Corporate Event Ideas In Kansas City

A corporate event is essential for each organization as it helps them build strong relationships within the company.

These can include stakeholders, board members, and employees. Such events are planned and funded by the business itself.

It might sound fun to plan an engaging corporate event for your team. However, it gets overwhelming when planning activities, transportation, and other amenities, especially for an event in a different city.

Most businesses plan their business terminus events in Kansas City, which has terrific venues for professional outings. You easily plan an event there as you can find everything from technologically advanced activities to exciting ventures.

Therefore, I have come up with this article with some great ideas for your corporate events. These are ideas to help you collaborate, work and celebrate. Let’s dig in!

1. ScavBoss

It is a great activity that can be performed indoors and outdoors. You can divide your team into multiple groups and leave them to solve riddles and puzzles.

The units can take about 2 to 3 hours to finish the game. Interestingly, even when the duration is long, the game is exciting. Also, this game encourages teamwork along with strategic thinking.

You can connect with a destination management company to share your idea on how you wish your team to indulge in ScavBoss. They can customize and plan the event for you, including transportation, food, and entertainment. These Companies also customize the game using some themes, thus enhancing the experience.

2. Paint a Masterpiece

Planning a movie is a typical corporate event, but setting up an artistic tour is beyond your employee’s imagination.

It is a perfect gift to your employees to let them learn something new and bond over the unique concept with their colleagues while also enjoying the art class.

You can find multiple artists in Kansas City who offers personalized painting classes to commercial groups. You can either book an open space for the course or host the same virtually in your area.

The artists choose a local landmark and tell every person to draw a part of it. Lastly, you all put the pieces together to form a collaborative painting.

3. Plan a Volunteering Activity for the Team

If you have a small team of around 10-50 people, you can also plan to volunteer for other activities in this beautiful city. After you have played games and had a good time exploring the city, getting into a volunteering kitchen is suggested.

There are many such kitchens where the team has to prepare food for the needy. The exciting thing here is that the teams have to participate in a cooking competition designed by a dietician.

You get a pantry full of everyday food items and have to prepare healthy recipes using them. Later, you can run a food drive to distribute the food to the needy.

It makes a great way to end your corporate event with happy and satisfyingly smiling employees.

4. Kansas City Tour

Kansas is a beautiful city; there are a variety of things that even residents living for years have not explored. Interestingly, the city is also surrounded by unique neighborhoods; thus makes for a perfect outing event for businesses.

To make it an exceptional experience for your employees, you can share your expectations with the management company, and they will plan accordingly.

There is no one Kansas city tour that fits every destination. Instead, each organization’s budget and even requirements play an essential role in creating a unique city tour.


5. Cooking Class at any Culinary

When choosing Kansas as the city for your destination corporate event, it is better to do the things the locals enjoy there. If you are on a 2-3 day tour with your employees, you can plan a cooking class for one day.

Speak with the local culinary centers that would cater to commercial groups and give them a cooking class.

It is a soft team-building activity that allows people to interact with each other while having fun. You can choose from the various options, such as the Fun Lunch or Mystery Box Cookoff at the Culinary Center of Kansas City.

You may have to book an event space or get to the Culinary center to use their kitchen for the activities.

6. A team outing with food and entertainment

Nothing is better than planning an outing where your team can let loose and enjoy their day. There are many venues in Kansas City that offer food and activities that people can enjoy.

You can book a day’s place and plan other activities, such as a treasure hunt, bowling, playing bocce, and more.

Many companies also book bars for employees to enjoy the booze and dance their hearts out. You can keep an award night at such a venue for additional fun. It will be different yet entertaining in so many ways.


7. Sporting Events

As we all know, Kansas is home to significant basketball tournaments annually. So, when planning your corporate destination event, you must include spring in your schedule.

Kansas is famous for basketball, so plan a basketball match at Kansas University for the employees to relive their college days and get hands-on experience.

Many venues offer educational tours around the history of the game and its evolution.

8. The Equine Therapy

Horses are a great subject to use for a team-building activity. Kansas City has many stud farms offering horses for different activities at commercial offices.

It is worth noting that PTSD, anxiety, and depression patients are given equine therapy to reduce their stress.

Similarly, you can use horses to improve communication skills among your team. It is a fun and experiential learning technique that makes the employees happy and relieves stress.

Having the time to relax on a stud farm among different species of horses can make employees productive at the workplace.

Final Words

It is up to you to host a formal, semi-formal, or informal event.

The primary purpose of such events is to strengthen the team and build good relations among workers so they can be more productive at work.

Before finalizing any plan, it would be better to clarify your objective of hosting the event.

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