7 Creative Ways To Get Real Estate Clients

Creative And Effective Ways To Get More Clients In Real Estate Business

Planning to expand your career if you have a real estate license in Oklahoma?

Being a real estate agent, you probably know that the key to success in this business lies when you find new clients and close a good deal. 

It is a competitive market, and it can be easy to feel lost and confused as you compete with other agents reaching for the same buyers and sellers.

But fear not – you can learn some creative and effective strategies along your journey that have already helped agents stand out from the crowd, attract more and more clients, and ultimately grow your business with a real estate license in Oklahoma. 

In this article, you will learn some of the tested and proven strategies for expanding your client base in the real estate industry. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Tips to Get More Clients in Real Estate 

Are you a professional with a real estate license in Oklahoma? Check on for more tips to guide you.

1. Build a Website 

A well-designed website showcases your expertise, highlights successes, and provides valuable information for home buyers and sellers. It’s an essential tool in today’s digital age, where most people start their real estate search online.

Your website must be eye-catching and can be navigated easily. It should also feature high-quality images of properties you’ve helped to buy or sell and must include testimonials from satisfied clients.


Beyond aesthetics and functionality, optimizing your website for search engines (SEO) is important to attract more visitors.

Using targeted keywords related to the real estate industry and your local market, you can rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing visibility among potential clients.

Also, integrating blogging into your site can further demonstrate your knowledge about the market while providing valuable content that keeps visitors engaged. Of course, a strong web presence bolsters credibility with prospective clients while showcasing what sets you apart from competitors in the real estate business.

2. Buy Real Estate Leads

Purchasing real estate, leads can be a game changer for your business. It gives you a steady line of potential clients to connect with instead of relying solely on traditional methods like referrals and cold calling.

This strategy not only increases your chances of success but could also help save your time and energy that could be better spent nurturing relationships and closing deals. However, choosing the right lead generation company or platform is crucial, as not all providers are created equal.

3. Come Up with Email Marketing Campaigns

Just think about launching a captivating email marketing campaign that will keep your existing clients engaged and attract new prospects to your growing real estate business. 

You have to craft carefully and personalize each message. 

Diversifying your content to include helpful tips, market updates, and success stories will demonstrate your commitment to client satisfaction.

This will reinforce why they should choose you as their trusted real estate professional. Effective email marketing campaigns require consistency, creativity, and a clear call to action.

4. Engage with the Community

A strong presence within your local community is important for gaining trust and credibility. That leads to an expanding client base for your thriving real estate business.

By engaging with the community, you can build valuable connections and demonstrate my commitment to the area and its residents. You may even participate in local events, volunteer at schools or charities, and sponsor sports teams are just a few ways I can get involved.

Furthermore, interacting with followers by responding to comments or messages will further strengthen those relationships.

It shows you’re attentive and approachable – qualities prospective clients value when selecting a real estate agent.

5. Virtual Staging

You’ll be amazed at how virtual staging can transform a space into a warm, inviting home that potential buyers can envision themselves living in.

As a professional with a real estate license in Oklahoma, you must remain ahead of the curve. Take advantage of the latest technology to encourage clients to connect with you. 

Virtual staging is one such powerful tool that allows you to showcase properties in their best light without the time-consuming and expensive process of physically staging them. 

With high-quality 3D renderings or augmented reality applications, you can create realistic images of fully furnished and decorated rooms. This will captivate potential buyers and help sell properties faster.

With the growing popularity of online property listings and social media marketing, visually appealing images are crucial for attracting attention from prospective buyers. 

By incorporating virtual staging into your real estate marketing strategy, you demonstrate innovation and adaptability – qualities that today’s tech-savvy clients highly value when choosing an agent to work with.

6. Ask for Referrals

Asking for referrals is often overlooked. Truth is, having referrals has already proven to be an effective way to gain new clients and expand your network.

Asking for referrals requires tact and professionalism; however, it’s important not to hesitate to request recommendations from pleased clients.

7. Partnering with Local Businesses

Partnerships with the existing business will be a great opportunity to increase your network. You will be able to attract potential clients in a more relaxed and personal environment.

Consider hosting joint events with these businesses. You can offer exclusive deals for their customers. This will give you exposure to new clientele who already have some level of trust in the business they frequent.

With that, you can promote each other’s services on social media platforms. You can create valuable content that showcases your expertise while highlighting the products or services offered by your partners.


The real estate business can be highly competitive, but apart from the competition is implementing creative and effective strategies.

You only have to consistently refine your marketing efforts and focus on delivering value to your clients.

Don’t settle on attracting more clients; you should also build a strong reputation in the industry.

Don’t wait to get started. Explore these tactics and be known as one of Oklahoma’s best and most reliable professionals with a real estate license. 

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