25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?

25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

Life is such an interesting place where you see people with different behaviours and genetic makeup. You get to come across introverts and extroverts and some other people in-between these personality types. Besides individual attributes and traits, another fascinating thing is how we are wired. How you and I think and view life as a whole.

Some people are naturally sound. Put them in a difficult situation and you will still find them thriving meanwhile someone else gets a pinch of difficulty and totally gives up on life.

Your attribute or so-called personality have been proved medically to be traced down to the genome gotten from parents.  On the other hand, experiences, family training, backgrounds, exposures, the books you read, circumstances, the people you move with, education and other life issues have shaped you directly or indirectly into one interesting being that you are.

May I bring to your notice that there are some attributes you see in people that makes you know this particular person will go over and beyond to succeed. You might have been seeing these in yourself too, only that you don’t give your total attention to it.

The following attributes show you how much of a special individual you are. If you possess 80% of these attributes, I must say you are a rare gem amongst stones.

If this is you, you are sound. Whether people tell you or not, just know it and fall in love with yourself over and over again.

Yes! Are you ready to know the 25 traits of extraordinarily intelligent people? 

1. You are a deep thinker
25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

Some people may think you struggle with loneliness or you are so shy that you hardly relate with a lot of people but deep down, you know they are wrong. You just enjoy taking your thoughts to a brand-new level. While alone you try to give an explanation as to why A and B lead to C or why A didn’t work out. Sometimes, you look into the sky and try to figure out why some stars are lined up to form a fascinating shape or why the clouds have certain shapes. The nerves in your brain spark creatively. 💡 

2. You find things amusing 

You love to see things in all wholeness and notice the tiny and obscure details around situations. Second thoughts and careful scrutiny make your mind see beautiful details. You just have a fascinating way of making sense from any senseless situation. You can use a completely plain situation to create humour. If you find this attribute in you, you’re intelligent.

3. You always find alternatives

You love asking yourself salient questions like what can I do if this is no longer available. Life to you means planning ahead and finding options to reduce the occurrence of things catching up with you unawares. You imagine possibilities and prepare for change even in the most insignificant specifics of your life. This is mainly because you don’t like sudden disappointments that leave you helpless.

4. You cherish your time
25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

You love to discover new things about yourself which gives you an inclination to books. When you get to discover something new during your “me time”, you smile widely but feel terribly unhappy when you make mistakes or get things wrong. You sometimes take a quick scan into the way you spent your day and sometimes feel bad that you didn’t accomplish much on a particular day. When your phone rings too frequently, you likely frown at it or silence it for a while. 🙄 .

5. You are teachable 
25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

You believe you are like a plant needing soil, water and sunshine to grow. No wonder you always look forward to learning from people and situations around you. Even when you have an idea of a solution, you pocket your idea and listen to what another person has to offer which may likely give a solid base to your anecdotal clue. You don’t jump forward to show what you know, you listen first and use your thoughts as an addendum to any new thing you have learnt from others. If this is you, I doff my hat for you.

6. You try to find a balance 

You try as much as possible to have a successful life which extends to academics, business, skill, family, games, competition and other things you lay your hands on. Even when you don’t top the list, you always find your way around the top ten in anything you do. You give the best shot in your marriage and career. You quickly find a solution when things are going awry or search for advice from experienced and professional people that have gone ahead of you. This makes you so intelligent!

7. You value people
25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

You see people as a lifetime investment. When you discover a circle of people with similar values with yours, you try to maintain them. When you have a misunderstanding with genuine friends, you take time to say your thoughts with love. You treat people generally with courtesy whether you know them or not. Your words can give hope to confused minds. You have an amazing way of handling pressure and stress without transferring the aggression to others. If this attribute is yours, you definitely will go far in life. When I mean far, I mean without limits. 🙂 

8. You don’t give up easily 

Yes, you have come to terms with the fact that some failures lead to success. You quickly give yourself hope in hopeless situations. You understand that failure is not the end of life and believe that it’s not too late to try again. Your life speaks encouragement to a lot of people because of your tireless and dogged spirit. Most times, you don’t see reasons not to try something even when someone else attempted it but failed. You have a high sense of pushing on in tough situations.

9. You hardly follow the crowd 
25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

Whether it’s the cloth you want to choose for a party or a suggestion you need to make in a board meeting, you try to choose and say something different. It’s not pride, you just see common things as boring and lifeless. You could give a little tweak here and there to something already existing and make it look brand new like it never existed. If this is you, I am giving five loud claps right now. 😉 .

