How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless

As a typical human being, you can sometimes be weak mentally or physically or both.

Sometimes, this weakness comes from loving too much, low self-esteem, anger issues, paranoia or OCD.

Regardless of the nature of your weakness, you must not underestimate the importance of mental strength.

Being mentally strong allows you to go about your daily life with natural confidence, good self-esteem and a strong feeling of self-love.

Fear, as they say, is just an illusion. It is like a hazy cloud before a mythical cliff. However, once you manage to get past the clouds, it doesn’t seem as big, bad, steep, high or difficult as everyone paints it to be.

In a world that is powered by trends, social media and clout, you must develop yourself mentally to be able to interact socially but still maintain your inner peace and stay contented.

It is important that I point out that being fearless doesn’t mean taking irresponsible risks, being rude or endangering yourself and others.

It means taking realistic, responsible risks with a view of a legitimate result.

In this article, I intend to point out some tips that will help you to stay focused on becoming mentally strong and fearless.

1. Why do you want to be mentally strong?

Before you begin your journey to becoming the best version of yourself by being fearless and mentally strong, you need to convince yourself and resolve to change your habits.

You need to be able to build your esteem and become the mentally strong person you seek to be.

According to fitness expert Angela Wayne, this is something you need to find within yourself to find that inner desire to improve one’s mind and body.

Why do you want to be mentally strong and fearless? This is a question you need to search your mind for the answers to. This will help you to know how to develop a growth mindset, and it will also help you to define it.

Once you are able to make a list of at least ten reasons, you can be sure that peradventure you deviate from your goals, taking one look at this list will help you get back up on your feet and continue your goal hunt.

2. Learn To Balance Negative And Positive

Life is not like your fantasy novels and movies that fill your head with fairytales. Life is not white and black and there’s no perfectly good person or perfectly bad person.

Regardless of how good you are to everyone, you will always have negative vibes, energy, or people around you. However, you will also have that undeniable energy around you and you need to appreciate them by loving them and thinking good for them so that you can be loved back and gained more benefits from having positive thinking

It is often said that gratitude creates happiness. Hence, if you are contented and grateful for what you got, you won’t be drawn to things that do not really matter.

In order to help you balance your life and stay emotionally and mentally strong, You can make a list of all the positive things in your life – things you are grateful for.  Then, make another list of the negative things in your life – things you want to change or improve.

Even if your negative list is longer than your positive list, try to balance this list by providing a positive for every negative. Find opportunities in every difficulty. Take charge of every moment.

3. Remove Emotions From Decision Making

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless


I can’t remember the last time I made a real-life decision, without allowing emotions to cloud my judgement. In order to live a fearless and mentally strong life, you must learn to bench emotions when you want to make decisions.

It is fairly true that decisions made with emotions are hardly ever the best decisions. Once your emotions go wild your brain goes wild with it, and then you begin to over-analyze everything.

If you are ever in a difficult situation and feel your emotions are getting the best of you, kindly call for a time out, lean back, and analyze the situation.

Then once you are sure you have eliminated emotions, you can now come up with a logical solution for your problem – one you can certainly be confident about.

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4. Know When To Ask For Help

Many people are often afraid, ashamed, or too proud to ask for help.

It might seem like asking for help makes you look weak but, asking for help makes you stronger. Part of what builds your mental strength is the ability to be sincere with yourself that you do not have all the answers and that you need to reach out for help.

If you are going through a tough time, or you are having difficulties solving a particular problem, you can reach out to a friend or relative you trust and ask for his/her own point of view, advice, and counselling.

Once both of you have come up with a solution, you will realize how peaceful and happy you suddenly become. As they say, two heads are better than one. 

Too much on your head can be quite weakening. Sometimes, you will need someone to share the problem with because no man is an island.

5. Accept You Can’t Control Everything

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless


Part of what makes you a strong person is the ability to admit that you cannot control everything. You have to accept that some things are beyond your control and you are not a miracle worker. 😀

If you can just take a deep breath, back away, and allow someone else to handle the situation, you’ll be mentally better. These elements not only give you peace of mind, but they will also remove the clutter from your mind and allow you to focus on more important things.

Like I said earlier, life is not black and white. There is no fence between bad and good. Sometimes, you need to breathe out the negativity and back off from unnecessary things that take up too much space.

Once you are able to accept that you can’t control every situation, it would make you confident in the situations you can control, because you do not have to worry about the negativity around you.

