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Imagine you and four others are each given a particular good to market; the deal here is, whoever gets to convince a buyer to purchase theirs, gets rewarded with a million naira.

You didn’t see that coming, I guess as much.

You were cracking your brain on how you’d pull a customer to yourself already?

Huh? 24 hours? Isn’t that a bit too early, you’re probably saying to yourself?

With this in mind, I believe you’re going to utilize every second out of the (3600 × 24) seconds you’ve got.

A little wrinkle on your face? Ouucchh, my bad.

I didn’t want that. But let’s just say I’d help you think of ways you could market that product and put a smile on that face. Quite relieving, isn’t it?

Tips To Becoming a Good Marketer

If there’s a term, “marketing”, then it simply implies that there has to be a “marketer”.

A Marketer ordinarily, would have just been a person, and wouldn’t have had to worry about how best to do it.

But as much as I hate to say it dear, just about a thousand people, or more are selling the same goods, providing the same services, as you are.

Should you be worried about the number of marketers competing with you? No. Should you put in more strategic efforts to be one of the best? Yes!

Two main factors surrounding marketing are – Time and Strategy. Never try to remove these from the equation.

Remember the one million naira deal? Note that there was a time limit, so you had just one assignment, to come up with a plan to win, otherwise, lose the deal.

So, this means that time has to be a factor to consider while strategizing.

The next question you need to ask yourself is, ‘Why would a customer patronize me and not any of the others’? Exactly, why? If you had to purchase a good, why would you rather walk down to the shop of Mr?

A instead of B’s? If you were able to come up with a list of possible reasons, that’d be a good starting point for you. If not, that’s still fine.

I know you can’t wait to hear it all, and I’d be as much as happy as you would, to see how well you could become a good marketer, with these tips, below.

1) Set Specific Goals:

A Good Marketer
You would not just want to jump off the bed and start the day without any plans, would you? Of course, not.

I believe setting targets for yourself each day, and making efforts to keep to them, would help in the long run, instead of just taking things anyhow they come.

Do a daily calculations of your profits and losses. Yes, you read that right; losses are inevitable in every business.

you must only ensure that it doesn’t overshadow your profits; if it has to occur at all, it must be a very meagre amount and shouldn’t be often.

If your business requires a transition from place to place, you could set a target of how many people you want to reach, before the day runs out.

If a customer can fetch you a gain of #1000, you already know how much 10, 20, and 50 customers will earn you, and If you can get more, then why not?

2) Identify Your Potential Customers and Strategize ways to reach them:

 A Good Marketer
Your goods or services are not for everybody. This should influence your choice of site/location as it can affect the outcome of sales.

A bookshop just by the side of a secondary school would thrive better, than it would if it was situated in a quiet, hidden street.

That was just an example out of a thousand others.

You already know what you sell, hence, your potential customers should be the primary target.

If you have to advertise, introduce them to your goods or services; get reviews from those who have patronized, then you should. 

With a good visual marketing strategy, you can reach potential customers and expose your business to a wide range of audiences.

You don’t think it’s necessary to go all out, to reach your customers? Remember you’re not in this alone, you’re surrounded by competitors, and hence; you must come up with the most strategic way possible, to get your customers, don’t you think so?

Be sure to note that time isn’t your friend.

3) Maintain the habit of punctuality:

Good Marketer
Someone selling beans cake and pap should not be told when to get up from bed.

You can maintain a particular time to wake up and go about your business effectively with some Android productivity apps.  

If customers have to wait and wait every time they come for your goods or services, a time will come when they wouldn’t have to wait for so long. 

Instead, they’d visit the next marketer.

You need not be reminded of the consequences of this, do you? And who talked about getting back the already lost customers?

Such mistakes may only be corrected, in very rare cases, or might not at all, so why lose them in the first place? 

4) Be Courteous and Welcoming:

Good Marketer
Build a healthy marketer-customer relationship. Once in a while, start up brief chats with customers, if they’ve got the time to spare.

Exchange warm pleasantries, and send complimentary messages, to them on special days. Your facial expression shouldn’t send a wrong message, keep a smile on your face, always.

It doesn’t cost anything to be friendly, but while at it, be sure not to engage in unprofitable and time-wasting conversations.

Also, Read 30 Ways To Make Customers Feel Special.

5) Avoid Frequently Running out of stock:

a Good Marketer

You must understand that your customers rely on you, and as such, you must prove yourself reliable. Why wait till you’re totally out of stock?

When you can always get enough to last for a reasonable period and restock almost immediately.

By making your goods/services available you’d have proven yourself, a dependable marketer.

6) Understand the Times and Seasons of Your Market:

A marketer dealing in foot wears should understand that during the rainy season, customers would purchase more rubber shoes and sandals, than they would, leather.

You need not be told what should be restocked more, do you?

Your goods or services have some particular seasons and periods of the year, where it would demand a little more flexibility.

If you don’t pay attention, you might lose some opportunities around you. If there are seasons where your market booms so much, it also means there might be seasons where they won’t.

Remember that as a marketer you must be flexible. Don’t be scared, You’re thinking what I’m thinking, right?

Instead of leaving your market, you could add a list of other goods in higher demand, in order not to run at a loss.

7) Be Versatile:

A saying goes, that change is constant, this is true as the word. You will agree with me that the version of the phone, that was craved for some five years ago, is just as good as a child’s toy, today.

You could replace that example with a thousand others.

A hairstylist must understand the need to scale up her business.

You either choose the option of losing a good number of customers or get to know the latest styles.

As a good marketer, you must be ready to adapt and accept changes as they come, to improve your marketing skills.

Get updated. Find out what’s invoked from time to time, don’t be that “old-fashioned” marketer, that no one wants to patronize.

Make good use of technology to promote and grow your business. If it requires an advert, go for it.

Use these 15 ways technology helps with business growth with examples to achieve that.

With just your mobile phone, you can advertise your products, to a large number of potential customers. As much as you can, do your best always to stay informed.


With all of this information, I believe you’re ready to give in your best, restrategize; re-evaluate; and put in place, everything that needs to be.

Making deliberate and conscious efforts, day by day, to become the best at what you do does work the magic.

And yes, there’d be some challenges and uncontrollable situations. But remember why you started that business in the first place, and keep pushing.

A little more effort, discipline and information might just be all you need to set the ball rolling.

Smiling already, right?

I made sure to keep my promise to put a beautiful smile on that face of yours.

What you need to do NOW, is take that bold step. Be the best marketer, the world has ever known.

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