Getting more traffic is something that many businesses struggle with, but it doesn’t have to be hard to drive traffic to your website.

A big part of running a successful business nowadays is ensuring that your business attracts people and holds their attention once they’re on your website.

If you’re struggling with the traffic part of things, you’re in the right place. We’re going to talk today about what you can do to increase traffic to your site.

1. Build an Email List

Having an email list in a place that you can use to drive traffic toward your website can only be a benefit for you.

When people can get regular information about what your business is up to and any limited edition products or services you might have released, they’ll be more likely to return to your website.

They will check them out in more detail and maybe even make a purchase.

2. Repurpose Old Content

Content is important as we’ve already discussed, but you also need to think about the content that you’ve put out in the past.

If you aren’t able to leverage old content, it’ll simply go to waste and serve no purpose for your website.

So think about renewing and refreshing that content so that it’s more likely to show up on search engine results pages.

3. Create More Clickable Content

When you have content that people want to click on, that can only be beneficial for your business as you try to generate more traffic on your website.

To make your content more appealing, engaging and clickable, you need to make sure that the image is the right one and that the headlines are good as well. When you get that stuff right, you’ll find people are more likely to click.

4. Engage Your Community

Engaging your community more and leveraging the power that the community hasely something to think about today.

Make sure you have a strong and consistent presence on the social media platforms that your employees are most likely to be found on.

And then do what you can to engage better and provide plenty of backlinks to your site.


95% of Internet users use Google as a search engine. However, to generate traffic on your site, you have to position yourself in the first 3 search results.

Hence the great interest in integrating natural referencing into your marketing strategy and optimizing it to generate traffic for free!

What is it more, exactly? The goal here is to design your website so that it appears at the top of search engines. The task can be complicated especially if reference names are already set.

SEO takes time and perseverance, but you will end up gaining natural visibility. 

6. Work On The Technical Base Of Your Pages

First of all, you can work on the technical base of your pages. The Googlebot or Google robot reads the HTML code of your web pages to analyze and qualify their content. It is therefore essential that the elements of your site are consistent with your keywords. These elements are:

  • URL or link of the page
  • The tag ( title ) that gives the title to the web page at the tab level
  • The tag (meta name- “description”) that corresponds to the description of the page
  • The use and structure of titles (H1), and (H2) which are the titles of the sections of the page
  • Internal networking or the organization of links internally on the website
  • The alt attribute that describes the images

7. Set Up A Content Strategy

You can put in place a content strategy that aims to regularly create quality content. The choice of keywords is a decisive point here.

In the same idea, it is strongly recommended to integrate a blog into your website in which you will regularly publish articles related to your theme. This will increase your chances of being well-referenced.

If you are not sure about your ability to write content consistently, you can hire professional writers to supply content for your site and blog.

8. Target the right keywords

Regularly posting content on your blog improves your SEO overall. However, if your articles and pages are poorly optimized, they will hardly stand out in the search results.

SEO is first and foremost about targeting the right keywords: it is often easier to focus on specific and less sought-after phrases (what is called the long tail).

Once your keywords have been found, all you have to do is use them by creating very good quality content to appeal to search engines.

9. Use Google My Business

You can use Google My Business.  Google My Business is a page that summarizes all the information relating to your business. It provides visibility which can turn out to be rather attractive. 

If you run a business or have clients on your premises, consider registering your business on Google My Business.

This referencing service created by the web giant makes it possible to list all the establishments’ files according to the Internet user’s research.

The latter has access to essential information about the company such as its location, opening hours, and contact details. Customers can interact with the company by posting photos, questions, or even famous customer reviews.

10. Choose SEA and SMO

This is also another way to appear at the top of the results: paid search (SEA). This referencing consists of creating campaigns to serve advertisements on Google Ads.

You can boost your SEO with google ads campaigns.  You will be on the first page of Google for a while.

This is one of the best techniques for positioning your website on strategic keywords and generating considerable traffic. However, this referencing is costly and is not a long-term solution.


Two factors significantly influence your natural referencing: the number of external links that refer to your site, and the quality of these. These links are called inbound links, or backlinks.

The net linking strategy is to get links to your site from external sites. This allows you to promote your site, improve its popularity and therefore its visibility, and attract an audience interested in your content.

If you want to establish a sustainable and effective net linking strategy, you must ensure that you meet several criteria:

  • Obtain backlinks from known quality sites
  • Prioritize the quality of links over the quantity
  • Generate backlinks on different sites
  • Have a very similar or even identical theme between the source page and the target page
  • Having backlinks that seem natural to Google, otherwise, you risk being penalized in terms of SEO

To obtain quality backlinks, you can use the method of “guest blogging” or guest articles.

12. Guest Blogging

Opening your blog to other writers (quality, of course!) And posting on other blogs (a quality too!) Allows you to broaden your notoriety and your audience.

The guest editor will distribute the article posted on your site to their community, attracting a new readership.

As for your guest post, it will open your audience to the blogger’s community and allow you to get some backlinks. However, you must take care to follow certain steps to succeed in your guest blogging. 

The practice of guest blogging consists of writing articles that are hosted on your behalf on sites or blogs with a high audience.


Emailing consists of sending massive emails to a list of contacts.

Currently, more than half of the world’s population uses email. This makes it the most suitable channel to capture your audience and direct them to your website.

