The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

For some of us, we take our little privileges in life for granted.

These privileges exceed wealth and jewellery, it could be something as underrated as life or just the fact that you have all your body parts intact.

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy that volleyball game the way you do, and they have to work extra hard to prove themselves.

Though some people were born with different kinds of disabilities, a large number have come to terms with their disabilities and have turned them into an ability.

The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

Many of them have smiled through their hardest days, and have become more successful in life than some able-bodied. Their success stories sometimes bring tears to the eyes of listeners who end up being motivated to achieve more in their own lives.

One of these incredible stories, a breathtaking one at that, is the life of a man called Gabe Adams.

In this article, you will find out that it is only will power and determination that can actually guarantee success and not just talent or capabilities.

And no disability can stop you if you are willing to give your all.

Early Life Of Gabe Adams

Gabe Adams was born in Sau paolo Brazil to a young mother who was devastated and awfully overwhelmed about having a limbless kid.

In fact, she was terrified and extremely disappointed that she abandoned little Gabe in an orphanage.

Even though his mother carried him peacefully in her womb for 9 months, and the ultrasound detected nothing, Gabe Adams was born with a rare medical condition called Hanhart Syndrome.

Fortunately, the word of a limbless child reached the United States and the state of Utah in a supermarket where a magazine wrote the story of a limbless abandoned kid in Brazil.

Janelle Adams, a mother of 13, immediately took interest in the story of Gabe Adams. According to her, she immediately knew that she had to be his mom. However, Janelle and her husband did not raise Gabe Adams like he had a disability, instead, they treated him like every other kid and this greatly improved his instincts and independence.

You can comfortably say that the Adams family discipline and positivity contributed to the uniqueness of Gabe Adams.

The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

Let’s talk about Hanhart syndrome a bit:

Hanhart syndrome also known as Aglossia adactylia is a rare medical condition that occurs in barely 1 out of 20,000 children.

In children affected by Hanhart, fingers could be partially missing or even completely absent depending on the severity. Other symptoms may include facial deformations due to the lack of the appropriate nerves.

However, Gabe Adams case was quite severe and he was born without limbs. No arms no legs.

Just Gabe Adams.

The cause of this syndrome is not known to date. Due to the fact that it rarely occurs, a vaccine might not be around the corner either.

The silver lining

The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams
The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

Gabe Adams began to take advantage of his disability when he was just 13 years old.

He learnt that he could actually breakdance and auditioned for the dance team in his school.

Luckily, he made it to the dance teams of both Davis and desert hill high schools and was also a senior class officer before he graduated in 2017.

He was greatly loved for his loveliness and his passion to learn and live a full life.

According to a classmate, “Sometimes you won’t even notice that Adam had a disability because he could do almost everything we could do”.

The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

Gabe Adams started becoming independent at a very young age, learning to eat, brush and wash himself without help.

This was partly due to the lovely upbringing he got from Janelle and her husband, his new family.

Challenges Gabe Adams Faced

We all know that being different comes with a lot of challenges.

It’s one thing to be born different, but it’s a whole different case to be rejected by your mother because of your disability.

This was the case for Gabe, he was different and rejected. This meant he had to work extra hard to prove himself and make friends.

Once Gabe was old enough to know he was different, it was only normal for him to have low self-esteem.

However, he began to adapt and learn how to be independent at remarkable speed. 

As a young boy, he had already lost almost everything but fortunately, he found a family in the home of the Adams.

The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams
The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

“It wasn’t an easy decision to add Adams to an already large family. We had our concerns, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the sweet little boy so far away without arms, legs or a family,” Janelle told Today.

The future of Gabe began to glow a bit once Janelle managed to locate the orphanage where Gabe’s biological mother abandoned him.

Finally, this little boy who was different could have a family, instead of being confined to a bed all his life.

The adoption process was set in motion, though a bit slow.

After the paperwork was out of the way, Janelle and her husband were overwhelmed to meet their long-awaited son.

Everyone fell in love with the limbless kid from Brazil, and Gabe fit right in like a missing piece.

The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams
The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

Even though school and other social areas were though for little Gabe, his family gave the care and love he needed to survive and conquer.

Gabe Adams had to deal with bullying as a kid and low self-esteem. He knew he was different but he wanted to do things other kids could including swimming and dancing.

Despite his disability, Adams is still living a very full and normal life. He made it to the 29-person dance team after secretly teaching himself how to dance at just 12 years of age.


Gabe Adams had always been a happy kid from birth, he loved to try new things and do them himself. 

His level of independence and passion to learn is remarkable. He taught himself to dance secretly in his room. Then tried out for the school dance team and that was when people began to see the star in Gabe.

He became an internet sensation for his dance videos, where people were impressed by a young breakdancer with no limbs.

Not surprisingly, Gabe Adams hobbies include Dancing, Chess games and swimming.

Gabe Adams who is now 19 years old is hoping to become a motivational speaker, touching lives and speaking to people with physical, emotional and mental disabilities.


The Incredible Life And Achievements Of Gabe Adams

Gabe Adams hopes to use his life as an example to people. To let them know that there is more to life and you can achieve your dreams. No matter how big it may seem.

He posts dance videos of himself on YouTube and has Instagram and Twitter handles you can follow.

That child from Brazil whose future was so uncertain is now living a full and happy life.

A practical example of inspiration and hope to everyone. 😉 

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