9 Health Care Insurance Benefits You Should Get

Safeguarding your financial stability in the event of illness or injury is a fundamental necessity, and the linchpin to this security is a well-chosen health insurance plan that can offer you several healthcare insurance benefits.

However, health coverage is far from uniform; each plan possesses unique nuances, offering diverse levels of protection and additional advantages.

Here are nine healthcare insurance benefits that warrant meticulous scrutiny when selecting a plan for this year. 

1. Lower Deductibles Can Save You Money

An essential aspect of a health insurance policy is the deductible, the out-of-pocket amount you must cover before your insurance pays your medical expenses.

Opting for plans with healthcare insurance benefits featuring lower deductibles, ideally under $1,000, proves useful as it reduces overall expenditure, particularly if substantial medical care is needed.

This is attributed to a more immediate coverage of costs without the necessity of meeting a substantial upfront deductible initially.

It’s crucial to note, however, that while lower deductible plans offer these healthcare insurance benefits, they typically come with higher monthly premiums, necessitating careful consideration of the trade-offs involved in selecting the right plan for your needs.


2. Out-of-Pocket Maximums Limit Your Costs

In addition to deductibles, pay attention to out-of-pocket maximums when selecting an optimal health plan.

This refers to the total amount you would owe in medical expenses in a year, including the deductible. Your secondary insurance typically covers any care you receive after hitting this maximum.

For adequate protection, target health care insurance benefits with out-of-pocket maximums of $5,000 or less per person plans. This caps your liabilities if something catastrophic happens, preventing outrageous medical bills.

Those with chronic health issues should prioritize plans that can provide healthcare insurance benefits with the lowest caps possible.

3. Preventative Care Coverage Saves on Checkups

Preventative care coverage offered by health insurance extends beyond routine checkups and screenings.

It encompasses crucial services such as annual physical exams, well-woman visits cancer screenings, and vaccinations. 

The Affordable Care Act ensures these preventative services are accessible without out-of-pocket expenses, eliminating copays or coinsurance fees.

This facilitates regular health monitoring and encourages early detection of potential health issues, ultimately contributing to overall well-being and financial savings.

Individuals can proactively manage their health and mitigate future medical costs by prioritising preventative care.

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4. Look for Low Coinsurance Percentages

In addition to copays, health plans often require you to pay a percentage of the total bill for certain services once you meet your deductible.

This cost-sharing structure is known as coinsurance. The best health insurance policies have lower coinsurance rates – ideally 20% or less. This minimizes the portion you must pay for expensive hospital stays, surgeries, childbirth, and other complex care.

Be sure to understand the coinsurance rates for different service categories as you compare plan options.

Scrutinize coinsurance rates for things like hospitalization, outpatient procedures, lab work, medical equipment, and speciality drugs.

The lowest rates for these expensive services can make a big difference financially. You want abundant coverage for when you need significant medical intervention, not just basic office visits.

Review sample bills to gauge potential costs with different coinsurance levels.

5. Prescription Drug Coverage Saves Money

9 Health Care Insurance Benefits You Should Get

Another key healthcare insurance benefit to evaluate is prescription medication coverage. The costs of drugs can seriously add up, making prescription coverage extremely valuable.

Ideally, look for plans with a reasonable formulary of covered medications across drug tiers.

This includes generics, preferred brands, and non-preferred brands. Low copays for generics – $15 or less – help make basic prescriptions highly affordable.

6. Coverage for Specialty Drugs is Crucial

In addition to common drugs, robust plans offer coverage for very high-cost speciality pharmaceuticals.

These include cutting-edge biologics, gene therapies, and drugs for complex conditions. Though speciality drugs represent only 1-2% of prescriptions, they account for over 30% of medication spending.

Make sure any plan you choose health Care insurance benefits which include reasonable access to these life-changing therapies. Otherwise, you could face coinsurance costs of thousands of dollars per speciality prescription.

This coverage is especially vital for those with serious medical issues such as cancer.

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7. Mental Health Resources Provide Vital Support

With rates of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions on the rise, counselling and therapy coverage has become a must-have benefit.

Quality health plans today offer access to in-network mental health professionals at low or no cost to members after deductible.

Seeking mental wellness help should be as easy as addressing physical health concerns. So, prioritize healthcare insurance benefits that provide plans for making mental healthcare accessible both financially and logistically through provider networks and telehealth options.

Support for substance abuse recovery is another plus. This improves access at perhaps the most critical intervention moments.

8. Wellness Programs Can Enhance Your Health

9 Health Care Insurance Benefits You Should Get

For policyholders interested in optimizing their health, consider plans with robust wellness programs included. These arm you with tools for losing weight, quitting smoking, managing chronic illness, and more through customized goals and incentives.

From activity trackers to health coaching to gym discounts, wellness programs empower lifestyle changes that lower disease risk and make you feel your best.

This ultimately pays dividends through fewer doctor visits, prescription needs, and health emergencies.

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9. Home Healthcare Coverage Provides Flexibility

Medical care from your residence can greatly assist recovery and be convenient for injuries or illnesses requiring ongoing care.

Seek health plans offering coverage for home healthcare services such as nursing visits, intravenous therapy, physical/occupational therapy, and more.

Robust home health benefits allow patients to transition seamlessly from hospital to home while getting intensive services covered.

This perk helps prevent readmissions and supports outcomes. For elderly policyholders or those with mobility limitations, it can also reduce burdensome transportation needs to appointments.


When comparing health insurance policies during open enrollment, keep these top-tier healthcare insurance benefits in mind.

Prioritize low deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums alongside coinsurance caps that provide true financial protection. Also, look for generous coverage of preventative services, prescriptions, speciality drugs, mental health, wellness, and home healthcare.

Plans extending beyond basics with benefits like these empower you to access the care you need while minimizing surprise bills and long-term costs.

This leads to sustainable good health and peace of mind, knowing your medical needs will be covered.

You can find high-value insurance that fits your health profile and budget with some research.

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