20 Contingent Workers You Should Have On Your Team

Sounds like a strange thing to say – Contingent workers are people you really need on your ‘team’ especially when you have a pretty tight schedule.

But the truth is that you probably have a lot of skills in a lot of different areas – some not as strong as others. However, when you become pressed for time because you are working on a scheduled project, or with clients, outsourced employees are ideal. 

Here are a few job specs that you should have in your talent pool team. They will always be handy and are always value for money. 

20 Contingent Workers You Should Have On Your Team

1. Virtual Assistant

Like you, but double. Depending on what you do, it will change what you give them as a workload.

If you run a blog or are a content creator, the first place you are likely to need back-up is your social media. Running any kind of business will need research support, data input, email management, organization and more. 

2. Lead Generation Professional

Aside from the tools that you probably have in place like Mailchimp or ConvertKit, having someone who is dedicated to research and lead gen will really be a time saver.

They will be able to provide you with all of the insights you are going to need to put your strategies together.

The information that they compile is typically of high value, but you won’t need to do this often, because the experts really go in-depth – so you’ll have plenty of other things to work on.

3. Graphic Designer

20 Contingent Workers You Should Have On Your Team

A friend who is a graphic designer once said to me that whenever she collects an invitation card, she admires the design on it and can, therefore, assess the quality and prowess of the designer.

The eyes being one of the most sensitive parts of the five senses can be stimulated by a professional designer that will make attractive designs that will be appealing to your clients.

Besides, a good design can improve the image of your company with outstanding and unique business logo, flyers and business cards. Graphic designers are usually hired for a special project.

4. Data Entry

This doesn’t really require any special kind of computer skills. It may be very straightforward to handle when there are just a few data that need to be entered.

But when it involves a large amount of information that needs to be entered, you can hire data entry services that are quite efficient, accurate and time-conscious.

5. Website developer

20 Contingent Workers You Should Have On Your Team

A website is a great platform to announce or promote your business online.

It makes people find you easily and allows them to know more about you, your product and the services you render.

While you may not be able to build a website yourself, you will need a website developer to build your website.

A website developer will ensure your website isn’t flawed and you can easily manage and update by yourself.

6. Call centres and customer support

There are companies that offer this service at an affordable rate. You can focus on what’s more important to your brand and don’t have to worry about calls.

When you outsource this service to companies. They will manage your calls and offer support to your customers.

The advantage here is that you won’t need any special training on your part.

7. Writers

If you own a blog or website, there are freelance writers available for hire to help you generate articles and content for your online platform.

Some companies are now adopting this method to keep their website updated with information.

8. Drafters

20 Contingent Workers You Should Have On Your Team

You may have a project in mind that you want to work on, but if you aren’t skilled enough to transform that idea into a picture, then you need drafters.

This set of people with a good knowledge of engineering and architecture can draw up sketches and plans from your original idea to be used in that project.

9. Human resource solutions

While you may find it cumbersome to get the needed and right support staff in your company, you can hire Human resource solutions to help you deal with this problem.

They will conduct interviews and hire employees for you in such a way that you get the right team to move your company forward.

10. Security services

This is important especially if you run a sensitive business that needs a certain level of safeguarding.

There are companies that offer private security services to public and private establishments, and this includes guards and security equipment.

They also hire and train security personnel that you can hire for your business.

11. Manufacturing

Sometimes, it will cost you more to manufacture the parts or ingredients you will need to produce a product. Besides, you might not be located in areas where the resources are readily available.

As a measure, you can outsource this task to other companies that are closer to these resources and get what you need from them to complete your manufacturing process.

12. Information technology support

20 Contingent Workers You Should Have On Your Team

The need to maintain a solid communication network between the computer systems and phone lines in a company is very important.

However, it is not an easy task that you can do single-handedly. You can hire a company that will monitor or manage your computer and network systems.

13. Data analyst

This is a skilled job that can be outsourced when you are faced with a large volume of data that needs analysis. A data analyst uses statistics and computer programs to analyze data.

They will interpret these using graphic representations via charts (pie chart, bar chart, pictograms) with clear and accurate descriptions and information. Your business might need a data analyst.

14. Personal assistants

While you need to be up and doing at all times, there are times you can’t meet up for an appointment or answer a phone call because you are always busy and sometimes stressed.

A personal assistant is a job that you can outsource. They will organize your schedule, monitor your activities, do inbox management, and ensure that you accomplish most of your daily itineraries for you.

15. Tax preparers

If monitoring numbers and finances aren’t your strongest ability in terms of preparing taxes, you can easily be overwhelmed by it.

Try to overcome this by outsourcing to tax preparers. With the financial information you make available for them and their knowledge of tax laws, it will be much easier to prepare your taxes.

16. Medical transcriptionist

Peradventure you visit your doctor and he makes a tape recording of any observation or problem you might have, this information in the recording should be written as a document in your medical records.

Medical transcriptionists are best suited for this task because they have a trained understanding of the medical terms in the recording and can transcribe the information available.

17. Bookkeeper

12 9 to 5 job alternatives
12 9 to 5 job alternatives

This is a specialized skill you might not be able to do correctly without errors.

There are companies or accounting firms that you can hire to help you with your accounts. Accounting is one of the most outsourced jobs and most of the firms that offer these services are aware of accounting standards.

The last thing you need to be doing is spending those billable hours working out your finances.

Although in the early days, it makes sense. Beyond that, having bookkeeping services will make the whole process much easier for you to handle. 

18. Copywriter

Pretty much all businesses are producing content in the form of blog posts, eBooks and other downloads. If you have a few ideas, a copywriter can mimic your style.

It makes sense to field this out if you don’t have the time to write it all yourself. Fresh content on your website as often as possible is a must.

If you don’t provide blog posts, then having a well-written copy and product descriptions are very valuable tools. Both are for SEO purposes. 

19. Social Media Manager

Sometimes people want more dedicated team members, so while the virtual assistant can do the job, and very well, perhaps you like to give more directed tasks.

They will be able to put together and then implement campaigns that will span over months. Using their specialist knowledge to provide you with the best bang for your buck. 

20. Coach

Many of the most significant people in business will turn to a business coach to keep them on track. It might be that you need a firmer direction.

It could be that you want to branch out and need to explore your options with a great sounding board.

For guidance and useful information and advice. Find a coach that has experience in your field – and learn from him. 


Imagine you just started a small company and you have many tasks right in front of you that need to be completed.

You want to make sure you deliver a quality service, while also building yourself and your brand. However, you have tried in the past but it was hard and worrisome. It’s time to outsource.

Outsourcing to contingent workers comes with lots of benefits.

You will worry less about personally acquiring lots of special skills to get some of your job done yourself. Also, you can focus on your main responsibilities while you have access to the skilled expertise of others.

You can’t do it all by yourself. Yes, you can pay people or another company to do some of your jobs for you, even at a cheaper rate. This will help you to focus on delivering that top-notch service your clients’ desire. It’s a win-win situation that works.

I hope this helps you to make a decision! 

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