7 Ways To Increase Instagram Reach Organically

Using social media platforms, to be specific, Instagram, for the promotion and growth of your enterprise is no longer an option but a necessity.

According to reports, it is the 7th most visited website in the world and the 9th most-Googled term. As for businesses, 50% of the people use this platform to discover new brands, products, or services. And about 44% of the people use the platform to shop (weekly).

Considering these data, it is evident that using IG (or Instagram) can help your business reach a wider audience and generate effective leads.

However, with over a billion active user accounts (including business and professional accounts), increasing your business account’s reach can turn out daunting.

Fortunately, you can help boost your IG’s reach and business organically using the tips I’ve discussed in this article.

1. Understanding Instagram Algorithm

Before I get started with the hacks or quick solutions you can use to elevate your Instagram reach, it is essential to understand the platform’s algorithm.

To develop and accelerate your reach on any social media platform, its algorithm plays a critical role. Though algorithms are complex, they aim to provide quality content to the end-users according to their taste and preferences.

On Instagram, the posts shown on the feed and explore page are ranked on the following basis:

  • Profile Activity – What type of content/posts does one interact with?
  • Relationship – User interaction with the account and its history.
  • Information for the content posted – What does the content include, and does it cater to end-users needs?

Obviously, the algorithm keeps on improving and that may or may not boost your profile activity, post interaction, impression, and more. Even in such scenarios, your aim should be to provide good content to your target audience or get high-quality content from professional writers.

2. Make Your Content Accessible

According to the CDC, one in four Americans has some type of disability. That means if your content is not accessible, you are missing out on nearly 25% of potential customers.

To improve the accessibility of your content, it is recommended to:

  • Enable automatic captions for IGTV content.
  • Add alt text for IG images.
  • Use a comfortable color palette to create IG posts.
  • Make sure the noise is minimum in the video content.
  • Learn how to create clear or engaging content with manual captions.

Using these tricks will ensure that more people get access to your content and interact with the brand.

3. Increase Explore Page Visibility

One feature that makes IG different from other social media platforms is its explore page. Users can discover something new on the explore page when they get bored of their usual content.

The posts and videos on this page are generally quite engaging and facilitate brand interactions.

Getting a high number of likes is recommended to increase the explore page visibility. For instance, accounts using famoid.com likes for their content avail the opportunity to improve visibility on explore page by 80%.

Don’t worry; the likes are from real and active accounts. Thus, the results obtained are also effective.

4. Allow Reel Remix

Similar to TikTok’s dual feature, you can allow reel remix for your short video clips. It will enable the influencer and customers to collaborate with your brand and provide their reviews.

This is most effective for products such as makeup products, skincare, clothes, and more. It will help improve the brand’s interactivity with the target audience.

Likewise, you can create remixes with influencers and other brands to promote your product or service. It allows the marketing team to promote or present your brand uniquely and entertainingly.

This improves brand recognition, customer engagement and gains new followers.

5. Reply On Comments

The comment section of a post is one of the underestimated ways to boost your account reach. You can use this to reply to the followers, tag other brands or influencers, and create curiosity in the target audience’s mind.

With the new feature, you can also pin the comment that boosts the brand image on top.

Interacting with the target audience in the comment section will encourage others to communicate with your brand.

Eventually, it will improve the brand identity and help grab the attention of new audiences.

6. Don’t Forget To Use Location Tag

This hack is ideal for you if you have a brick-and-mortar store such as a cafe, clothing store, or hotel. Adding location to your posts and stories can help you target the local audiences.

When using location tags on stories, make sure to pick the location placement wisely. Otherwise, it may interfere with the content, reducing the interactivity of the post.

You can also create location highlights on your IG account if your stores are available at different locations.

Using this hack is particularly important when promoting your business through discounts or special offers. Location tag will ensure that your local audience learns about the offers and even enjoy them.

7. Schedule Your Posts

How frequently you post content on social media helps determine your connection with the target audience. If the posts are not frequent, your followers are likely to forget about your brand.

On the other hand, if the posts are too regular, such as 3 or 4 posts in a single day, they may feel annoyed. So, you need to decide the frequency of posting as well as the type of content you are posting.

For instance, you can fix Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday to upload content such as pictures, reels, or IGTV videos. To ensure regular brand engagement, you can add stories to remind your followers about the special offer, discounts, giveaways, or new products launched.

Scheduled posts will ensure that the account stays active and connected with the target audience. However, this schedule must not be fixed but altered according to the seasons and customer demand.

Tip: Use Instagram insights to test and analyze the frequency of posts. It will ensure that your content reaches the maximum audience.

Final Words

When your Instagram reach increases, it will improve brand visibility and generate quality leads.

Obviously, these will benefit the enterprise immensely. So, what are you waiting for? Try the hacks mentioned above now!

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Post Author: Abimbola Joseph

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