Tips To Create An Effective Study Environment At Home

Whether you are trying to boost your career with new skills or you are concerned about helping your child succeed at school, studying is no walk in the park.

To pursue education goals further, a student requires a peaceful and quiet space where they don’t risk being interrupted.

Specialists agree that a positive learning environment at home needs to provide isolation from other members of the household. This could be getting house extensions dublin or an improvised desk inside the bedroom. 

But it is fair to say that the ideal workstation needs to go above and beyond to establish a productive and effective space.

Indeed, learning is an active behaviour, therefore, it makes sense to create a workspace that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of this behaviour. 

1. Get some stationery and memorization tools

Tips To Create An Effective Study Environment At Home

Studying is a process…

Contrary to what most movies depict, studying isn’t reduced to the reading of books. 

Comprehension is the first step in studying and acquiring new skills and understanding a new concept or an idea is crucial to its long-term memorization.

Yet, comprehension itself isn’t sufficient to memorize. Memorizing requires effort and strategy.

In reality, you will need to develop a strategy to understand and memorize new knowledge.

Some students use spaced repetition, others prefer flashcards or even a digital equivalent to the cards. Yet, to be effective, these methods need the proper equipment.

Spaced repetition, for instance, is the process of frequently coming back to books and lessons to multiply exposure to the same information. You need to forget first to anchor the memory into your long-term knowledge.

This could be helped with a dictaphone, for instance, to test oneself. Flashcards can be colour-coded or you could use different types of pens. In short, the workspace needs to provide the tools you need to test their knowledge. 

2. Set the optimal temperature for your brain

Tips To Create An Effective Study Environment At Home
Tips To Create An Effective Study Environment At Home

Is there an ideal temperature for studying? 💡 

According to studies, a moderate temperature of 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit is best to facilitate brain work.

Individual preferences may vary but ultimately, studying in an environment that is either too hot or too cold will dramatically reduce brain activities.

Therefore, it is a good idea to make sure the study room is equipped with a heater or an AC unit. Needless to say, malfunctioning heating or cooling devices are inadequate.

Thankfully, there are enough 24 hour AC repair services available to ensure the workspace remains comfortable at all times. 

3. Select good room colours for mental focus

Tips To Create An Effective Study Environment At Home
Tips To Create An Effective Study Environment At Home

Colours play a significant role in the learning environment. They, of course, need to match your needs as you prefer.

Yet, the psychology of colour can be detrimental to your studies if misused. Indeed, colours affect neurological pathways in the brain, which means they create a reaction that can transform your behaviour and mood.

Green is a great choice for someone who struggles to stay focused. Orange is a natural mood-lifting colour, making it an ideal choice for tough studies.

Blue, on the other hand, can improve comprehension and productivity in situations that tend to be challenging.

For instance, if you’re juggling many tasks, you could perform better in a blue study environment.

Bottom Line

Whether you are going back to your studies as an adult, or you are worried about your child’s education, a study room that is fit for purpose can make a great deal of difference.

It’s fair to say that creating the right study environment at home can only help you so much.

It doesn’t replace the act of learning but it makes it easier. 

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