One amazing thing about Mary was the fact that she had a carry-over (she had to repeat a course) and still finished as one of the best students with a first class result.

She didn’t let the initial failure to impede her targets and goals of being an outstanding student.

She kept on pushing until she saw the silver lining in the sky. Besides, she effectively combined academics with business to support herself and parents.

With determination, no height is too tall to climb.

Enjoy this interesting interview.

1. Your full name?

Osarimien Mary Isioma.

2. Course studied, University, Graduation year?

Microbiology, FUTA, 2017.

3. Why did you choose that course of yours?

I chose microbiology in order to know more of the organisms responsible for various diseases in our society. Most of these diseases are deadly.

Unfortunately, my brother fell victim of measles and died within a few days. I really want to know how to put an end to these deadly organisms. That ’s the reason for my love for microbiology.

4. Can you please share any difficulty or hurdle you faced as a student and how you overcame?

As a microbiologist in FUTA, the main challenge I had was time. I love reading and I assimilate better during the day but there was no time to read during the day. We spend most of the time in class and in the laboratory. I overcame this challenge with God on my side by reading at night no matter how stressed up I was.

5. What is your personal mission/vision statement?

Embarking on researches that will help in reducing microbial attack in our society.

6. What drives you to success?

God and hard work. I also associate myself with people who know better than I do.

7. What are your hobbies and dislikes?

Reading, playing games, cooking and watching films and sport. I dislike unfaithfulness.

8. Were you in a love relationship while in school? if yes, how did you combine it with your academics without one affecting the other? If no, why?

Yes, I was able to combine it with my academics because I spent less time on my relationship in terms of calls, visitation etc. and more time on my study.

9. Did you see yourself becoming a first-class student a few years back and why?

No, because I know I am an average student.

10. What are the unique secrets or tips for finishing well in your department?

Regular attendance, punctuality in class and practicals, consistent reading.

11. How did you achieve your goals of becoming a first-class student?

Through prayer, hard work and group interaction

Exclusive Interview With A First Class Student Of Microbiology
Exclusive Interview With A First Class Student Of Microbiology
12. Was there any time you failed or any time you were not happy with your grades? Can you tell us about the experience?

Yes, when I had a carryover. Well, it was not easy but I did not allow that to draw me back since I was already a first-class student. I read the course like have not offered it before.

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13. How did you get over it?

Attending the class despite having the lecture notes when I first took the course, reading it and also praying about it.

14. Have you had any challenge with a lecturer in the past? How did you scale through?

No. I didn’t have any challenge with any of my lecturers.

15. Would you advise students to combine academics with other activities while on campus? Why?

Yes, because education is not all about what you are taught in the classroom. To be a better person in the world, we need to participate in other activities outside the classroom.

16. Which other activity did you indulge in as a student?

I also engaged in business.

17. Would you say you had more friends or lost more friends because of your goals and values? Kindly explain.

I had more friends. Being a direct entry student, I only knew and got associated with few people in my first semester but after my first result was out, my course mates and other people wanted to know who I was and the school I came from. Through this, I knew a lot of people and some of them eventually became my friends.

18. Have you ever been a recipient of any scholarship? How did you apply for it?

I was not a recipient of any.

19. Is there any habit you are working hard to break and what are the measures you are taking to break it?

I don’t think there is any.

20. During your undergraduate days, was there a mistake you made and wished you could undo?

Nope. I can’t remember any for now.

21. During your undergraduate days, was there something you couldn’t do but wished you did?

Yes, I would have loved to learn some other skills.

22. Has your choice of friends influenced your success in any way? How?

Yes, my friends are the reading type. They encouraged me to read even when I was weak.

23. Has your structure of home and family influenced your success in any way? How?

Yes, I came from a monogamous home and both my father and mother influenced my success in terms of prayer, finance and advice. In one word, their unity helped me.

Exclusive Interview With A First Class Student Of Microbiology
Exclusive Interview With A First Class Student Of Microbiology
24. What advice would you give people with a poor choice of friends and people who are not lucky enough to be raised in a healthy home?

I will advise them to move away from those friends. I will also advise those who were not raised in good homes to put aside the problem at home and face the future. They can bring an end to whatever is going on in their family when they become somebody great in life.

25. Can you share a testimony that showed vividly that God was involved in your success?

God was really involved because I never thought of a first class result in my life being an average student.

26. Is there any particular experience from which you will like us to learn? This could be in any area of life.

Well, the experience I will like to share is the issue of finance. I had no one to help me except my parents who do not have enough money to sponsor my education, so I engaged in petty business and also work during holidays to support them. Therefore, to ladies out there you don’t need to be wayward before you can make money.

27. Who do you see yourself becoming in the nearest future and how are you working towards that?

A lecturer. I will go for my masters very soon and PhD after that.

28. What advice would you give students who wish to be highly successful?

They should love God and their studies.

29. Any advice to give to a student who has failed severally and about to give up?

They should keep on trying. With God, all things are easy. Moreover, failure is not enough reason to quit.

30. What is your definition of success?

Being able to achieve a set goal irrespective of obstacles.

31. What have you been up to since you graduated?

Teaching and business.

32. Would you like to drop your mail, just in case anyone wants to ask you further questions?

Yes. Fortuneodunayo1990@gmail.com.

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