19 Business Tools You Need & 7 Reasons You Should Use Them 

First of all, Business Software and Tools are applications or computer programs used to perform activities around businesses. It helps improve connectivity among team members and increase productivity in business as well as tracking the progressive movement in one’s business digitally.

But progression is often defined by hard work. Yes, hard work is essential if you want to make a success of any business endeavour at all.

Failing to put in the hours required, and failing to dedicate as much energy and focus to a business as possible, only means that you’re going to be outstripped by your competition – a.k.a. the people who are willing to invest enough time and effort.

But while working hard is essential, it’s not enough.

Someone can work harder than anyone else alive, by breaking rocks in their back garden, using a small mallet.

They could do this backbreaking work for 20 hours a day, but their professional prospects, health, and well-being wouldn’t be heading in any positive direction.

To succeed in business – or any other area of life – it’s important to work smart, as well as hard.

Wondering why you’ve been on a spot since you started your business, and your competitors are at the top of their game?

Worry less – there are lots of business software and tools available at your disposal. Sit tight as I unravel all you need to know about Business Software and Tools which can be useful to your business.

Here’s how using them in your business can help you to work smart.


1. Google drive

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This is an office suite and free online file stores. You can edit document, spreadsheet and presentation. It has a lot of premade template for text documents, spreadsheet and slide shows which makes work easy for you instead of creating a new one afresh.

2. Time Camp

This is an online tracking software. It makes it easier for your employees to record and work with time allocated for any project assign to them thereby, improving their productivity.

It tracks time usage automatically even without inputting the data and gives you insight in the hours and money spent so far.

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3. Translaty

This is a pocket-sized device that makes communication easier for you. For instance, if you are in a meeting with an international client or having a business transaction with a foreigner, Translaty closes the deficiency in the language barrier by causing free flow of communication. Translaty translates over forty different foreign languages.

4. Calendar

This software organizes your schedule, tasks, appointment and other meetings. It enables you to streamline the internal activities of your business.

Calendar Software calendar is flexible you can access it, review, edit and share with your employees or business partners.

5. Vyew

This is a collaborative online platform where you can meet up with team members who are in different places.

That is, have meetings about any subject matter; upload multiple pages, content image, files, powerpoint, youtube videos. The good thing about Vyew is that you have control over who is collaborating with you using the invite menu.  

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6. Sale IQ

With sale IQ, you can monitor, track what goes on and know how visitors are chatting on your web site. You can engage with them through online chat. You can also reach out to prospective customers personally.

7. Scoro

This is business management software that helps structure your company. It allows work to flow seamlessly within team members. Scoro is all-encompassing.

It is can be used to track your purchase, compile and send personalized quotes to your customers, manage project plans and meetings and make decisions.

It gives an overview of the operations done at the work, finance and sales. All you need to do is to configure Scoro to your business processes. Another good thing about Scoro software is that it can be used on your IOS and Android phone.    

8. Odoo

19 Business Software Tools You Need & 7 Reasons You Should Use Them
19 Business Software Tools You Need & 7 Reasons You Should Use Them

Formerly known as Open ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This software enables you to plan with the resources you have such as your staffs, products, work process etc.

That is, it manages all aspects of a company such as finances, Human Resources, Accounting, Sales, manufacturing operations, and other entrepreneurial activities in a company.

Odoo is, therefore, an all in one software that reduces expenses since you don’t need to integrate varieties of software. 

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9. Jibble bot and slack commands

This allows you to check time and attendance without leaving slack at the same time, tracking the work process of your employees, that is knowing who is working.

It has a similar function just as time camp. So, Jibble bot and slack commands are basically for an efficient workflow process in a company.

10. Net Suite

This is a software that has many functionalities such as Professional Service Automation (PSA), Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP), Financial Management, E-Commerce, Omnichannel Commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Order Management, Accounting, Human Resource.

11. Bitrix24

This software can do multiple functions such as time management, file sharing and other company operations. It also has a united workspace that handles all of these activities without any obstructions.

12. Intuit Quick Books Pro

This is accounting software that’s used for any accounting activity such as sales management, expenses analysis and tax filing. It helps you on the aspect of daily transaction, generate reports for planning and the invoice.

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13. Content Management System Software

This tool is specially used for enterprise content management and web content management. It provides the method of creating, modifying and managing digital content for websites and blogs.

It has every tool need for you to explore and get your business sellable. You can advertise your product or goods using content that tailors a specific need of your buyers detailing the information that will easily direct the customer to whatever they want to buy.