10. You manage resources 

This could be in your wardrobe, kitchen or household items. Wastage makes you feel awkward especially if that thing could be useful in another way. Your house sometimes looks like a store of conversions and re-inventions. Even when you can afford another one, it takes you time to stop using something you really love. It’s just you and that makes you feel good. If this is you, you have great potentials.

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11. You are foresighted

This attribute is sweet and lovely. You tend to see what leads to what. This imagination sometimes cautions you when at the juncture of making important decisions. Attributes like this control you to avoid temptations and actions that you may deeply regret. You look at situations from the good and bad end before making a final decision.

12. You avoid disputes

You try as much as possible to avoid arguments that lead nowhere. Why argue over something that wouldn’t increase you or add to you. You find unnecessary disputes irritating and disturbing. Sometimes, you feel people should know how to handle situations in a better way to get better results. You have a feeling disputes like a time bomb will happen and try to avoid it. If you possess this attribute, great peace and satisfaction are already your companions.

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13. You love new directions 

You are easily bored with routines and activities without dynamism. Yes, you love to try something new, hear something different and see something else. The excitement you feel when you change your job, study further, take a new leap or make an innovative decision is always overwhelming. This trait or attribute makes you long for a good and exciting change.

14. You exude confidence 
25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

Your confidence speaks even before you display it. You are not easily afraid of situations, knowing that if it is meant to happen that way, it will happen whether you influence it directly or indirectly. Optimism and hope are usually your companions and that’s what makes you face any issue you are confronted with. No wonder you are inquisitive and more interested in something deeper than the surface.

15. Your head does more than your mouth 

Like people say silence is gold. It works perfectly for you. You have been in several situations where you give silence instead of explanations just to let things pass. It is the wisdom you have applied over time which has magically helped you to mature in a way that people around you wonder how you cope with that level of comportment. You listen to yourself first before talking.

16. You are compassionate

Pitiful situations get the best of you. You are drawn with compassion and really wish you have it within your might to change the situation. Sometimes, you wish you have a magic wand to wave or magic stars to blow in order to change some complex things you ordinarily cannot change. Your compassionate attitude draws you to children in some cases.

17. You admit your faults 

You are a kind of person that is open to corrections from people, in fact, you encourage corrections to make you a better person. This makes you quick to admit your faults and take responsibilities for your actions. No wonder you always try as much as possible to avoid situations that make you sorry for yourself. It’s just your kind of person.

18. You know where you are headed 
25 Traits Of Extraordinarily Intelligent people: Are you one?
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

In the course of walking through life, you have come to discover some basic things about your destination. You are no longer carried about by every form of advice or opinions. You know what you want and you go for it with immediate tenacity, most times you act quickly before anyone gets to discourage you. This is one of the basic reasons you are proactive.

19. You obey intuition

Most times our inner man speaks to us and you try as much as possible to follow it. You fail to follow it sometimes and discover you were wrong and should have followed your mind. Your guesses sometimes are right and it can be painful when you don’t follow your intuition when you ought to. Some people call this – conscience.

20. You look up to the Supreme One
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

You have a supreme One you doggedly look up to and believe He exists. Having felt Him in several ways you cannot explain, you find solace and comfort in reading His words than any other words you find. He makes you feel grateful for life and all that comes with it. You believe you are nobody and nowhere close to your desired destination without Him. Your knowledge of Him keeps your attitude in check and gives you hope for tomorrow. I am talking about God. 

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21. You look forward to up-to-date achievements

The quote “If what you did yesterday is yet big before you, you haven’t done something today” applies to you. You always strive to do more than you did yesterday cos yesterday’s achievement is historical and to you, the world is running at a fast pace. No wonder you love breaking new records.

22. You love a peaceful life

You know yourself and try as much as possible to avoid a congested life. Disputes and arguments that lead nowhere are your turn-offs which is why you try spending your time with people that love you and remind you how much of a good person they think you are. You probably love music and find fulfilment in rhythms and lyrics that align with your values and experiences in life. Even in busy places, you can be absent yet present.

23. Your smile is effortless
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

You don’t need to watch a comedy before you smile. Your smile is so effortless that partially funny things look so funny to you. Your heart is so pleasant and free of burdens whatsoever. Even when you have one, it is rarely noticed until you talk about it. “Life goes on” is one of your mantras.

24. Your conclusions are usually factual

Your emotions, thoughts and actions are not spontaneous. You draw conclusions from tested and proven facts and figures. In difficult situations, you are not quick to judge or place a final say. You will rather hear from both sides of a situation and put yourself in people’s shoes before you finally come up with what looks like a conclusion which most times is still flexible based on circumstances.