Accepting that a relationship is over is one of the first steps to healing. Accepting that a job is gone is a good step to finding another one. Generally, accepting that something is over and it’s beyond your control is the first step to moving on in life without fear.

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6. Be grateful

If you want to become mentally strong, you have to take it one day at a time.

Do not rush or put pressure on yourself. Allow it to progress naturally, do not try too hard by eliminating emotion completely. A major part of what makes us humans and what puts us above other animals is the fact that we have emotions and consciences.

You need to focus on being mentally strong by focusing on being happy and contented. The key to becoming mentally strong is gratitude for the little things in your life, gratitude creates a sense of accomplishment and happiness.

Mental strength is very important if you want to interact with people daily. In your workplace, there is probably someone that keeps bugging you or pissing you off.

It can be very stressful and emotionally exhausting if you do not know how to handle such a situation. However, if you are mentally strong such things won’t pose a problem to you again because you are able to block out the negative energy. Stop thinking about it. Let it go. Be grateful for several other options around you.

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7. Practice Generosity

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless


If you are a Christian you should be familiar with the phrase, God loves a cheerful giver. Learn to give to those who are in need, especially if you have what can help them. 

This form of generosity will bring you peace of mind and also give you a sense of accomplishment because you have shared your general happiness with those around you.

If you are a stingy person, try to give more because an adage where I come from says “only people with open hands receive more.”

If you are mean-spirited, you will always have the feeling of guilt buried in your deepest subconscious. Spreading happiness can be done in the simplest ways by smiling or wishing a stranger a nice day.

Today, make a kid laugh and give out a genuine compliment. These little things will later grow to form your personality, a good one that people around you will know you for and appreciate.

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless

8. Set Life Goals

Like I said earlier, one of the main purposes of trying to become a stronger person is to feel accomplished in life. By setting goals, you give your mind a new task to focus on rather than allow your mind to dwell on the past.

It is important that you commit to achieving these goals, no matter what. Also, make sure you set realistic goals for the meantime and set goals that you can be sure to achieve. Then, as you grow further, you can now begin to set bigger goals.

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9. Find A Hobby

This is one of my favorite tips to overcome life fears and be stronger.

As an individual, what will attract people to you is your personality what makes up your personality are the things you love to do. 

You need to discover yourself to grow mentally. Everybody has a hobby and you can find one for yourself. It might be silly or very unconventional, but if it makes you happy, stick to it. Provided it is morally right and legal, enjoy every bit of it in your lone times.

Do not ever let go of something or someone that makes you happy, because a happy life is a life well spent.

10. Make A List Of Things You Want To Change

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless


Nobody is perfect and everyone has their little flaws. To be mentally strong, you must first embrace your flaws and try to tame them.

You need to list things you might want to change about yourself – your general perspective or the way you treat people.

This will allow you to tame these flaws, create a new perspective on life and help you set a straight path. Some people see life as though it cheated them by not putting them in a position that is conducive enough for them to grow.

But the truth is that even though your environment played a role in curbing your growth, your brain did too. Don’t resign to fate on conditions that life has put you.

Stop spending your time lamenting and complaining. Instead, work on the situation with possible solutions. If you are one of such people, I will advise you to change your views and start working towards achieving your goals, because there is virtually no excuse for failure especially if you are healthy.

11. Start A Journal

This is like my personal low-budget therapy. Anytime I feel down or sad, I pick up my pen and start writing out my feelings & my hurts. That act calms me down to see things from another angle.

If someone you care about hurts you so much and there is nobody around to talk to, locking up can be really toxic if you want to develop yourself.

Instead, simply pick up a pen and paper and write out what you feel. Let it flow and pour out all your grief onto that journal.

Now, make sure you read it and see the extent to which you hurt. Come to terms with the fact that you’re hurt. Cry if you can and let it end there. Tell yourself you will not put yourself through such a situation again.

Don’t stop there. Write out your next steps to ensure it doesn’t occur again. Be focused on how to actualize your dreams. Write what give you joy and happiness.

Make sure to keep this journal private as your personal possession because this is your most private thoughts and feelings. Once you feel terrible again, you can simply go back to previous write-ups and motivate yourself. You have seen far worse and you will overcome again.

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12. Exercise Regularly

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless

This is also one of my favorite forms of therapy. Exercise helps to build you physically and mentally – kill two birds with one stone. The feeling of your legs hitting the ground, or the wind brushing your face is enough to take your mind off whatever.