For example, a prospective buyer wants to buy plastic and decides to search for plastics using the search engine. Google or any other search engines such as bing, yahoo, duckduckgo will connect him to a business that sells plastics via an up-to-date Content Management System Software.

14. Proofhub

This software is created for successful projects. It helps you plan, organize, and deliver a project on time.

It has project management features which enable you to perform multiple tasks such as meetings, file/documents, task list, Gantt charts and calendar. You can also keep track of your employees’ work and progress.

15. Procurement Software

This tool provides budget management, that is, it guides your expenditure processes to budget according to priority.

It also allows you to automate the processes of the transactions that occur which implies that you get complete visibility to entire purchase.  

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16. Todo.vu

This application has the capacity of managing your team’s tasks and clients work. It brings customers management and project management into one place.

As a contractor, freelancer, or a consultant you need Todo.vu handy for tracking related projects.

17. Studio Cloud

Cloud connectivity is important for global businesses. This is simplified and organized software. It has all the features such as client management, invoice, project management, online book, marketing campaign, create form, signature, accept credit cards, manage employees, integration with Google calendar, quick book you can use to access your data from any computer, android phones and tablet   you need to make your work stress-free.

18. Asset management software

This software is very important in the area of business especially for the success of your company.

If your company has a license in place, your company has a better chance of managing risks and avoiding unnecessary spending. You will also become more efficient as you follow budget policy.

19. Zoho one

This is a comprehensive suite of business applications.  It is a business software that consists of various applications needed to run your business successfully (office suite, email, personal productivity, and collaboration apps).

 It helps to speed up sales, it provides accounting services and support teams. Hence, connection and information will circulate faster and better. 

For instance, If you run a small scale business, with Zoho one applications you can use your android phone and as time goes on you could get a laptop which will make work stress-free and convenient for you.

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Applications or Features of Zoho one


Zoho one makes it easy for you to access your email and send emails too. You can only use this application by following the layout of the instructions after signing up on its web site. 

There are various packages to click on, but I encourage you to go for the free option and continue with the steps as instructed as least for a trial.

Sales Inbox

This is a mailbox used to manage sales. One of the ways of making sales is through email marketing. It helps you communicate better and follow up with your customers, constantly reminding them so sales can turn into revenue.

Sales Inbox automatically organizes emails according to preference, that is, from the most important.

Contact manager

This tool helps you manage the contacts and deals of customers. This can be used in the absence of Communication Relationship Management.

You can transfer your contacts and deals to more advanced CRM system once your business grows. CRM helps you with an increase in sales, marketing, contacts, assisting customers and other business functions.

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With a range of elements on Zoho one sites you can create a professional website for your business with no code. Zoho one allows you to make changes at any time without losing your contents.

Page Sense (Conversion Rate Optimization)

This increases your pages for engagement and conversion without spending more on marketing. One thing you should do is to figure out what the users are looking for when they visit your website.

First of all, identify your business goal; it has to be specific and measurable. Page sense solves issues ranging from tracking, analyzing and optimization.  


This is a user’s friendly application that allows you to engage your customers effectively. It is a simplified email marketing application. You can generate subscribes through sign up forms, create, customize and send emails through Zoho campaigns.


Caters for the entire requirement you need to run and manage events successfully before, during and after your events.  From website building and event promotion to registration and feedback.


This tool helps you know the opinions, needs and expectations of your customers. You can customize an online questionnaire with Zoho Survey to collect feedback from customer and also respond too.

Zoho helps you create a form with the form tool for an efficient workflow. For instance, an employee wants to take time off, it easier for them and you too. 

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Help Desk & Assist 

This application makes work easier for you in terms of engagement, responds and support request from customers.

This application helps you to view a customer’s device, troubleshoots and support customer’s issues remotely.


This application helps connect other applications from taking care of your regular tasks to Zoho flow practically helps you run your business efficiently. It reduces the cost of you hiring a developer, especially for start-up or small scale businesses.


It can be used to analyze data from multiple sources, files etc, you can also use it to ask critical business questions. So basically, Analytics is a business intelligence platform that provides you with useful insight into your business.


Running a business is not easy. A lot of information and innovation comes up regularly and you need to be updated to meet up the standard. Zoho Creator helps you create custom apps for easy workflow.


Connect helps you in the creation of private network within your organization, Cliq is also used to disseminate messages to your team members

Projects is the application that helps plan, track and collaborate on projects. Doc stores and share files for future purpose and safe-keeping.

Sign signs document digitally or on request. NoteBook is used to take notes digitally.

Meeting is used for host online meeting which can be virtualized. This software makes it easy for sales presentation and online training.

Inventory, invoice, books and expense manages your finances and performance.