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25. You love solitude
25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?

You sometimes love being alone and connecting inwardly. This is where you get inspirations and creative ideas that spark up in your head when no one is there. You have nearby apps and jotters that can easily be grabbed as you pour out your thoughts. Your desire to get in touch with your soul and inner man. This is so satisfying that a knock on your door can ruin your atmosphere of self-study. Albeit, you open the door, attend to your visitor and get another chance to take a look at your notes.

In conclusion, the interesting thing about personalities and traits is that even if they are not in you naturally, they can be practised and imbibed to make you a better individual. Whether you are a daughter, son, student, employee, businessman, father, mother, wife, husband, employer, neighbour, friend, family member or any other person, you deserve to be a unique individual with a good aura of intelligence.

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Post Author: Abimbola Joseph

Abimbola Joseph is a creative content developer who derives pleasure in encouraging individuals to be the best they can be in all relevant facets of life. She believes that we all have a better version of ourselves which can be leveraged to impact others and make the world a better place. Connect with me on Instagram @abimbolajoe.

69 Replies to “25 Characteristics Of An Extremely Intelligent Person: Are you one?”

  1. Great post! I believe that people who love solitude and are comfortable being with themselves are often deep thinkers. This characteristic alone somehow drives their creative energy pushing them closer to being intellectual.

  2. I love the point: Your smile is effortless. So many fakers these days! It’s so important to be genuine and not to let life knock you down.

  3. Wow, can anyone truly tick all those boxes? I recognize some in myself but not all. I’m definitely not a deep thinker, when I think deep it causes nothing but anxiety and wasted time and effort. Some interesting traits I wish I had though!

    1. Yes, I agree with you that deep thinking might cause anxiety. It’s good you know what works for you. Thanks for reading, Laura

  4. These are great knowledge to be the Extraordinarily Intelligent people. I still have few area to learn and improve.

  5. Fascinating I shall say except being teachable these qualities go with me as my brother said while reading from my back. However I find it informing.
    Thank you.

  6. I love the deep thinking aspect of the traits.

    Because I like thinking deep about everything in life.

    Thanks for this update

  7. This is such a great post and really love reading this. I do believe that I do have some of these qualities but never met a person who have all of these qualities. For me the most important quality to have is YOU LOOK UP TO THE SUPREME ONE means it means that you know who is your creator and you know who gave that talents with you.

  8. I really enjoyed this article. What an interesting list of attributes, not something I’ve thought about but I can see how all these are such strong characteristics to have. I’d like to think I’m intelligent, and I do rather well on this list! If I may say so myself!

  9. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m extraordinary, but I can relate to many of these traits. I think most of these traits are important to have to get through life. 🙂

  10. These are all excellent attributes that can lead to individual success. For me, numbers 5 and 14 are the most important. I’d say it’s impossible to succeed if we aren’t teachable. As far as confidence goes, I think we must work to be confident without being brash or obnoxious. That can be a fine line.

      1. Wow
        I loved this.
        But I have simply being surprised at how what I have felt to be some special things to really be not that special. In the sense that the cultivation of some necessary and basic qualities will result to virtually all of these. Just as the author rightly said, one could practice them and have it in place after some time.
        Just like a teacher of mine would often say “time is the processor of the professor”.
        Hence time is a basic factor needed for all of the attributes to show forth as long as You are on the path for that.

        Many Thanks for this!

        Stay Blessed!

  11. Oh, I love this! After reading this I found myself valuing people around me, Yes I see people with similar values like me is my lifetime investment.

  12. I loved this post! So uplifting! I hope these points are true! I’ve always been told I’m very compasionate, but I knever knew it was linked to intelligence! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I love this list! Especially the one where your smile has to be effortless. So important to be genuine!

  14. Wow…I really enjoyed reading this. It’s very informative. Identify, understand and build yourself to full capacity.

  15. These aren’t just traits of intelligent people, they’re basic success principles. Such great info for anyone aspiring to become a leader or live a better life. More people should strive to develop these traits. Thank you so much for sharing!

  16. That’s a pretty cool list. Although I have a lot of similarities, there are so many traits I still need to develop. Like, finding a balance.

  17. This is a great compilation and a really good recommendation to anyone. Everyone can you a little improving on any of these traits, no doubt!

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    I like what I see so now i am following ʏoս. Look foгward to going over your web page repeatedly.

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