There are surprising benefits of exercise. Exercise can teach you commitment, patience, and persistence. Do not give up on yourself ever. As long as there is life, there is always hope, and the most surprising thing about exercise is the fact that it is slowly becoming an industry on its own.

13. Be in charge of your life

The key to being mentally strong and fearless is control—control over your life, including your feelings and sense of direction. Being in charge of your life involves being confident in your skin and knowing who you are.

Assuming complete responsibility for your present situation in life is another aspect of being in charge of your life. You realize that where you are today is a result of the decisions, ideas, and deeds you made in the past.

When you mess up, you don’t think twice about admitting it and you work hard to make sure you learn from it so you don’t make the same mistake again.

Make up your mind about the world, have faith in yourself, and practice kindness, love, and tolerance.

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14. Train your mind

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless

Your mind requires training to grow stronger, just like your body does. It takes continual effort to be mentally strong and fearless.

Set a goal for yourself to learn new things consistently. Take an interest in the world and keep yourself updated.

Anything that inspires your creative side, such as reading, writing, painting, seeing plays or wonderful movies, should be done. Chat with others. Engage in meaningful dialogue that goes beyond chit-chat. Find out about people’s pasts and contribute your thoughts.

Many deliberate actions are required to develop and preserve mental fortitude. Daily decisions are what keep it up. Engage in a basic task that challenges your mental capacity to build strength.

15. Embrace challenges

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless

Another way to develop a strong mind and overcome fear is to accept the truth that difficulties and challenges will inevitably arise in life. You will then be able to view the roadblocks in your way as big steps.

Knowing that setbacks and unexpected difficulties are not a shot in the dark but rather a way to learn more and comprehend something better might encourage you when you experience them.

Detaching myself from failures is something I’ve learned to do over time. I realized that it’s not just about myself. I have had setbacks and emerged even stronger.

It is challenging, to be sure, but with persistent effort, it gradually becomes a part of you.
As much as you can, avoid personalizing the situation or falling into self-pitying thoughts like, “Why me of all persons?” Just get moving!

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16. Keep your gaze on the present

Abraham Maslow stated that being able to remain in the present moment is a key element of mental wellness when discussing the significance of doing so.

This means that you should concentrate all of your efforts on the here and now. When you keep your attention on the present, you become aware of where you have the greatest influence to affect change.

Don’t waste your time worrying about the past or the future because they are both things you cannot change. Invest your time and effort where you can genuinely have an impact, which is in the here and now.

Keep in mind just how far you’ve come whenever you start to doubt your ability to advance. Give yourself kudos for all that you have endured, for the conflicts you have conquered, and for overcoming your anxieties.

17. Be sincere with yourself

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless

The best and toughest course of action is, to be frank with yourself regarding your struggles. You will only hurt yourself if you lie to yourself about what’s happening.

One of your strongest mental traits may be your ability to face the truth. You need to have the strength to face a challenge head-on if you want to win. You also must stop blaming others for your problems; it will take you nowhere.

18. Assess your earlier experiences

Think about your previous experiences. You must be able to take something away from it. To ensure that you won’t make the same mistakes again, you should reflect on the past actions that you regret or wish you’d taken properly.

Try to take away as much knowledge as possible from such experiences. Only by such a practice does one come to understanding.

You can learn how to handle challenges in the future by considering what happened rather than merely attempting to forget it. Overall, this exercise will strengthen your mind and make you fearless.

19. You should look after yourself

To look after yourself is to attend to your wants and needs as well as to participate in enjoyable and relaxing activities. You remain fearless and mentally strong as a result.

Consume a nutritious, balanced diet that is rich in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins. Rest well. Consume a lot of water. Exercise Daily. They are also ways to live a healthy happy life no matter what.

20. Interact with mentally strong persons.

How To Be Mentally Strong And Fearless

Step out and interact with people instead of shutting yourself inside a cage. Be in the company of mentally strong individuals.

This requires withdrawing yourself from the company of persons who could be detrimental to your mental stability and those who lack self-awareness and mental strength.

Meeting mentally strong people can allow you to keep getting stronger and keep improving. You’ll be able to go through many mental barriers after you leave behind the folks who are limiting you.

Interacting with mentally strong individuals will make you mentally stronger, which is why associating yourself with them is so crucial to your progress.

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I hope this helps you to kick Mr. fear in the face.

Face whatever comes your way with a ridiculously positive spirit and mentally strong brain of yours. 😉 

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