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3 Digital Marketing Tips to Attract Cryptocurrency Newbies

Why would anyone even want to attract the attention of cryptocurrency newbies?

The answer to that is quite simple! You would if you were a trader or one of the many global crypto exchanges out there. Sadly, crypto is still relatively in its infancy but is gathering momentum daily, hourly in fact.

Unlike fiat (traditional bills and coins) which has been around since the beginning of time, cryptocurrency has only been in existence since 2009.

Is there any wonder why there are so many newbies gaining an interest in crypto?

Whether you are a cryptocurrency trader or the developer of an exchange, a few digital marketing tips can help you draw an ever-widening audience. Here’s how that’s done.

1. Strategic Use of SEO

Just like in any other marketing strategy, you would want to rely heavily on organic traffic. Google loves well-written and informative content, so blog away.

Always use data analytics to find keywords that are most searched for and then employ them in your content to attract attention to your website. Did we fail to mention that a visible web presence is essential in marketing? With that said, you will want to post on as many sites as possible, building backlinks to your cryptocurrency website.

It’s okay to play with words a bit too! Use long-tail keywords as well as Latent Search Indexing (LSI) alternatives to those keywords. Much is written on the subject, but the only difference in what you will probably read is the industry or niche for which those articles were written.

Substitute “cryptocurrency” for home builders, for example, and you will have the key to great SEO tips that will help you rank highly with Google. That’s how you will be found.

2. Freebies They Can Use

One of the best ways to attract the attention of crypto newbies is to use some of those backlinks to offer them free tools they can use. Have them check out the free Ethereum prices index that is continually updated.

Any kind of crypto tool you can offer for free like hot wallets will excite them to no end. Who doesn’t love a freebie?

Now consider giving them a free hot wallet in which to store their crypto and you will have them wanting to buy a supply to fill that digital wallet!

3. Mobile Apps

Another major attraction for today’s consumer is those mobile apps we see everyone accessing or playing with every time they have a mobile device in their hands.

From games to calculators and everything in between, where there is a mobile phone, there is an app.

However, the attraction doesn’t stop there. The in-app purchases you place throughout the app might even begin to interest them more! The key is to give them something that is not only interesting but benefits them in some way.


With such a growing interest in the security and privacy of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, any app that can help a newbie better understand the technology and benefits of such a secure currency is a major win for you.

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