See 20 Super Easy Steps To Improve Your Handwriting Style

Quite a few years back, my handwriting wasn’t as good as I wished.

Over time, I realized the importance of my handwriting and the impression it can make in daily life as a student, a professional and an individual. Hence, my quest to improve it continued to grow and I had to work it out realistically and intentionally to get what I wanted.

By the time I was done working on my fingers and ink, friends and colleagues took turns to have access to my well-written notes at the end of the class or a meeting.

You might have had an awkward situation due to your not-to-good handwriting or other reasons to improve your writing.

Whatever your reason is, having good handwriting is a plus for you. May I let you know that you have made a good choice? As a matter of fact, there are many nice reasons to make your writing legible and attractive.

Below, I will share some of the things you can do if you really want to have legible handwriting.

1. Be determined

The best ways to improve your handwriting

Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. Therefore, when it comes to changing your writing too, you need serious determination, not a brief one.

Any mediocre can have a brief determination but to achieve lasting results, you need to go the extra mile and ensure you don’t stop until you see changes.

Winners don’t quit, remember? So, ask yourself – why do I really want to change my writing? perhaps you can write a list and this will give you the needed boost to amp up your zeal in discouraging moments.

2. Hold it professionally

The best ways to improve your handwriting

Whether it is a pencil or a pen you are using to write, you need to hold it in a way that will speak your skillfulness. The tips of your fingers should be close to the pen’s tip, especially your thumb, index finger and middle finger.

The base of the pen should rest within the opening between your thumb and index finger when they make a curve around the pen. It’s advisable to let the base of the pen move closer to the index finger, this will make you more relaxed.

If you do this, a larger part of the pen will rest on your index finger and you will have more control over your pen. I think you should try this now. Make your grip tight and write like a professional.

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3. Your pen matters too

a good pen for writing
The best ways to improve your handwriting

There’s no doubt that some pens will make your handwriting look terrible, and some will even slow down your writing speed. I will recommend any pen with a tiny tip. Such a pen will make your handwriting thin and legible.

Light pens too could increase your speed, no extra weight, just simple and effective. Personally, I love very slim pens with legible ink.

You should check it out and see if it works for you too. I am hopeful it will. Alternatively, you could buy a number of pens to see which one works best for you before sticking to it.

4. Check Tools You See Everywhere

improve your handwriting with newspapers
The best ways to improve your handwriting

Newspapers, magazines, newsletters – Yeah, you heard that 🙂 . The daily newspapers you see all around you were beautifully printed with creative calligraphy and font styles.

In those days, I would look into the lines and study how the letters are written one after the other. I will then replicate it on a blank piece of paper.

This continued until I didn’t need to look at the newspaper to write my words in my desired font style. I also didn’t forget to give myself some accolades each time I notice an improvement 😆 .

You should try this too. If you are not satisfied with the hard copies you find around you, go to font websites, and you will see a plethora of styles.

5. Your sitting posture

improve your handwriting by sitting properly
The best ways to improve your handwriting

As simple as this sounds, if you don’t prepare the whole of your body to write, they will throw tantrums and make you discouraged. In other words, let your back, legs, hands and the rest of your body know it’s writing time.

Don’t just sit at the edge of the bed or just anywhere, except what you want to write is very brief. When you want to write a good number of words, have a good sitting position, and a good chair and table aren’t hard to find.

Albeit, when you have perfected your writing skills, you can choose to write anywhere you find yourself. Although ensure your surface is smooth enough to allow you to write.

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6. Alignment

If you have problems with vertical alignment, draw an invisible or light line from your previous line to match your new line underneath and continue writing from the invisible line.

Perhaps your challenge is sticking to a straight horizontal line, keep writing on papers that have visible lines until you get used to it. By the type you write on a plain sheet, you will most likely not deviate from your unseen line.

Don’t forget to add a clear space between one word and the next word, you don’t want your writing to look like scanty noodles on a big plate 😉 .

7. Take your letters one after the other

improve your handwriting by working on each letter
The best ways to improve your handwriting

Perhaps you know which particular alphabet is giving you a tough time, take your time to improve that first before you begin to write words and sentences.

If it’s the small letter “a” or the capital letter “A”, spend substantial time on it first and perfect it. When you see a difference, begin to write the letter or alphabet in many words and sentences.

I bet you will love the changes you see.

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8. Write as often as possible

As you know, practice makes perfect. Keep writing at every opportunity you get. Type less and write often.

There are things you might need to quit printing directly from your computer and take the pain to write in your notes. You could then take a picture of it or scan it and send it to the printer.

This will help you to know how far you have improved, the transition will be glaring as you see your writing more often around you.

Compile your to-do lists with your pen rather than using apps for now just to improve yourself.

Keep a journal, write your lecture notes, write your shopping list, write letters, write your grocery list and do as many writings as possible.

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9. You might need to slow down

If you have incredible writing speed but poor handwriting, you might need to slow down a little to perfect your handwriting.

If you write too fast, you might lose your vertical and horizontal alignment and make more mistakes with your start and end points. Take it easy for now till you’re perfect. Write slowly, neatly and legibly.


The use of a writing guide has for decades been helpful and effective in arranging and organizing handwriting styles.

Nursery schools use it to help guide pupils on how to position their pencils and pens on paper and properly write on them without crossing lines unnecessarily.



When trying to improve one’s handwriting style, you will need to write like a little kid.

Hold the pen like a little child who’s under a guide.

Writing like a toddler entails writing with focus and attention, avoiding any form of distractions, and writing with prudence and care.