Subscriptions & Checkout collect payment online or bill from customers on a recurring or subscription basis.

Recruiting module: this manages the tracking and hiring process of recruitment from sourcing for potential employees, submission of CV and staffing.

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Reasons You Should Use Them

1. They help you to maintain and control your business

It is important to use software tools in your business whether small scale or large scale businesses because it helps you to maintain and control your business.  For instance, Accounting Software tools enables you to keep track of your expenses, inventory and billing with ease.

Other software gives you detailed information about every operation in the company without you being there, going from one department to another to supervise.

2. They help you save up document and retrieve them 

Software tools help you save up document and retrieve them if accidentally deleted.

Also, it helps you market your products without using printed flier and going from one place to another advertising your products.

Yes, you might love to do your advert traditionally or manually but, you know, as I said earlier, the world has gone digital, so you need to be innovative. Follow the trend to succeed in business.

3. Integration

Software tools bring your business to a new level of integration. It allows your company to be accessible online.

Software helps in reduction of cost and ensures that your organization remains in progress. They also speed up work and team performance. As a company, having project management software, for instance, increase your chances of becoming competitive in your environment.

You would be able to optimize time and keep every project on track. It also helps you manage resources and employees.

4. You can stay consistent even without willpower

business tools and software keeps you consistent
5 Reasons You Should Use These Business Software And Tools

Willpower is incredibly important. However, if you try to power through your job using nothing but willpower, there almost inevitably going to be moments where you just breakdown and fail to perform as you need to.

Ideally, your willpower should be used in small bursts, as needed, rather than serving as the entire basis for your professional life.

Various tools exist to help you to stay consistent in business. You don’t have to require or rely entirely on willpower.

StickK is one example of such a tool. It asks you to create “commitment contracts” backed by your own money.

If you fail to achieve the terms of the “contract,” you get to see that hard-earned money disappear into oblivion. 😕 

I’m sure you don’t want that to happen so you end up achieving your business goals.

Consistency is one of the most important traits to develop if you want to turn an entrepreneurial dream into a successful business.

The journey of creating a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint. So, any tool that helps you to be more consistent and accountable, can work wonders.

5. They consolidate different business tasks more efficiently

business tools and software help you to multitask
5 Reasons You Should Use These Business Software And Tools

Running your own small business typically means trying to do many different “jobs” at once.

As your business grows, you will come to a point where you outsource many of these tasks and employ staff members to handle others.

But at the start, you’ve got to do a lot of different things yourself. This may range from marketing to accounting to networking.

Of course, the more tasks you try and juggle at once, the likelier you are to face burnout. Doing this can make you lose valuable time and energy that could be spent elsewhere.

Various types of accounting software, along with other tools, help to partly resolve this issue, by consolidating different tasks and introducing automated systems that can allow you to get more done, in less time, and with less work.

Often, these efficiency-boosting tools can simplify your workload dramatically. They will save you from falling into a black hole of doing nothing but admin work.

6. They help you to keep track of the bigger picture

There’s a reason why businesses are so concerned with gathering analytics and accumulating relevant data points.

That’s because the more information you have at your disposal, the better able you are to observe trends. You will also be able to keep track of the “big picture” stuff.

Many tools can help you to keep track of this bigger picture. How? by recording important information in an easily accessible format that can then be reviewed at a moment’s notice.

Time tracking software that automatically generates timesheets can give you a good sense of how productive you’re during certain periods. You will also know what your relative hourly earnings are for particular projects you engage in.

Project and task management tools can also help you to get a clear sense of the overall trajectory of your work.

7. They help you to stay focused and avoid distractions

5 Reasons You Should Use These Business Software And Tools

We all find it difficult to stay focused, from time to time. Allowing yourself to fall into a spiral of distraction and procrastination will damage your ability to run a successful business.

Tools such as Brain.FM harness scientific research to create playlists that get you in a “zoned-in” state of mind, where the focus on productivity comes more easily.

Other tools, such as Freedom web blocker, help to limit some of the sources of distraction. It can keep you more consistent.


In the world of business, modern technology has taken over and every day, new software applications come up.

Software and tools have so many advantages in the sphere of business & provide different functions. They include processing and storing, web browsing, displaying information, and lot more.

It is very rare to see a successful business that doesn’t utilize them effectively. It is one of the requirements for a successful business.

If you are not informed, you will either be one or two steps behind. So, as an entrepreneur or business/company owner, you need to upscale yourself and apply it to your business. You can even choose to outsource trainers to train your staff too.

TThese tools out there are designed to help boost your focus. It’s worth taking these things seriously.

Which of these software or tools have you used? What was the experience like?

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