You can send different types of emails, these can deal with:

  • Updates to your products or services
  • Expert advice
  • Market news
  • Updates to your blog

The end goal of an email campaign is to get users to take action (take advantage of a promotional offer, book a demo, etc.). This is called the Call to Action (CTA). Choosing the right CTA can increase the click-through rate to 371% and product sales to 1,617%. It is therefore essential to decide on the right CTA.

Include only one CTA per email and try to make it as engaging as possible to capture your contact’s attention and activate a sense of urgency in them that will push them to take action. Send your newsletters the same day at the same time to make an appointment with your valued subscribers. If you make your content engaging, interesting and well-targeted, readers will be in a hurry to open it and they will be happy to share it with others.

14. Facebook

Facebook is the number 1 social network: it must therefore be at the heart of your social media strategy.

By building a community on this platform and posting quality content regularly, you can be sure to see your fan base take off – and visits your site at the same time.


Social networks are one of the main channels of communication. And this is by far the easiest action to drive traffic to your website. Depending on your objectives and your targets, you will only be present on certain networks in particular.

For example, Facebook and Instagram are preferred if you are in B to C, while LinkedIn and Twitter are particularly suited to a professional target.

You will then need to establish an editorial strategy to animate your social networks and effectively engage your community which will then go to your website. First, you can share every new post to your blog, ideally posting at regular intervals – weekly.

16. Instagram

Instagram is the social network on which users interact the most with brands: engagement is therefore very high, which makes it a very powerful medium to promote your site.

Unsheathe your smartphone or your camera, choose your hashtags wisely, and above all, be creative!

17. Youtube

YouTube is the number 1 video-sharing site and achieves colossal audiences every day. No wonder companies have found it an ideal playground to gain visibility.

Create videos related to your activity (tutorials, analyses, etc.) to highlight your expertise and be found by Internet users corresponding to your target.

Learn how to boost your views on YouTube and your site traffic will only get better.

18. Linkedin

You can develop your professional network with Linkedin and generate more visits to your site.

Start by updating your profile by integrating the URL of your website. Share great content on Linkedin and post snippets of blog posts with a link to entice people to read more on your website.


You don’t have to settle for just one format for your web content. While remaining consistent with your theme and your target audience, you can share and publish a wide variety of content to improve your visibility and create added value.

The video format

The video format is increasingly popular with users. It takes an important place in the natural referencing strategy and helps boost visibility. It is a dynamic format and a particularly powerful communication tool as evidenced by the success of Youtube or short formats like Instagram reels.

Feel free to embed videos in your blog posts and on your site to add value and improve the bounce rates.

PDF format

If you have particularly compelling articles, you can also offer your users to download them in PDF format for saving or printing. You can also write a white paper to download in exchange for the user’s email address, for example.


You can make your content more dynamic with visual formats like photos, images, or gifs. Infographics are also used to capture the interest of Internet users.


If you are comfortable with the microphone, you can record podcasts and publish them on your website. This increasingly popular type of audio content is popular with Internet users and easy to share.


If you want to increase traffic to your website, you have to put yourself in the user’s shoes to optimize their navigation.

When you open a book, you can go straight to the table of contents and find the chapters that interest you. Your website should also have a hierarchical menu to optimize navigation. You need to make sure that the visitor has a good time visiting your website and that they can easily and quickly access the content that interests them.         

By fetching quality clicks and links, you show Google that your content is valued and popular, and you increase your chances of finding new customers, marketing yourself and generating new leads in your direction.

21. Pinterest

9 million Internet users use the social network Pinterest to be inspired or to increase their visibility on the web.

Pinterest is recognized as a visual search engine that helps build backlinks to drive traffic to your website. The goal is to share and organize images (called pins or pins) in thematic boards.

You can create a professional account and write a bio by integrating keywords and then share your content to attract visitors and increase traffic to your blog or site.

22. Work with a Professional SEO Agency

Working with a professional SEO agency is one way to overcome the problems you’ve been experiencing.

Quite simply, you won’t get to where you want your website to be if you don’t have a strategy in place for SEO.

And if you don’t know how to create and implement such a plan alone, you’ll need to work with an agency. If you work with this SEO agency, for example, you should reach your goals much faster.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to increase the amount of traffic flowing toward your website.

You will have noticed: the work axes to generate traffic on its website are multiple and within everyone’s reach! Thanks to all these techniques presented. These most effective techniques, that has helped many bloggers and content strategist to gain visibility,  will allow you to strengthen your online presence, improve your SEO and generate additional visits to your site.

A website does not fulfil its primary function if it is not visited. If your visitors spend no more than a minute on your website and take little or no action on it.

Your traffic will end up stagnating. And you will begin to wonder what strategies to put in place so as to increase the number of visitors.

To drive traffic to a website, good positioning in the search engine is essential.  However, natural referencing is a long process and it often takes several months to reach pole position.

Diversifying your traffic sources and offering multiple contents is therefore essential to increase the number of visitors to Google tenfold. It is a good way to regularly attract search engine robots to your site and increase your position in the results.

To help you accelerate the movement, you have the most effective techniques that will help you generate traffic on your website.

So if you’ve been struggling with this a little recently, simply do what you can to make the most of the ideas above. Each of them will help you reach the traffic numbers you’re aiming for.

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