Creative Ways To Advertise Job Openings

So, how do you advertise a job in a way that results in the best applicant pool?

In today’s tight labour market, the rise of social media, the use of Google as the primary search engine, and continued growth job advertising has become more important than ever.

Job ads are a great way to attract new applicants for your openings and save time vetting applications from unqualified candidates.

Unfortunately, not all job ads are created equal. Some can be expensive and harder to track than others. 

Here are some helpful tips on advertising your job so you can get the best applicants possible.

1. Make Sure You Understand The Role

Before you advertise a job, you need to fully understand the role. You should know what experience is required for the position, how many hours a week will be needed, and what responsibilities the employee will have.

This will help you to know what kind of interview questions you will draft for potential candidates.

Once you have all this information, it will be easier to advertise your job because you won’t need to fill in any gaps during the ad copy.

2. Use A Job Description Template

A job description template is an invaluable tool for any company. It’s the perfect way to ensure you are reaching out to qualified candidates who can fill the position without investing a lot of time in writing or rewriting the ad.

There are many templates available on the internet, and they usually include all of the information you will need when advertising your opening, such as what qualifications are required, where to apply, how to apply, and more.

To get started with advertising your job, head over to Hiring People and check out their free job description templates.

These can offer a great template for your company to use when looking to hire new candidates.

3. Include A Salary

One of the most important aspects to mention in your job ad is salary.

You may be get the temptation to leave this off in order to see who’s really interested. However, keep in mind that it could deter some good candidates who would otherwise be happy with the position.

At a minimum, include the salary range or salary band depending on how you choose to advertise the position.

4. Avoid Using Jargon

When advertising a job, it’s important to use language that is understandable to the general public.

Job seekers are not always familiar with the jargon used by your company as this can vary between industries. Hence, using speciality terms can be confusing.

Instead of using acronyms or technical phrases, write out the full words or shorten them. This will make them more easily understood by those who may not be in your specific field but are otherwise qualified for the role you are advertising.

5. Include Information About The Company Culture

When creating a job ad, it’s important to include information about the company culture. What is it like and what benefits do you offer?

This will help you attract applicants who are looking for a long-term position with a company where they feel comfortable.

Telling people your company’s ethics, values and benefits lets them know if you are the kind of place where they would want to work.

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