Firstly, what is telematics?

When you search the term online, you are often met with convoluted definitions that may not make much sense at first.

But I will explain it to you in the simplest form possible.

Telematics technology collects data through the use of devices such as dash cams, electronic logging devices (also known as an ELD), GPS’s and more.

Driving a truck (also referred to as a lorry across the pond) can initially seem like a daunting job to undertake.

The sheer size and weight of trucks make them one of the most dangerous vehicles to drive.

So, putting telematics into consideration is crucial if you want to set up a transportation company or improve your fleet business.

Below are some reasons you should use telematics technology.

1. Telematics is necessary for safety

Keeping your employees safe is a top priority and you can utilize telematics for this purpose if implemented correctly.

For fleet safety, they can monitor any unsafe practices of driving, unacceptable high speeds and any form of accidents.

2. You might need the records

You need records to practise fleet telematics

When it comes to training or giving feedback to your employees, past and recent data can be shown in order to improve this.

This will also help you to ensure that future employees are fully aware of safety practices.

Tracking your fleet and having the report sent back to management will help the overall efficiency of the business.

In addition, it saves video recordings of accidental damage or collisions just in case a claim arises.

3. Telematics helps you to plan your route

Telematics systems (such as GPS) also determines the appropriate routes for your drivers to take.

By mapping out routes, you can choose the most efficient route and your employees will not be at risk throughout the journey.

Even though monitoring their driving habits may initially be seen as watching everything your employee is doing (and perhaps you do not trust them in their roles), it is keeping them safe and the delivery goods from being damaged that is most important.

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4. Monitoring the details

You can Capture if your drivers are on their phones, if they are wearing their seatbelts (through sensors) and how they unload goods.

This will also help you to reduce any expenses spent on accidental damage and also improve customer satisfaction in the long term.

With efficient monitoring, you can ensure that your customers are receiving an efficient service and pristine goods.

5. Telematics records your working hours

No one likes to feel fatigued or overworked.

Telematic systems such as an ELD allows employees to see their work hours, how many stops they have left to do and how long they have left of their shift.

This will directly boost employee morale and prevent them from falling asleep at the wheel.

Thousands of people are in accidents every year due to fatigue. Therefore, by implementing an electronic logging device, your employees will know when they should take breaks.

6. Emergency services

Fleet telematics gives emergency arrangements

As telematics systems record data in real time, if a vehicular issue or collision should arise, it will help you recover by informing your accident helpline automatically.

If your truck is stolen, the GPS can also be used to track the location of the vehicle. This allows you to keep the police informed on time.

I expect that you will start planning to use telematics after reading this article.

I hope you found enough reasons to start using fleet telematics.

Which of the important factors do you find most necessary?

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