When starting and running a business, it’s essential to consider the details.

You’ve got your business plan, you’ve got your social media loaded and ready to engage, and you’ve got your new office space for you to take the world by storm.

But these details are only half of it. And as much as you want to present yourself to the world, you’ve also got to present yourself to retain employees, both current and future. 

Company culture is a massive part of what makes a business successful. Your company culture should be something that makes people enjoy working there and want to stay.

However, this isn’t as putting a ping-pong table in the break room. There need to be incentives that set you apart from others. Here are some creative things you should consider.

1. Flexible Hours

The traditional working week is fading. People no longer want to work 9 to 5 but instead, take advantage of not needing to be in the office all the time.

You can offer the option to work from home and take advantage of Skype, Slack, and similar platforms to get in touch when needed. 

There is also the option of flexitime, which still makes sure everyone gets their hours in without demanding they all come in at the same time.

This gives people the chance to go to the gym, take their kids to school, and make appointments without dealing with rush hour traffic. 

2. Food and Drink

Having free tea, coffee or healthy lunches available is one superb program of keeping everyone happy while they’re at work.

The promise of breakfast on arrival ensures everyone can get there on time. They know they don’t need to rush or completely skip breakfast.

This also ensures they are productive as soon as they walk through the door. 

3. Fitness and Health

Fitness directly correlates to mental health, and endorphins released following a workout helps your employees deal with stress and other symptoms of burnout. 

You can focus on your employee health by offering free or discounted gym memberships. This is useful as it gives people an incentive to work. If your company is large enough, an on-site gym is ideal.

Offering health plans also gives your employees the security they need should they have medical problems.

You can also look into services such as Medtronic, which provide treatments that are less invasive than others, meaning recovery time is slashed and prevents too much discomfort for your employees, allowing them to get back to work sooner. 

4. The Social Side

You can have informal situations like going out for company nights out. You should treat them to fun activities as a reward for excellent work. If your employees see an incentive on the horizon, it could give them that extra push to succeed for you. 

Giving your employees the chance to let loose and engage with each other out of the professional environment is excellent for team building and company morale.

It allows people to chat with others they might hardly see. They can get to know each other out of their respective departments. 


Of course, it’s not possible to offer all of these perks, especially not at first.

However, proving the benefits you can for your employees will make the company a more attractive place to work.

As long as they don’t abuse such benefits, then you’ll be able to retain employees and have a successful company.

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Post Author: Abimbola Joseph

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