a one-click measure to land people on your website, give them a special promotion, or add them to your mailing list.


6. Add special finishes

At times, you may want to redesign your business card because it just seems to miss something. Try using special finishes to create a luxury feel and a lasting impression on potential customers, clients, and partners.

Besides quality material, you can use unusual design elements and special print treatments to make the piece more memorable.

Try foil accents or embossed gloss to give it a 3D feel. Using recycled kraft paper is a good idea if you wish to showcase yourself as a sustainable brand to your audience. But make sure every element you choose aligns with your branding.

7. Let the design match the latest trends

Standing apart in the competitive landscape takes a lot of work. You must keep pace with the latest trends because your competitors will probably embrace them sooner than later.

Check the latest design trends in business cards and invest in a redesign if your current one looks out of vogue. The good thing is that you need not spend a fortune on the project.

You can easily find a visiting card design online free, even without hiring a graphic designer for the job. You need not even waste time on endless drafts and do-overs. Just use ready templates and customize them to get a perfect one!


A business card that stands out need not necessarily create a hole in your budget because you have the option of using free templates available online. Besides, it is easy to utilize them as you do not require high-end tech skills.

You have the flexibility to create your own design, which is great because no one knows your brand and vision better than you.

So, you can go ahead with innovative ideas without second thoughts. Making a new business card to replicate your brand couldn’t be easier!

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