While writing to improve handwriting style, one has to hold the pen in a way that best suits one’s grip.

Hold it in a way that doesn’t give you any form of discomfort while writing. Hold it in a way that permits flexible writing.



Writing slowly and consistently has proven to be the best way to write when one is trying to improve one’s handwriting style.

It allows you to write without worries and helps you avoid unnecessary mistakes that arise while writing with speed.

Be slow and consistent while writing to improve your handwriting style.


Paper type is another determinant when one is trying to improve in handwriting. The durable paper helps one’s handwriting to sit appropriately and neatly.

While some papers and ink are friendly, some are just a disaster when one is trying to improve handwriting.

So, you should always be careful in choosing the paper type while working on improving your handwriting.



The type of pen one uses to write contributes to the output of one’s writing.

Any pen that has a very good ink flow is most recommended when you are trying to improve your handwriting style. So, the pen has a role to play in handwriting improvement.


Not letting your eyes off the alphabet you’re writing helps you know how to write it. Hence, improving handwriting.

As much as one is trying to improve handwriting, the alphabets play a key role in achieving it.

So, one has to keep the focus on those alphabets to improve one’s handwriting.



Tracing is a technique in writing that is so technical. Anyone that traces so well, writes beautifully.

When you are trying to improve your handwriting style, tracing is highly important.

It keeps you on track with what you’re writing as much as your key goal is to improve your handwriting style.


The way you hold your pen while writing determines how one’s handwriting stands.

Don’t hold your pen like a praying mantis and expect something beautiful.

Hold your pen professionally when writing and see a professional output after writing.



Even if you don’t understand what you’re tracing, do it confidently. Remember, you’re not trying to improve your grammar, but you are working on handwriting.

What matter is the representation of your alphabet that makes up the words of the beautiful language you’re writing.

So, pay close attention to your handwriting. While working on improving your handwriting style, have confidence in yourself that you can do it, and see yourself doing it beautifully.


Those short clips that exist on YouTube are really helpful when one is in need of any of them. Handwriting skill is not an exception.

Make good use of those clips and see yourself happy that you did. Stop wasting your time watching clips that are not relevant to you, rather watch those that are of importance to you.



If you have been worried about how to improve your handwriting style, worry no more.

All you need to do now is to get a seat, paper and pen and apply all the proven principles I’ve given in this article and thank me later.

I hope you get remarkable results after trying all these proven suggestions.

All the best as you develop your writing skills. What have you been doing lately to improve your handwriting? Drop it in the comment section.

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Post Author: Abimbola Joseph

Abimbola Joseph is a creative content developer who derives pleasure in encouraging individuals to be the best they can be in all relevant facets of life. She believes that we all have a better version of ourselves which can be leveraged to impact others and make the world a better place. Connect with me on Instagram @abimbolajoe.

52 Replies to “See 20 Super Easy Steps To Improve Your Handwriting Style”

  1. These are great tips, wish i got it back in my school days. Nowadays, everything happens digitally, i rarely get to write anything. The maximum I get to a pen is to sign.

  2. These days, when we all have computers, I think slowly slowly, handwriting is dying. Probably the only thing that I still hand write is the shopping list. I do remember though that in school the teachers always underlined on a neat handwriting.

  3. The slowing down part is what my son needs to do. My son tries to tell me that he can just type everything but I push him to have neat handwriting

  4. I find that the Western world doesn’t place as much emphasis on handwriting, as people do in less developed countries. When I was younger, we were told that great hand writing could take you places. Nowadays, many people use their computers and laptops, but handwriting can still be very important in today’s world. Thanks for sharing these tips.

    1. Sure, handwriting is still very important. Just that less attention is given to it these days. Thanks for reading.

  5. My handwriting certainly isn’t the best, so these are definitely some tips I can use! Especially not running my letters together!

  6. Wow..These are some great tips to improve handwriting. I love that you said about how to hold the pen professionally. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is super interesting. When I was younger, I used to carry a notebook and pens with me everywhere. I loved just writing and practicing member’s of my family’s name in cursive. I like to think that is why my handwriting looks the way it does. Lots of practice. 🙂

    Kendra B

  8. I was reading the news yesterday and our province is not even teaching this in schools anymore. I can’t believe it! I know there is no huge need for it, but I still think kids should know how to sign their names and read cursive, as it is still used in many places and professions.

  9. I never thought about posture & location having an effect on handwriting practice! I wish I had these tips when I was a student!
    Great tips!!

  10. I’ll have to send this to my husband. He’s been in search of some helpful reads for improving his handwriting. I would never even think to suggest posture. Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are great tips. Thankfully though, my daughters are quite careful with how they write. Even the little one is trying 😀 As for me, I am already very lazy to write. haha

  12. I have a really bad handwriting that’s why I write as less as possible. But I want to improve it so I’ll follow these helpful tips.

  13. You bring up good points. With the prevalence of typing on keyboards, the skill and art of handwriting really seems to have lost its importance. I realize how awful my handwriting has become every time I write out a grocery list or a note to remember something – and then can’t read what I wrote!

  14. Wow! Insightful read… My hand writing actually sucks cuz I learnt how to write at a very older age…

    But nevertheless, it isn’t that bad for an Internet addict like me, I now do all my writing on the computer keyboard.

  15. I find whether or not I rush significantly impacts my handwriting. It can be super neat and then other times it looks like a dog tied a texta to their paw and ran around chasing a Magpie for a while, a hot mess lol.

  16. This is awesome! Even though we don’t use handwriting as much as in the old times, its so important and says so much about your personality! My mother in law studies this and ive learned so much! Thanks for the share

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