6 ways to find a job after university

How to Find a Job After University

You have gone through years of academia, countless hours of studying, and multitudes of moments of stressing over exams and your GPA. 

Your utmost desire is for it to come to an end with a grand and graceful graduation ceremony.

Now, you are a graduate trying to find your footing in the job market and finding it difficult to attain anything.

This article is here to help you find your dream job without any hassle as a postgraduate. Though it may seem difficult and overwhelming when first starting out, especially since it is a new phase of life.

Here are ways to find the job you want through job search sites such as Lensa, and tips on figuring the process out.

Today’s job market is extremely competitive, and you will often see jobs wanting experience under your wing.

Don’t let this demotivate you from applying for jobs since an application won’t cost you anything but time.

Most graduates are pessimistic about finding jobs but learning how can give you the push you need toward success.

What the job environment looks like currently

job environment

In contrast to what most have been led to believe, the unemployment rate for postgraduate students is under the 4% mark.

Hence, over half of the total students end up finding employment within six months of graduating. This shows how it may take some time but ends in success.

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The goals of an average postgraduate

postgraduate student

Everyone has a reason for needing employment: not starving and having housing. There are three big things postgraduates focus on, the first being paying off student loans.

Student loans are a weight on every academic person’s shoulders. Paying them off as soon as possible is a noble and needed goal. 

The second is bigger purchases such as a lease, a home, or a car. These are platforms for adult life to start and are generally investments into one’s future. These purchases offer stability for the future when done right. 

The third is achieving career goals and gaining experience. Postgraduates are focused on advancing their careers and acquiring experience without considering steps to achieving career goals.

This is not only to get hired but to attain career stability, especially in these trying economic times. 

Here are ways to reach these goals.

1. Work during college 

6 ways to find a job after university

Internships, volunteering, and student jobs are godsends when needing experience for a future job.

As a student, you mainly lack time and money. Sadly, internships and volunteering won’t help you there.

However, they are investments into the future and help you gain knowledge on your future career if connected. 

While there are success tips for college students to maintain likeable grades, trying out different jobs all play into finding a sustainable future job for yourself and becoming successful.

No recruiter likes to see vague information on a resume. The extra experience will make you more likely to get hired and shows a passion for your work. 

2. Don’t stress over permanence


student worker

This is one of the tips on how to find a job after university. Most graduates are worried about finding a new job because they do not want to do it for the rest of their lives.

First off, start with a job you at least somewhat enjoy so you can do it accurately and potentially advance in the field. 

Your first job will never be your last, and there is tons of flexibility to work areas. The job market and industries constantly change, providing new opportunities and eliminating old ones.

No need to worry about permanence. Just do your best while you can and create your own path. 

3. Create a network


This is how to find a job after university. Knowing people is the primary rule of success since connections can get you a long way and help you learn more.

A majority of vacant positions at companies are not advertised due to companies wanting to hire reliably and from within circles.

Have a good relationship with your colleagues. This way, you can make the right connections, and land yourself your ideal job. 

To create a network, start by going to events, asking people in your life, or even showing interest in college alumni who already work at a particular company or have their own connections. 

4. Understand the job market

job market

Your degree can somewhat be limiting, but students tend to finish what they’re passionate about.

By researching various positions in your chosen field and looking at benchmarks for different job offers, you can get a feel for what you can achieve and where to go from there.

Focus on understanding common skills, experience, and how much further you can progress with this job. 

Once you have a feel for the job market, you can stress less and become braver in applying for higher positions and more confident in your knowledge and experience. 

5. Use social media to your advantage 

6 ways to find a job after university

Another tip on how to find a job after university is by being proactive on job sites or social media. There are many positive effects of social media on students.

On social media platforms such as Twitter, you can connect with other professionals in your field.

This will help you to make yourself be seen by companies who are actively searching for qualified employees.

Keep your profile clean and professional, and focus on what you are saying. One slip-up can dent your career, but this risk also comes with a high reward. 

6. Find a mentor

6 ways to find a job after university

Finding a mentor can be a great aid in advancing your knowledge on the field and landing you jobs through recommendations.

Earning a mentor is a great honour that can teach you beyond your degree and help you get into practice for working.

You get personal advice and are analyzed on an individual basis through constructive criticism. All these factors help you become better. 

If you find it difficult to find a mentor, college career centres can help you connect with the right professional for you. 


With these tips, the taxing thought of finding a job all on your own becomes an easy habit. Life is all about always learning, and the flexibility of the job market creates a space for you to do that. 

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